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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2011 James Thornton (
# BSD License (see LICENSE for details)
import os
import io
import re
import yaml
from string import Template
from bulbs.utils import initialize_elements
class Cypher(object):
def __init__(self, client):
self.client = client
def query(self, query, params=None):
# Like a normal Gremlin query (returns elements)
resp = self.client.cypher(query, params)
return initialize_elements(self.client, resp)
def table(self, query, params=None):
resp = self.client.cypher(query,params)
columns = resp.content['columns']
data = resp.content['data']
return columns, data
def execute(self, query, params=None):
return self.client.cypher(query, params)
class ScriptError(Exception):
class Yaml(object):
"""Load Gremlin scripts from a YAML source file."""
def __init__(self,file_name=None):
self.file_name = self._get_file_name(file_name)
self.templates = self._get_templates(self.file_name)
def get(self,name,params={}):
"""Return a Gremlin script, generated from the params."""
template = self.templates.get(name)
#params = self._quote_params(params)
return template.substitute(params)
def refresh(self):
"""Refresh the stored templates from the YAML source."""
self.templates = self._get_templates()
def override(self,file_name):
new_templates = self._get_templates(file_name)
def _get_file_name(self,file_name):
if file_name is None:
dir_name = os.path.dirname(__file__)
file_name = utils.get_file_path(dir_name,"gremlin.yaml")
return file_name
def _get_templates(self,file_name):
templates = dict()
with (file_name, encoding='utf-8') as f:
yaml_map = yaml.load(f)
for name in yaml_map: # Python 3
template = yaml_map[name]
#template = ';'.join(lines.split('\n'))
method_signature = self._get_method_signature(template)
templates[name] = Template(template)
return templates
def _get_method_signature(self,template):
lines = template.split('\n')
first_line = lines[0]
pattern = 'def(.*){'
method_signature =,first_line).group(1).strip()
return method_signature
except AttributeError:
raise ScriptError("Each Gremln script in the YAML file must be defined as a Groovy method.")
def _quote_params(self,params):
for key in params: # Python 3
value = params[key]
params[key] = self._quote(value)
return params
def _quote(self, value):
if type(value) == str:
value = "'%s'" % value
elif value is None:
value = ""
return value
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