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hwcrypto mbedTLS SHA: Fix cloning of SHA-384 digests Nov 25, 2016
rom Panic handler: Use same reset path as esp_restart(), disabling hardware Jan 13, 2017
soc ethernet: support flow control Jan 10, 2017
xtensa implement esp_deep_sleep, fix build issues Nov 22, 2016
esp_attr.h deep sleep: keep RTC_SLOW_MEM powered on if data is placed into RTC s… Jan 12, 2017
esp_brownout.h Add licenses, docbook, general cleanup Oct 25, 2016
esp_coexist.h component/bt : fix sw coexit call mistake Nov 24, 2016
esp_core_dump.h esp32: Adds documentation and comments to core dump feature files Jan 11, 2017
esp_crosscore_int.h Only init crosscore when FreeRTOS runs in multicore mode, add warning… Oct 27, 2016
esp_deep_sleep.h deep sleep: add documentation Dec 16, 2016
esp_deepsleep.h deep sleep: rename header file Dec 16, 2016
esp_err.h sdmmc: add peripheral driver and protocol layer Jan 8, 2017
esp_event.h ethernet: add first version of ethernet driver Dec 1, 2016
esp_event_loop.h Event handling refactoring Sep 25, 2016
esp_flash_data_types.h Flash encryption: Support enabling flash encryption in bootloader, ap… Dec 2, 2016
esp_freertos_hooks.h Add comments/headers according to merge request comments Nov 15, 2016
esp_gdbstub.h Move panic handler and gdbstub into esp32 component, clean up wdt acc… Oct 26, 2016
esp_heap_alloc_caps.h Fix small things noticed in MR, add documentation Dec 15, 2016
esp_int_wdt.h Add documentation Nov 17, 2016
esp_interface.h ethernet: add first version of ethernet driver Dec 1, 2016
esp_intr.h add RMT driver and example Nov 21, 2016
esp_intr_alloc.h esp32: sanity check ISR handler address passed into esp_intr_alloc Jan 11, 2017
esp_ipc.h components/esp32,spi_flash: update some comments Sep 12, 2016
esp_panic.h esp32: Fixes several issues in core dump feature Jan 11, 2017
esp_phy_init.h component/bt: modify bluetooth API Jan 5, 2017
esp_smartconfig.h esp32: refactor to sniffer Dec 15, 2016
esp_ssc.h Initial public version Aug 17, 2016
esp_system.h esp32: add get idf version api Jan 17, 2017
esp_task.h components/esp32,bt: fix typos in comments Sep 25, 2016
esp_task_wdt.h Add documentation Nov 17, 2016
esp_types.h remove legacy definitions from esp_types.h Nov 22, 2016
esp_wifi.h Build: Handle WiFi & BT enabled/disabled combos gracefully as possible Jan 16, 2017
esp_wifi_internal.h Implement system_* APIs in IDF Nov 22, 2016
esp_wifi_types.h esp32: add wifi low rate feature Jan 5, 2017
esp_wpa2.h add wpa2 set id api and modify null data tx description Jan 11, 2017
esp_wps.h wps: add blocking param for API esp_wifi_wps_start() Nov 11, 2016
heap_alloc_caps.h Move heap_alloc_caps.h to a location where it can be included by comp… Oct 8, 2016