NameError: global name 'name' is not defined #31

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arthurk commented Mar 9, 2012


there are few methods where "index_name" is passed as an argument but the code uses the variable "name" instead. "name" needs to be renamed to "index_name" in the following methods in neo4jserver/

  • 821: query_vertex
  • 838: remove_vertex
  • 860: put_edge
  • 884: lookup_edge
  • 905: query_edge
  • 922: remove_edge
espeed commented Mar 10, 2012

Hi Arthur -

The Neo4j Client and RequestMessage class were in the process of being refactored and combined into one class (83addab) -- I updated the index_name arg issues.

Thanks for reporting.

  • James
arthurk commented Mar 11, 2012

works great. thanks!

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