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Documentation for release vDocumentation for release v3.0.7 is available at https://docs.espressif.com/projects/esp-idf/en/v3.0.7/

ESP-IDF v3.0.7 is a bugfix-only update for ESP-IDF v3.0.6. Release v3.0.7 is compatible with apps written for ESP-IDF v3.0.x.

The latest stable version of ESP-IDF is v3.1.1.

This is the list of changes since release v3.0.6:

WiFi Related

  • Fix the bug that sniffer can't catch control packets
  • Fix a crash in soft-AP mode
  • Fix ACM (Admission Control Management) bug
  • Do not attempt to load PHY init data when NVS is not initialized
  • Enable RX BAR (Block ACK Request)
  • Fix issue which causes an iOS device to use 802.11g data rate when connecting to ESP32 AP, instead of 802.11n.
  • Fix issue which causes an ESP32 in station mode to disconnect from certain APs which announce two SSIDs.

Bluetooth Related

  • Fix a bug in managing ACL RX buffer pointer
  • Fix a crash which may happen when BT controller is disabled while BLE is in use.
  • Fix Wi-Fi issues (RX failures, TX timeouts, lack of buffers) which occur when disabling BT controller.
  • Check peer_addr_type field of esp_ble_adv_params_t and return error if the value is invalid.

lwIP related

  • Fix rare crash when closing a TCP socket, due to race between sys_arch_mbox_fetch/sys_arch_mbox_post and sys_arch_mbox_free.

System Related

  • Fix deadlock when accessing AES, SHA, MPI hardware accelerators (#2295)

Obtaining v3.0.7

For full installation instructions, see the ESP-IDF Programming Guide.

The source files attached to this release will not work due to our use of git submodules. Use one of the following methods instead:

Using git

To get this release, use the following commands:

git clone -b v3.0.7 --recursive https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf.git esp-idf-v3.0.7
cd esp-idf-v3.0.7/

This is the recommended way of obtaining v3.0.7 of ESP-IDF.

Download an archive with submodules included

Attached to this release is an esp-idf-v3.0.7.zip archive. It includes .git directory and all the submodules, so can be used out of the box. This archive is provided for users who have connectivity issues preventing them from cloning from GitHub.

This archive can also be downloaded from Espressif's download server:

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