@yurikuzn yurikuzn released this Dec 23, 2016 · 110 commits to master since this release

Bus fixes:

  • Import in idle mode not setting default values;
  • Markdown code issue;
  • Export: Not exportable fields not hidden;
  • Export issue in php 5.4;
  • Meeting/Call: Don't send invitation to self if accepted.


  • Users: Tasks panel;
  • Enum/Varchar/Text fields: show None if value is empty enhancement.

All issues: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/milestone/8?closed=1



@yurikuzn yurikuzn released this Dec 8, 2016 · 141 commits to master since this release

What's new:

  • Dynamic logic. Dynamic forms configurable through admin's UI.

  • Entity Manager: Base Plus entity type with Activities, History, Tasks panels.

  • Entity Manager: Person entity type now has Activities, History, Tasks panels.
  • Entity Manager: Company entity type.
  • Entity Manager: Audited relationships feature. Allows to see that records were related in stream.
  • Entity Manager: Tooltips now can be edited.
  • Entity Manager: Ability to reset fields to default settings.

  • Emails: Ability to use mailparse extension for email parsing. It will be used if mailparse extension is installed on your environment. With this implementation email fetching must work better than before.

  • Layout Manager: Ability to remove side panels.

  • Layout Manager: Ability to specify color of panels.

  • Activities: Ability to configure what entities are listed in Activities and History panels.

  • Activities: Event entity type can be added to Activities and History panels.

  • Mass Email: Ability to make opt-out link not mandatory in settings.

  • Campaigns: Ability to create target lists based on Campaign Log.
  • Target Lists: Duplicate now copies targets (contacts, leads, accounts, users).

  • Roles: Ability to manage read access to Users and Teams.

  • Dashboard: Ability to rename tabs.

  • Export: Ability to select which fields to export.

  • Import: Ability to run import in idle-mode. For big files.

  • Import: Ability to skip duplicate checking. For the sake of performance.

  • Date/Datetime fields: 'Is Empty' filter.

  • Int/Float fields: 'Is Empty' and 'Is Not Empty' filters.
  • Parent fields: Ability to search by certain entity type.

  • Preferences: 'Do not fill Assigned User if not required' parameter.

  • Tasks: Added reminders feature. Only if Date Due is specified.

All issues:



@yurikuzn yurikuzn released this Oct 10, 2016 · 466 commits to master since this release




@yurikuzn yurikuzn released this Oct 7, 2016 · 467 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes:

  • #258 Layout Manager: Not working 'Reset to Default';
  • #252 PDF error in PHP7;
  • #244 Notifications are being checked while system is being upgraded;
  • #239 Salutation not translated in Email Template;
  • #238 Email Filters sometimes not applied.



@yurikuzn yurikuzn released this Sep 13, 2016 · 476 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes:

  • #230 Portal acl issue;
  • #229 Insert email template doesn't work if signature is empty;
  • #220 Message "{user} updated {field}" with not translated field name;
  • #214 Filter 'End With' not working properly;
  • #201 User.Teams field sometimes doesn't have role selected.




@yurikuzn yurikuzn released this Aug 22, 2016 · 497 commits to master since this release

Italian language added #195

Bug fixes:



@yurikuzn yurikuzn released this Aug 18, 2016 · 504 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes:



@yurikuzn yurikuzn released this Aug 15, 2016 · 514 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes: