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Example: e-paper dispalys

This test code shows how to use ESP32 driver e-Paper displays

  • Support for Waveshare 2.7inch e-Paper HAT based ePaper modules in 4-wire SPI mode

e-paper functions:

  • Graphics drawing functions:

  • Paint_Clear Clear all screen memery

  • Paint_DrawAbsolutePixel This draws a pixel by absolute coordinates

  • Paint_GetImage Getters and Setters

  • Paint_SetRotate Setup displays rotate

  • Paint_DrawPixel Draws a pixel by the coordinates

  • Paint_DrawCharAt Draw a charactor on the frame buffer but not refresh

  • Paint_DrawStringAt Displays a string on the frame buffer but not refresh

  • Paint_DrawLine Draws a line on the frame buffer

  • Paint_DrawHorizontalLine Draw a horizontal line on the frame buffer

  • Paint_DrawVerticalLine Draw a vertical line on the frame buffer

  • Paint_DrawRectangle Draws a rectangle

  • Paint_DrawFilledRectangle Draws a filled rectangle

  • Paint_DrawCircle Draws a circle

  • Paint_DrawFilledCircle Draws a filled circle

  • Fonts:

    • Support for font8,font12,font16,font20,font24, fonts embeded
  • String write function:

    • EPD_print Write text to display.
  • Images:

    • Can display the image form C array

Connecting the display

  • mosi: 23 (display DIN)
  • sck: 18
  • CS: 5 (display CS)
  • DC: 26 (display DC)
  • RST: 27 (display RESET)
  • BUSY: 32 (display BUSY output)

How to build

make menuconfig

Make and flash the example.

make all && make flash


  • Dispaly espressif logo for 2s
  • display the random value on e-paper, refresh 5s
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