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PHP code examples for connecting to Espago payment gateway
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PHP code examples for connecting to Espago payment gateway. This is not all code you need for integration with Espago. This is just example how token mechanism should be used, what parameters you need to send in request to Espago gateway or receive using PHP code.


Simple site with form, for getting credit card data from customer, creating token, and making payment using Espago test gateway.


  1. Copy files from /payment directory to PHP/Web server.
  2. Change name (or copy file) from espago-config.php.example to espago-config.php
  3. Change values in espago-config.php according to your account in Espago gateway.


  • index.html with payment form includes script The main task of Espago JS is to get card data from form, the initial validation of data, sending request to the Espago gateway and getting the token. This token can be used to perform the query on /api/charges or /api/clients, and to achieve this the token is passed to the PHP file as 'card_token' parameter.
  • espago_new_transaction.php recieve card_token, creates request to Espago API
  • espago-config.php is config file

back-request receiver

Example of mechanism for receiving back-request from Espago gateway. Script receive data, tries to parse it and send it to email address defined in config file.


Espago gateway sends back request with payment information after every payment done using APIv3.0. Receiving back request is the best way (and in some cases the only way) to get authorized information about payment status, especially when 3D-Secure is enabled and/or during recurring/cyclic payments (when subscription runs on Espago side).

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