sagb2015 and bot nvs_flash: Version compatibility check for nvs storage
This change adds a check for compatibility between the nvs version
found on nvs flash and the one assumed by running code during nvs
initialization. Any mismatch is reported to the user using new error
Latest commit 1df85e0 Jul 25, 2018

ESP-IDF Gatt Server Demo

This is the demo of APIs to create a GATT service by adding attributes one by one. However, this method is defined by Bluedroid and is difficult for users to use.

Hence, we also allow users to create a GATT service with an attribute table, which releases the user from adding attributes one by one. And it is recommended for users to use. For more information about this method, please refer to gatt_server_service_table_demo.

This demo creates GATT a service and then starts advertising, waiting to be connected to a GATT client.

To test this demo, we can run the gatt_client_demo, which can scan for and connect to this demo automatically. They will start exchanging data once the GATT client has enabled the notification function of the GATT server.

Please check the tutorial for more information about this example.