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ECMAScript Wiki

This is the new home of the ECMAScript Wiki, where TC39 works on draft proposals and explanations of ECMAScript Edition 6.

Public site

The public site will temporarily be at Once it stabilizes, it will replace the official wiki at

Command-line tool

There's a command-line tool at bin/tc39 that provides a few tools:

Usage: tc39 <command>

where <command> is one of:

  build           build the wiki
  push message    build and push the gh-pages branch
    message       commit message
  serve [port]    build and serve the wiki
    port          server port [default: 8888]
  webhook         run the GitHub WebHook server

You can run the command from anywhere. Building the wiki always saves to a subdirectory of this project root.

(Directory watching is not yet stable so it's not enabled. It'll be enabled once the code stabilizes.)