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wujiangang Version 3.0.0(ff9c72c)
1. update lwip to v1.5.0;
2. update smartconfig to v2.5.4;
3. system parameter struct changed, need to flash blank.bin to system
parameter sector;
4. support set phy mode for softap/station seperately;
5. support Rx/Tx AMPDU;
6. support 802.11 regdomain;
7. support 802.11 QoS;
8. optimize throughput;
9. modify sdk internal framework;
10.modify esp_*.h headers dependencies;
11.add libphyrom.a and liblwip_dep.a;
12.update documents;
13.update gen_appbin.py;
14.bug fix;
Latest commit 9fa88a0 Jul 23, 2016
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html Version 3.0.0(ff9c72c) Jul 23, 2016
ESP32__RTOS_SDK_API Reference.pdf Version 3.0.0(ff9c72c) Jul 23, 2016