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Closes #4111.
gcc: I was not able to find an arm64 build on espressif's website so I choosed to put the armhf version, even if this should works this is only ok as temporary, arm64 runs better on arm64 than armhf :)
esptool: being interpreted python its ok
mkspiff: need igrr/mkspiffs#74 to be merged and artifacts added in /package/package_esp32_index.template.json.
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Installation instructions using Arduino IDE Boards Manager


  • Stable release link:
  • Development release link:

Starting with 1.6.4, Arduino allows installation of third-party platform packages using Boards Manager. We have packages available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (x86, amd64, armhf and arm64).

  • Install the current upstream Arduino IDE at the 1.8 level or later. The current version is at the Arduino website.
  • Start Arduino and open Preferences window.
  • Enter one of the release links above into Additional Board Manager URLs field. You can add multiple URLs, separating them with commas.
  • Open Boards Manager from Tools > Board menu and install esp32 platform (and don't forget to select your ESP32 board from Tools > Board menu after installation).