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Python Shell


Fabric tasks for Amazon Web Services.


Use the wiki

The Wiki is the perfect place to share your own solutions with other users.


Report any issues at the github project page, and feel free to add your own guides/experiences to the wiki, and to contribute changes using pull requests.


You can of course just browse the git history, however we track major changes in HISTORY.rst.

Developing awsfabrictasks

Setting up the development enviroment

You may need to install virtualenv:

$ pip install virtualenv

Create a virtualenv:

$ virtualenv venv

Activate the virtualenv in the current shell:

$ source venv/bin/activate

Install the dependencies:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the tests

Once you have created a development environment, run the tests with::

$ python nosetests

For more details, use:

$ python nosetests --verbosity=2

Note that you have to source venv/bin/activate once for each shell instance where you want to run the tests.

Building the docs

Make sure you have activated the virtualenv. Then run:

$ fab docs

Open build/docs/index.html in a browser.