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me-no-dev and XiaochaoGONG Add Save button to capture window (#78)
* Add "Save" button to capture window

Allows saving images from both stills and streams by clicking a button.

* Make image filenames be the date and time of capture

* Add script to compress the html pages for embedding
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Camera with Web Server


To run this example, you need the following components:

  • An ESP32 Module: Either ESP32-WROVER-KIT or ESP-EYE, which we highly recommend for beginners, is used in this example.
  • A Camera Module: Either OV2640 or OV3660 image sensor, which we highly recommend for beginners, is used in this example.

Quick Start

After you've completed the hardware settings, please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the camera to ESP32 module. For connection pins, please see here
  2. Configure the example through menuconfig;
  3. Build And Flash the application to ESP32;
  4. Open Your Browser and point it to http://[ip-of-esp32]/;
  5. To Get Image press Get Still or Start Stream;
  6. Use The Options to enable/disable Face Detection, Face Recognition and more;

For more details of the http handler, please refer to esp32-camera.

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