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Using ESP-IDF in Custom CMake Projects

This example illustrates using ESP-IDF components as libraries in custom CMake projects. The application in this example can run on either host or on an ESP32, and the appropriate libraries are linked to the executable depending on which target is specified. If the target is an ESP32, the libraries created from ESP-IDF components are linked. On the other hand, stub libraries are linked if example is meant to be run on the host to simulate the same application behavior.

The application in this example is equivalent to the hello_world example under examples/get-started/hello_world.

Example Flow

Users looking at this example should focus on the top-level CMakeLists.txt file. This builds an application that can run on the target without relying on the typical ESP-IDF application template.


Hello world!
This is ESP32 chip with 2 CPU cores, WiFi/BT/BLE, silicon revision 0, 4MB external flash
Restarting in 10 seconds...
Restarting in 9 seconds...
Restarting in 8 seconds...
Restarting in 7 seconds...
Restarting in 6 seconds...
Restarting in 5 seconds...
Restarting in 4 seconds...
Restarting in 3 seconds...
Restarting in 2 seconds...
Restarting in 1 seconds...
Restarting in 0 seconds...

Building this Example

To build this example, the user can either run to build for the ESP32 or run to build for the host:

# Builds the example for ESP32


# Builds the example to run on host

Flashing and Running this Example

To flash and run the example, users can run either or depending on what the example was built for. In the case of, the port needs to be specified:

# Run the example on device connected to /dev/ttyUSB1
./ /dev/ttyUSB1


# Run the example on the host

There is a discussion on using ESP-IDF in custom CMake projects in the programming guide under API Guides -> Build System (CMake) -> Using ESP-IDF in Custom CMake Projects

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