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For tasks with multiple possible outputs or tasks with relative scoring the authors must prepare a program which should evaluate contestant's submissions (whether their output is correct/valid and how much points it should get).

The system currently supports only C++ checkers, which should work as follows.


The checker is provided three arguments:

  1. The filename of the test's input (in)
  2. The filename of the contestant's output (out)
  3. The filename of the author's output (sol)

Checker or System Error

In case there is a problem with the checker itself or the stystem (e.g., some of the input files is missing or cannot be read) it is expected to exit with a non-zero exit code. The stdout stream is ignored and the stderr is returned to the frontend.

Expected output

In case everything goes well (that is, the checker ran smoothly) exit the checker with exit code 0 and print on the stdout stream one or two lines:

  1. The score for the test (a number between 0.0 and 1.0). Don't worry that the score is in [0, 1] - this is later scaled.
  2. Optional message what was the problem with the answer.

Example checker

An example stub of a checker is provided in this directory.