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a Python persistence framework for graph databases
What is Bulbs?
Bulbs is a Python persistence framework for graph databases that supports
Python 3 and Python 2.7.
It connects to several graph-database servers, including Neo4j Server and Rexster.
Neo4j Server is Neo4j's open-source REST server, and it is avalble as an
Heroku Add On (
Rexster is a graph-database REST server optimized for recommendations.
It is part of the TinkerPop stack and connects to any Blueprints-enabled
graph database, including Neo4j, OrientDB, Dex, OpenRDF Sail, and TinkerGraph.
Bulbs supports pluggable backends, and more native bindings are in the works.
Is it ready?
A preview release is out now, and I welecome feedback on how to improve it.
The API will probably change somewhat until we hit 1.0.
What do I need?
* Neo4j Server (, or
* Rexster (
And a few Python libraries, such as ujson and httplib2.
Where are the docs?
The 0.3.x docs are now online at
Where can I get help?
* Neo4j User group (!forum/neo4j)
* Gremlin User group (!forum/gremlin-users)
* Email me directly at
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