@wujiangang wujiangang released this Feb 6, 2018 · 127 commits to master since this release

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  1. Add APIs to ensure flash erasing safe;
    • bool spi_flash_erase_protect_enable(void);
    • bool spi_flash_erase_protect_disable(void);
  2. Add -DUSE_OPTIMIZE_PRINTF in third_party/Makefile;
  3. Update libc.a & libgcc.a;
    • libc.a from newlib 2.0.0, libgcc.a from gcc 4.8.5
      • Strip the functions which are already in rom code
      • Add a readme in lib folder to show how to strip the origin libraries
  4. Update scripts to generate SSL related binaries;
  5. Put libm.a into .irom0.text;
  6. Compile some libraries with -ffunction-sectons -fdata-sections;
    • Modify ld to put this.text.* into .irom0.text
  7. Remove time() function from libmain;
  8. Fix issues of deep-sleep sleep 0 or sleep for a long time;
  9. Fix an issue about driver compiling;
  10. Fix ets_delay_us declaration;
  11. Fix os_calloc declaration;


  1. Add an example for WPA2 enterprise;
  2. Update IoT_Demo project, fix user sector error;
  3. Update mqtt demo project;

LWIP & espconn

  1. [LWIP] Add LWIP source codes in the third_party folder;
  2. [LWIP] Redefine err_t in lwip;
  3. [LWIP] Fix the sequence number error of RST+ACK;
  4. [LWIP] Fix an issue that two or more pbuf will be used when sending one TCP packet with LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF enabled;
  5. [LWIP] Fix the length of TCP data in one packet is more than 1460;
  6. [espconn] Fix an issue that duplicate UDP packet may be sent by espconn_sendto;
  7. [espconn] Enable block option for fetching the proactive data;
  8. [espconn] Manual fetch the receive data after the communication ends;


  1. Add mbedTLS source codes in the third_party folder;
  2. Fix an issue that mbedTLS may memory leak in some cases when ESP8266 running as SSL/TLS client;
  3. Fix an issue that the sent callback may not be called in some cases;
  4. Fix load cert failure if the private key is in front of the cert in the esp_cert_private_key.bin;
  5. Fix disconnect callback function never be called;
  6. Speed up mbedtls handshake process;
  7. Fix already freed and exception when esp8266 acts as SSL/TLS server;


  1. Update AT version to;

  2. Add a new command AT+SYSMSG to enable some report information;

  3. Add a new command AT+CWCOUNTRY;

    • AT+CWCOUNTRY=<country_policy>,"country_code",<start_channel>,<total_channel_number>
  4. Add new command AT+CIPSERVERMAXCONN;

  5. Update command AT+CWLAP;

    • AT+CWLAP =<ssid>[,<mac>,<ch>,<scan_type>,<scan_time_min>,<scan_time_max>]
  6. Update command AT+CWLAPOPT;

    • Mask changes from 0x7F to 0x7FF
  7. Optimize tcp server by using new espconn_recv;

  8. Fix an issue that getting error irom string when print messages after upgrade;

  9. Fix an issue that baudrate is not correctly set when it was set at 1,200;

  10. Fix an issue that it should return error if the link id is wrong;

  11. Fix an issue that DNS auto mode is used by default;

  12. Fix a wrong link id issue when client connection number reaches maximum;

  13. Fix an issue that error will be reported when the maximun connection number is more than 5;

  14. Fix the message is incorrect when creating UDP if ip is a domain name;

  15. Fix GSLP too long time error;

  16. Fix that AT+CIPSTART causes busy if the server is connected at the same time;


  1. Update libphy.a to version 1136;
  2. Add APIs to set WPA2 Enterprise identity;
    • int wifi_station_set_enterprise_identity(u8* identity, int len);
    • void wifi_station_clear_enterprise_identity(void);
  3. Add support for passive scan;
  4. Add support for scan threshold and dwell time;
  5. Add APIs to set country code;
  6. Add support for recording more information of scanned AP;
  7. Fix the WPA/WPA2 PTK/GTK reinstallation vulnerability issue;
  8. Fix softAP wrong behavior after calling system_timer_reinit;
  9. Update esp_init_data_default.bin to v08;
    • Adjusted the default target power, from the 34th byte to the 39th byte of esp_init_data_default.bin, lower the target power of each level, optimized the frequency spectrum Mask and the EVM.
  10. Add keep connection for station to keep connection with AP;
  11. Add softAP distributes station ip event;