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Easily export single failed or successful requests and share with developers
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Easily export single failed or successful requests and share with developers

Download: Chrome | Firefox

If you've ever been in a situation where you have had to copy and paste URLs, headers or status codes in order to describe an issue with a servlet, you know this is tedious and error-prone. Often you forget important information, and the developer will have to contact you to get the required fields to diagnose the issue. That is okay, we're all human! But what if there was a better way?

Savior makes this an issue of the past by making it plain easy to generate a beautiful, well organized HTML document that contains all the details of the request and response. This document can be either sent to a developer or attached to an issue in an issue tracker like Bugzilla or Jira.

An exported request

Generating plain text is also supported, intended for use with chat platforms like Slack and IRC.

A request shared via Slack

The requests are presented via a panel that is added to the developer tools of your browser.

The list of requests

A note on Firefox

There is currently an issue with Firefox that makes a lot of requests go missing from the list in the devtools panel. This is an issue with the WebExtensions API in Firefox and must be fixed before it will work properly. Follow bug 1472653 for more information.


The following permissions are in use

Permission Reason
downloads Downloading HTML files of requests to the computer
clipboardWrite Writing texts of requests to the computer's clipboard
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