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Tiny website, a simple CMS that allows you create, update, delete your website pages.
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TinyWebsite, a simple CMS that allows you to create, update, delete your website pages. TinyWebsite is powered by Web2py, python web framework (

When you create a page, you can choose

  • A parent page
  • The content, with a wysiwyg editor (you can also upload images)
  • The layout (Activate a left sidebar or a right sidebar)
  • A component :

    • Calendar with a booking form (receive and manage booking request notifications)
    • Events calendar (visitors can see how many positions remains available) and possibility to subscribe to an event
    • Latest news
    • Photo gallery rendered with Twitter bootstrap carousel
    • File manager : attach downloadable files to your pages
    • Newsletter
    • Contact (you can have several addresses and display them on contact form)
  • Advanced built-in features :

    • Automatic RSS feed for latest news
    • Create protected downloadable files visible only for registered users
    • Edit your pages content directly with raw HTML
    • Add a custom banner
    • Define a custom bootstrap theme file
    • Use your own custom CSS file
    • Google Analytics automatic tracking

... and some other features to come...

You can have a look at the final result here :


  • Python 2.5+
  • PIL
  • web2py


  • git clone git:// web2py
  • cd web2py/applications
  • git clone git://
  • cd ..
  • python -a "choose_a_password"

In your favourite browser you can open : http://localhost:8000/tiny_website

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