This is a PCL version of TypeLoader, which was originally developed by watertrans.
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This is a PCL version of TypeLoader, which was originally developed by watertrans and released on codeplex. This library handles vertical texts easily by processing OpenType/TrueType files directly.


A NuGet package is available on the following URL:

Supported Platforms

This package supports following platforms (Profile111):

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • ASP.NET Core 1.0
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.iOS (Either Unified or Classic)



Sample Usage

The following fragment illustrates how to use WaterTrans.TypeLoader with SkiaSharp:

// load typeface on SkiaSharp
var typeface = SKTypeface.FromFile(fontFilePath);

// load typeface on TypeLoader
WaterTrans.TypeLoader.TypefaceInfo tfInfo;
using (var fs = File.OpenRead(fontFilePath))
  tfInfo = new WaterTrans.TypeLoader.TypefaceInfo(s);


var text = "いづれの御時にか、女御、更衣あまたさぶらひたまひけるなかに、いとやむごとなききはにはあらぬが、すぐれて時めきたまふありけり。はじめよりわれはと思ひあがりたまへる御かたがた、めざましきものにナシおとしめそねみたまふ。同じほど、それより下臈の更衣たちは、ましてやすからず。";

SKCanvas canvas = ... // Canvas from somewhere
using (var paint = new SKPaint())
  paint.IsAntialias = true;
  paint.TextSize = FONT_SIZE;
  paint.Typeface = typeface;
  paint.IsVerticalText = true;

  drawText(canvas, stringToVerticalGlyphs(text, paint, tfInfo), 0, 0, paint);


// string to vertical glyph GID
ushort[] stringToVerticalGlyphs(string text, SKPaint paint, WaterTrans.TypeLoader.TypefaceInfo typefaceInfo)
  ushort[] glyphs;
  paint.Typeface.CharsToGlyphs(text, out glyphs);
  var conv = typefaceInfo.GetVerticalGlyphConverter();
  for (int i = 0; i < glyphs.Length; i++)
    if (conv.CanConvert(glyphs[i]))
      glyphs[i] = conv.Convert(glyphs[i]);
  return glyphs;

// SKCanvas.DrawText wrapper to deal with GID
public unsafe void drawText(SKCanvas canvas, ushort[] glyphs, float x, float y, SKPaint paint)
  paint.TextEncoding = SKTextEncoding.GlyphId;
  fixed (ushort* p = glyphs)
    canvas.DrawText((IntPtr)p, glyphs.Length * 2, x, y, paint);


Although I once tried to contact the original author, watertrans, via email as shown on the source code headers, the address is no longer valid... The source code is licensed under MIT and I think my work does not violate anything but I really want to contact him to let him know about this project.