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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2012 James Thornton (
# BSD License (see LICENSE for details)
import os
import unittest
from collections import OrderedDict
from lightbulb import Config, Path, ChangeLog
from lightbulb.utils import execute
from lightbulb.setup import Setup
module_abspath = os.path.abspath(__file__)
working_dir = os.path.dirname(module_abspath)
git_dir = "%s/.git" % working_dir
project_folder = "blog"
working_etc = "%s/etc" % working_dir
changelog_abspath = "%s/etc/changelog.pickle" % working_dir
def remove_git_repo(changelog_abspath):
# Remove test repo and changelog
execute("rm -rf %s" % git_dir)
execute("rm %s" % changelog_abspath)
class ChangeLogTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self):
# Make sure we're not going to clobber someone's existing repo
os.putenv("GIT_DIR", git_dir)
os.putenv("GIT_WORK_TREE", working_dir)
execute("git init")
setup = Setup(project_folder, working_dir, git_dir)
self.config = Config(working_dir)
self.path = Path(self.config)
self.changelog = ChangeLog(working_etc)
def test_init(self):
assert working_dir == self.path.get_working_dir()
assert git_dir == self.path.get_git_dir()
assert changelog_abspath == self.path.get_changelog_abspath()
path = "%s/etc/changelog.pickle" % working_dir
assert self.changelog.path.get_changelog_abspath() == path
def test_get(self):
data =
assert isinstance(data, OrderedDict)
assert len(data) == 0
def test_update(self):
data = self.changelog.update()
assert data is None
self.changelog._execute("touch %s" % changelog_abspath)
self.changelog._execute("git add .")
self.changelog._execute("git commit -m test commit")
dataA = self.changelog.update()
assert isinstance(dataA, OrderedDict)
dataB =
assert isinstance(dataB, OrderedDict)
assert dataA == dataB
assert len(dataB) > 1
status, timestamp = dataB['blog/source/lightbulb.rst']
assert status == 'A'
assert type(timestamp) == int
status, timestamp = dataB['blog/source/another-file.rst']
assert status == 'A'
assert type(timestamp) == int
def tearDown(self):
# Remove the repo we created in setUp
self.changelog._execute("rm -rf %s" % git_dir)
self.changelog._execute("rm %s" % changelog_abspath)
def suite():
suite = unittest.TestSuite()
return suite
if __name__ == '__main__':
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