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Vagrant setup for running the Devilry testsuite


Making selenium work is not easy. It is much easier to create a virtual machine where the tests just work out of the box, with all the browsers installed.


You should have a basic understanding of Vagrant before you start. Check out the getting started guide on

1 - Install Vagrant and VirtualBox

See the getting started guide on

2 - Create and boot a virtual machine with Vagrant

Run the following commands:

$ cd /path/to/devilryrepo/vagrant $ vagrant up ... wait for vagrant to install everything ... (it gives you back the terminal when when it is finished) ... then we need to reload (basically restart) $ vagrant reload

3 - Copy devenv/ and run bootstrap buildout

We need to use a separate virtualenv and set of packages for our Vagrant Virtual Machine. The easiest way to achive this is to copy devenv:

$ cd /path/to/devilryrepo/vagrant
$ vagrant ssh
$ cd /reporoot
$ mkdir vagrant_devenv/
$ cp devenv/buildout.cfg devenv/ vagrant_devenv/
$ cd vagrant_devenv/
$ fab bootstrap


devenv_vagrant/ is in .gitignore, so you do not have to be afraid to add it to the repo by accident.

4 - Run tests

Ssh to the vagrant machine (if you are not already there):

$ cd /path/to/devilryrepo/vagrant
$ vagrant ssh

Go to the``vagrant_devenv``-dir that we created in step 3, and run tests. E.g:

$ cd /reporoot/vagrant_devenv
$ DISPLAY=:0.0 bin/ test devilry_subjectadmin


We use DISPLAY=:0.0 to open the tests-browsers in the virtual machine, while we use SSH. You can, alternatively, work in the desktop-environment in the virtual machine, using xterm to run the tests.

Normally, ssh provides a better development experience, because it is easier to browse, copy, paste, etc.., from an ssh-shell in your preferred terminal.


  • Chrome does not work in the virtual machine.

About the setup

  • We mount the root of our repo at /reporoot.
  • We mount using NFS because the SAMBA with symlink emulation is too slow (at least 20 times slower). This is not because Samba is slow, but because the symlink emulation layer uses copies to emulate symlinks.
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