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This directory contains a range of example ESP-IDF projects. These are intended to demonstrate parts of ESP-IDF functionality, and to provide code that you can copy and adapt into your own projects.

Example Layout

The examples are grouped into subdirectories by category. Each category directory contains one or more example projects:

  • bluetooth contains Bluetooth (BLE & BT Classic) examples.
  • ethernet contains Ethernet examples.
  • get-started contains some very simple examples with minimal functionality.
  • mesh contains Wi-Fi Mesh examples.
  • peripherals contains examples showing driver functionality for the various onboard ESP32 peripherals.
  • protocols contains examples showing network protocol interactions.
  • storage contains examples showing data storage methods using SPI flash or external storage like the SD/MMC interface.
  • system contains examples which demonstrate some internal chip features, or debugging & development tools.
  • wifi contains examples of advanced Wi-Fi features. (For network protocol examples, see protocols instead.)

Using Examples

Building an example is the same as building any other project:

  • Follow the Getting Started instructions which include building the "Hello World" example.
  • Change into the directory of the new example you'd like to build.
  • make menuconfig to configure the example. Most examples have a project-specific "Example Configuration" section here (for example, to set the WiFi SSID & password to use).
  • make to build the example.
  • Follow the printed instructions to flash, or run make flash.

Copying Examples

Each example is a standalone project. The examples do not have to be inside the esp-idf directory. You can copy an example directory to anywhere on your computer in order to make a copy that you can modify and work with.

The IDF_PATH environment variable is the only thing that connects the example to the rest of ESP-IDF.

If you're looking for a more bare-bones project to start from, try esp-idf-template.

Contributing Examples

If you have a new example you think we'd like, please consider sending it to us as a Pull Request.

In the ESP-IDF documentation, you can find a "Creating Examples" page which lays out the steps to creating a top quality example.