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stickbreaker and me-no-dev I2C ReSTART returns Success (#2141)

ReSTART operations on the ESP32 have to be handled differently than on AVR chips, so ReSTART operations(`Wire.endTransmission(false), Wire.requestFrom(id,size,false);` are queued until a STOP is send (`Wire.endTransmission(TRUE), Wire.endTransmission(), Wire.requestFrom(id,size), Wire.requestFrom(id,size,TRUE)). To indicate the queuing I had used `I2C_ERROR_CONTINUE`, this caused compatibility issues with the existing Arduino I2C Code base. So, back to Lying to the public(for their own good of course) about success!  This update just returns `I2C_ERROR_OK` on ReSTART commands.

* add comments

add comments

* Change Return error for ReSTART operation to I2C_ERROR_OK

This change restores compatibility with pre-existing Arduino Libraries.  The ReSTART queuing operations are hidden behind the scenes.  Wire.endTransmission(id,len,FALSE); will know return I2C_ERROR_OK instead of I2C_ERROR_CONTINUE, Wire.lastError() will return the true condition of I2C_ERROR_CONTINUE.
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