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Decentrally store files and manage their permissions
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AragonOS Datastore

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The Datastore lets DApps easily store files and manage their permissions decentrally. It consists of two modules:

  1. A javascript library to store files in a distributed file system, IPFS and Swarm as of right now. It will also handle the encryption/decryption process.
  2. A solidity smart contract that keeps the information of those files and manages permissions.

Javascript library

To be as extensible as possible, the Datastore is built around a system of multiple providers. To use the Javascript library, first import the necessary objects:

import { Datastore, providers } from 'aragon-datastore'

And you can then create an instance like this:

const datastore = new Datastore({
    storageProvider: new,
    encryptionProvider: new providers.encryption.Aes(),
    rpcProvider: new providers.rpc.Aragon(aragonApp)

The code above would create a Datastore instance using IPFS as storage and aragon.js to execute the smart contract methods and receive events. To use Swarm or Filecoin instead of IPFS, simply select the corresponding storage provider. In case the DApp is not using Aragon, a Web3 provider is also available:

rpcProvider: new providers.rpc.Web3(...)

Here's how you can upload a file:

// Adding a file to the datastore.
// fileContent is an ArrayBuffer.
// parentFolderId is an integer. If not specified, it's 0 by default (Home folder)
await datastore.addFile('filename.pdf', fileContent, parentFolderId)

Then, to give a write permission on this file:

// Give the write permission to entity 0xb4124cEB3451635DAcedd11767f004d8a28c6eE7 on file 3.
await datastore.setWritePermission(3, '0xb4124cEB3451635DAcedd11767f004d8a28c6eE7', true)

This is just a short example, there is a ton more of functionnality in this library. If you wish to see the complete documentation, you can check it out in the documentation folder of this project.

Solidity smart contract

To use or extend the smart contract features, import the Datastore.sol file:

import "aragon-datastore/contracts/Datastore.sol";


If you're using IPFS as the storage provider, it will try to connect to localhost by default on port 5001. Make sure an IPFS daemon is running:

ipfs daemon


Swarm can be used as the storage provider. Since it's in beta for now, files are uploaded to the public Swarm Gateway. It's important to keep in mind that any files uploaded there can potentially be lost forever so please use experimentally and with caution.

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