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ESP32-MeshKit-Light is a smart lighting solution based on ESP-MESH. It features network configuration, upgrade, local control, device association, etc., and will facilitate your understanding of ESP-MESH to implement further development. Before running this example, please refer to ESP32-MeshKit Guide.

Note: This example is not limited to ESP32-MeshKit-Light, and can also be applied to an ESP32 module connected to an external LED.


ESP32-MeshKit-Light supports 5 types of PWM IO interfaces. Its color temperature (CW) and color hue (RGB) can be adjusted, with an output power of 9 W and 3.5 W respectively.

  1. Inside View and Pin Layout

Inside View

  1. Pin Definition
No. Name Type Description
1, 7 GND P Ground
2 CHIP_PU I Chip enabling (High: On); module internal pull-up; alternative for external enabling
3 GPIO32 I/O RTC 32K_XP (32.768 kHz crystal oscillator input); alternative for function expansion
4 GPIO33 I/O RTC 32K_XN (32.768 kHz crystal oscillator output); alternative for function expansion
5 GPIO0 I/O IC internal pull-up; alternative for function expansion
6 VDD3.3V P Power supply, 3V3
8 GPIO4 O PWM_R output control
9 GPIO16 O PWM_G output control; alternate UART interface (URXD)
10 GPIO5 O PWM_B output control; alternate UART interface (UTXD)
11 GPIO23 O PWM_BR output control
12 GPIO19 O PWM_CT output control
13 GPIO22 I/O Shared by PWM; alternative for function expansion
14 GPIO15 I IC internal pull-up; alternative for function expansion
15 GIPO2 O IC internal pull-down; alternative for function expansion
16 UORXD I/O UART interface (RXD) for debugging and software downloading
17 UOTXD I/O UART interface (TXD) for debugging and software downloading
19 ANT I/O External antenna output
18, 20 GND P RF ground

Light Color Change in Different Statuses

  1. Wait be to networked: flashes yellow

  2. Verify network configuration information: flashes orange

  3. Networked successfully: flashes green

  4. Start to upgrade: flashes light blue for 3 seconds

  5. Upgrade successfully, ready to reboot: flashes blue

  6. Abnormal reboot: flashes red

Note: The device can be reset by powering it off/on for three consecutive times.