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FjoSpidie v2.2

FjoSpidie Honey Client

This Honey Client will launch Firefox and open a given URL and create graphs and analyses based on what Firefox does.

These graphs and analyses include:

  • PNG diagram of all connections made
  • TCPdump of all traffic
  • IDS findings via Suricata based on the tcpdump
  • Easy overview of every header and request/response


Since everything is done through Docker the only requirements are basically Docker and MongoDB. MongoDB can be installed an run through the Docker MongoDB image, or manually.

If you use the MongoDB Docker Image you can simply --link to it.


Everything is done through Docker to ease installation and usage.

IF you run your own MongoDB database: Simply run docker run -e MONGO_HOST=x.x.x.x espenfjo/fjospidie --url to analyse

If you run a Docker MongoDB instance: Simply run docker run --link some-mongo:mongo espenfjo/fjospidie --url to analyse

Run docker run espenfjo/fjospidie --help to see a complete list of available options.

To run with suricata you need access to suricatas socket. docker run -v /mnt/fjospidie:/mnt/fjospidie -v /var/run/suricata/:/var/run/suricata/ --link some-mongo:mongo -i -t espenfjo/fjospidie --url" This will mount /mnt/fjospidie from the host inside your container. /mnt/fjospidie needs to contain your Suricata socket.

Web Interface

The FjoSpidie Web interface can be found here:

See for a screenshot of how it may look with the default web frontend.