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remove again abbreviations. For reason, see my previous commit where …

…I do that
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hozosch committed Jun 8, 2019
1 parent e403d00 commit 14ddce92ee97ebd2092c72ebd77f72718fef2b8f
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@@ -189,33 +189,6 @@ _7o z'i:bt@
_8o _'axt@
_0Co 'hUnd3tst@

// Abbreviations
(a . a . o .) A:||A:||_o:
allg 'alg@maIn
abb 'abb,IldUN
anm 'anm,ErkUN
bd band $capital
bde bEnd@ $capital
bzw b@tsi:UNsvaIz@
chr krIstUs
dr d'Okto:r
evtl e:vEntu:'El
od o:d3 $only
fr fraU
frl frOYlaIn
hr hEr
hrsg hEr'aUsge:b3
inkl Inklu:z'i:v@
km ki:lo:m'e:t3
nr nUm3
strg St'OY@rUN
usf %Untzo:f'Ort
usw %Untzo:v'aIt3 $pause
vgl fErgl'aIC@
(z. b.) tsUmb'aISpi:l

// definite article
der %dEr
die %di:

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