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Remove all abbreviations.

Some of these have double meanings. Texts should be rather read as is. Those who like to have them should add them only for their copy of Espeak-NG or use the screen reader's dictionary
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hozosch committed Jun 7, 2019
1 parent e961310 commit 3254cd91397f1b0d1d745ab26cc7d6b7f78cb528
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@@ -189,33 +189,6 @@ _7o z'i:bt@
_8o _'axt@
_0Co 'hUnd3tst@

// Abbreviations
(a . a . o .) A:||A:||_o:
allg 'alg@maIn
abb 'abb,IldUN
anm 'anm,ErkUN
bd band $capital
bde bEnd@ $capital
bzw b@tsi:UNsvaIz@
chr krIstUs
dr d'Okto:r
evtl e:vEntu:'El
od o:d3 $only
fr fraU
frl frOYlaIn
hr hEr
hrsg hEr'aUsge:b3
inkl Inklu:z'i:v@
km ki:lo:m'e:t3
nr nUm3
strg St'OY@rUN
usf %Untzo:f'Ort
usw %Untzo:v'aIt3 $pause
vgl fErgl'aIC@
(z. b.) tsUmb'aISpi:l

// definite article
der %dEr
die %di:

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