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Django extjs4 examples

Example apps for django_extjs4:

Uses the generic extjs4.views.Extjs4AppView to minimize the amount of Django-code required to create an extjs app.
Exactly the same app as generic_extjs4_app, except that is defines its own view and template instead of using the generic one. Great starting point for an extjs app that needs to define their own template. Note that a middle way between minimal_extjs4_app and generic_extjs4_app is to inherit from the extjs4/apptemplate.django.html template.

generic_extjs4_app explained

Most Django ExtJS apps have really simple needs on the serverside:

  • A template that checks if the server is in debug or production mode, and loads the appropriate ExtJS and app javascript.
  • The ability to change <title></title> and the CSS path (for custom extjs themes).

The extjs4.views.Extjs4AppView class is a Django generic view that you just add to your You can override:

This is required. The view expects your app.js to be located in static/<appname>/.
The <title></title> of the html document. Defaults to "ExtJS app".
Staticfiles path to the CSS for the ExtJS theme. Defaults to "extjs4/resources/css/ext-all.css".

Note: We use settings.EXTJS4_DEBUG to separate between production and development mode. See django_extjs4 for information about EXTJS4_DEBUG.

minimal_extjs4_app explained

All we really need to get a minimal extjs app up and running:

  • a Django view like the one we have in minimal_extjs4_app/ with a template

like minimal_extjs4_app/templates/minimal_extjs4_app/index.django.html. - a normal extjs4 app like minimal_extjs4_app/static/minimal_extjs4_app/app.js. - specify appFolder in the ExtJS application (see app.js).

Install minimal_extjs4_app or generic_extjs4_app

For this example we use minimal_extjs4_app. The same instructions work for generic_extjs4_app.

  1. Install django_extjs4.

  2. Copy minimal_extjs4_app/ into your project and add it to INSTALLED_APPS.

  3. Add minimal_extjs4_app to your project urls:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
                           (r'^minimal_extjs4_app/', include('minimal_extjs4_app.urls')))
    ) + staticfiles_urlpatterns()


See djangosenchatools.