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Extjs4 sources bundled as a Django app


  • 1.0.5: ExtJS 4.0.7
  • 1.1.0_extjs4.1.1: ExtJS 4.1.1 (from this version on, the extjs version is suffixed to all versions)

All versions are tagged in the GIT repo, and second-level versions (4.0.x, 4.1.x...) get their own branch when a new version is released.


Report any issues at the github project page, and feel free to add your own guides/experiences to the wiki, and to contribute changes using pull requests.


Django 1.3 or later


$ pip install django_extjs4


Just add 'django.contrib.staticfiles' and 'django_extjs4' to INSTALLED_APPS in your

    # ...


    # ...

Refer to Django static files documentation to configure and deploy static files.

Template context

The extjs4.context_processors.extjs4 template context adds exports the EXTJS4_DEBUG, EXTJS4_DEBUGFILE and EXTJS4_PRODFILE attributes from to your Django templates.

EXTJS4_DEBUG is useful if you want to be able to test your production ExtJS app on the Django test server, since setting DEBUG to True disables staticfiles, but setting EXTJS4_DEBUG only uses your app-all.js instead of app.js and dynamic loading. If you add the template context, but do not set EXTJS4_DEBUG in, it defaults to False.

EXTJS4_DEBUGFILE can be used to configure the ExtJS bundle to load. It defaults to extjs4/ext-all-dev.js, which is fast. ext-all-dev.js does not provide the best debugging experience, so you may want to use extjs4/ext-dev.js instead, at least when you have a hard time debugging something.

EXTJS4_PRODFILE is just like EXTJS4_DEBUGFILE, but for production. It defaults to extjs4/ext.js. This assumes that you have built your app with EXTJS4_DEBUGFILE="extjs4/ext-dev.js".

A generic view

See generic_extjs4_app in django_extjs4_examples for how-to use extjs4.views.Extjs4AppView.

What parts of ExtJS is included?

The ExtJS sources, except for the examples/ and docs/ directories is included in extjs4/static/extjs4/.


See django_extjs4_examples.