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esp32: update API to set CSI channel filter and HT_LTF data generating

See merge request idf/esp-idf!3180
Latest commit 91f579d Sep 12, 2018
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esp32 esp32: use new CPU frequency setting API Aug 21, 2018
hwcrypto mbedtls: update usage of mbedtls_aes_encrypt/decrypt May 9, 2018
rom esp32/sleep: Add a function to disable logging from ROM code Sep 4, 2018
xtensa xtensa: make XTHAL_GET_INTERRUPT, XTHAL_GET_CCOUNT volatile Jul 2, 2018
esp_assert.h component/esp32 : do more fix of dualcore bug May 12, 2017
esp_attr.h esp32: Add .noinit and .rtc_noinit sections to the linker script May 16, 2018
esp_brownout.h brownout detector: enable by default Jul 10, 2017
esp_cache_err_int.h add detection of invalid cache access Apr 13, 2017
esp_clk.h esp_clk.h: add esp_clk_xtal_freq Aug 21, 2018
esp_coexist.h component/esp32 : clear some minor thingsw about PM and coexistence Apr 3, 2018
esp_core_dump.h esp32: Adds documentation and comments to core dump feature files Jan 11, 2017
esp_crosscore_int.h crosscore_int: add support for FREQ_SWITCH event Oct 18, 2017
esp_dbg_stubs.h esp32: Adds GCOV debug stubs support May 18, 2018
esp_deep_sleep.h esp32: Deactivate wakeup trigger after first wakeup Mar 20, 2018
esp_deepsleep.h sleep: add light sleep, factor out APIs common for deep/light sleep Sep 1, 2017
esp_dport_access.h dport: Bigfix dport_read code move to IRAM May 21, 2018
esp_err.h fix the esp_wifi_disconnect() err when wifi is not started or inited Aug 31, 2018
esp_event.h add event SYSTEM_EVENT_AP_STAIPASSIGNED May 19, 2018
esp_event_loop.h Event handling refactoring Sep 25, 2016
esp_flash_data_types.h partition_table: Expanding the space under the bootloader Jun 8, 2018
esp_freertos_hooks.h New Task Watchdog API (Revert of Revert) Nov 2, 2017
esp_gdbstub.h gdbstub: Mark the panic handler entry as noreturn Jul 11, 2017
esp_int_wdt.h Dump the frame of the other core when interrupt watchdog happens Jan 18, 2018
esp_interface.h ethernet: add first version of ethernet driver Dec 1, 2016
esp_intr.h add RMT driver and example Nov 21, 2016
esp_intr_alloc.h Merge branch 'feature/esp_intr_set_in_iram' into 'master' Jan 3, 2018
esp_ipc.h docs/ipc documentation Nov 24, 2017
esp_mesh.h docs/rewrite_mesh_docs Sep 2, 2018
esp_mesh_internal.h docs/rewrite_mesh_docs Sep 2, 2018
esp_now.h Make error codes globally unique Mar 27, 2018
esp_panic.h soc/rtc_wdt: Add API functions for rtc_wdt Aug 14, 2018
esp_phy_init.h esp32: fix coex bug Jun 29, 2018
esp_pm.h pm: initial version of power management APIs Oct 18, 2017
esp_sleep.h Merge branch 'feature/light_sleep_gpio_uart_wakeup' into 'master' Sep 7, 2018
esp_smartconfig.h smartconfig_ack.c : Fixed the declaration of remote_ip in sc_ack_send… Jul 3, 2018
esp_spiram.h feature(psram): add support for 64MBit psram of 1.8v and 3.3v. Jul 10, 2018
esp_ssc.h Initial public version Aug 17, 2016
esp_system.h esp32: Add esp_fill_random() function Sep 3, 2018
esp_task.h esp32/lwip: adjust task stack size according 'nano' print Nov 9, 2017
esp_task_wdt.h New Task Watchdog API (Revert of Revert) Nov 2, 2017
esp_timer.h esp_timer: add a function to get next alarm time Apr 26, 2018
esp_types.h remove executable permission from source files May 29, 2018
esp_wifi.h fix the esp_wifi_disconnect() err when wifi is not started or inited Aug 31, 2018
esp_wifi_crypto_types.h gcc8_newlib3: Compilation warnings and errors not specific to newlib v3 Jul 9, 2018
esp_wifi_internal.h esp32: add internal API to enable or disable transmitting WiFi MAC fr… Aug 1, 2018
esp_wifi_os_adapter.h Add OS adapter to WiFi driver May 26, 2018
esp_wifi_types.h esp32: update API to set CSI channel filter and HT_LTF data generating Sep 7, 2018
esp_wpa2.h wpa_supplicant:move part of codes to IDF May 9, 2018
esp_wps.h wifi: add set factory information feature by customer in wps May 17, 2018