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Remove docs of inexistent debug features

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@@ -537,25 +537,12 @@ Some of the short-range interactions have additional features:
Debug messages
Finally, there are a number of flags for debugging. The most important
one are
Finally, there is a flag for debugging:
- ``ADDITIONAL_CHECKS`` Enables numerous additional checks which can detect inconsistencies
especially in the cell systems. These checks are however too slow to
be enabled in production runs.
The following flags control the debug output of various sections of
|es|. You will however understand the output very often only by
looking directly at the code.
- ``ASYNC_BARRIER`` Introduce a barrier after each asynchronous command completion. Helps
in the detection of mismatching communication.
- ``FORCE_CORE`` Causes |es| to try to provoke a core dump when exiting unexpectedly.
- ``MPI_CORE`` Causes |es| to try this even with MPI errors.
Features marked as experimental

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