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If you have ever got tired of using heavy software like OpenOffice or Word to edit rich text that does not require expensive features, and if you dream about a lightweight and easy editor every night, look no further!

iDoc is a small, yet bold webpage editor that works freely inside Google Chrome. Open up your file to read it, … Oops, this paragraph is no good! No worry. One click, and you correct it. Control-S, and it is saved on your computer!

This tool will truly change the way you think about rich text. The future of rich text is in html! Instead of a heavy pdf reader and an expensive pdf writer (two programs for one file type!), you get a super-fast, lightweight browser and a super-fast, lightweight editor that doesn’t get in your way, right in the browser. It is designed to turn writing into a happy moment. I hope you will enjoy it.


The reason I created this repo is to make the extension free and open source. Everything here is under the GPL ( You can therefore read the complete source code to rest assured that it is outstanding, and modify its rough edges on your computer or on your personal internet space. You will then be able to ask me to pull from you at thaddee dot tyl at gmail dot com, and you will most likely be “special thanked”.

If, from your amazing mind, pops up a brilliant idea, don’t be shy, tell me as a comment on the extension page! If you want to implement it, please do so! But I’d still like to see it in the comments on the extension page, if you don’t mind. I enjoy your comments.