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Welcome to the Devilry wiki. Please choose your role as a user of Devilry:

  • Students add deliveries
  • Examiners correct deliveries made by students. This process is also referred to as giving feedback.
  • Administrators usually administer one or more Subjects/courses, however devilry is flexible in this regard, so some administrators have access to everything while others have access only to a single assignment.
  • SystemAdministrators are the ones who install and set up devilry.

Check out the our website http://devilry.org for general information.

Please contribute

Devilry is an open source project that encourage everyone to contribute.

  • This is a Wiki. Everyone can contribute. Just create a GitHub user and edit the pages.
  • Submit issues if you detect any bugs, or have an idea that may improve Devilry. Improvements may be anything from changing the text of a button to major overhaul of an entire view.
  • Write programs/scripts that integrate with Devilry. Very little programming experience required.
  • Help us develop Devilry.
    • Check out the Developer section of the Wiki.
    • Students taking the UiO course INF3331 can do this as part of their studies. Please contact us at devilry-support@ifi.uio.no if you want help to integrate development of devilry in your subject/course.