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Latest commit 74aff89 Jan 12, 2017 @mikeryan mikeryan committed with projectgus gatts_demo: re-enter advertising after client disconnects
In the existing tree, after a connected client disconnects the device
will never re-enter the advertising state. Additional clients will not
be able to discover or connect to the device. This patch forces the
device back into the advertising state upon disconnection.

Resolves Pull Request #217 #217


This directory contains a growing number of simple example projects for esp-idf. These are intended to show basic esp-idf functionality, and to provide you can use for your own projects.

Using Examples

Building examples is the same as building any other project:

  • Follow the setup instructions in the top-level esp-idf README.

  • Set IDF_PATH environment variable to point to the path to the esp-idf top-level directory.

  • Change into the directory of the example you'd like to build.
  • make menuconfig to configure the example. Most examples require a simple WiFi SSID & password via this configuration.
  • make to build the example.
  • Follow the printed instructions to flash, or run make flash.

Copying Examples

Each example is a standalone project. The examples do not have to be inside the esp-idf directory. You can copy an example directory to anywhere on your computer in order to make a copy that you can modify and work with.

The IDF_PATH environment variable is the only thing that connects the example to the rest of the esp-idf system.

If you're looking for a more bare-bones project to start from, try esp-idf-template.

Contributing Examples

If you have a new example you think we'd like, please consider sending it to us as a Pull Request.

Please read the esp-idf CONTRIBUTING.rst file which lays out general contribution rules.

In addition, here are some tips for creating good examples:

  • A good example is documented and the basic options can be configured.
  • A good example does not contain a lot of code. If there is a lot of generic code in the example, consider refactoring that code into a standalone component and then use the component's API in your example.
  • Examples must be licensed under the Apache License 2.0 or (preferably for examples) if possible you can declare the example to be Public Domain / Creative Commons Zero.