Does Bulbs allow the use of Graph Algorithms ? #26

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I am super excited about this project!

I was wondering if Bulbs support the use of Graph Algorithms ?

Such as the graph algorithms built-in for Neo4j ? Or that is used in Blueprint?

If so, is there a simple example to get me started ?



Hi Eugene -

Yes, you can use any Neo4j or Tinkerpop/Blueprints algorithm.

Neo4j Server and Rexster support server-side scripting through the Gremlin ( plugin/extension:

Gremlin comes in several variants. There is Gremlin-Java, Gremlin-Scala, and the original Gremlin-Groovy. Gremlin-JavaScript is in the works, and Gremlin-Jython is on deck.

The Neo4j Server and Rexster plugin/extension use the original Gremlin-Groovy, and a Gremlin-JavaScript plugin ( is ready for when Gremlin-JavaScript is completed.

If you look at the Bulbs source, you will see several gremlin.groovy files:

These are the Gremlin scripts that Bulbs uses for certain operations.

The top-level are Gremlin methods that are generic and can be used on any Gremlin-enabled server.

The server-specific files are specific to each server and can override anything in the top-level file:

You can create your own custom Gremlin library, and Bulbs will parse the Groovy file and store each method in a dict, keyed by the Groovy method names.

You can add your custom Gremlin library to Bulbs like this:

>>> from bulbs.neo4jserver import Graph
>>> g = Graph()
>>> g.scripts.update(scripts_file_path)

You can then execute your custom Groovy scripts from Python like this:

>>> script = g.scripts.get('your_custom_query')
>>> params = dict(_id=3)
>>> elements = g.gremlin.query(script, params)
>>> element =

>>> script = g.scripts.get('your_custom_command')
>>> params = dict(_id=5)
>>> resp = g.gremlin.command(script, params)

This executes the script on the server.

Use gremlin.query() when you want to return a list of initialized elements. Use gremlin.command() when you want to return non-element results (it returns the raw Response object).

If you are in the Python REPL and you update your Gremlin-Groovy library, you can refresh the scripts in the Python object like this:

>>> g.scripts.refresh()

Bulbs 0.3 is in GitHub master and is mostly commented. I am working on updating the docs on right now, which are currently for 0.2.


wow thanks for the detailed response.

I'll check it out and get back to u.


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