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Remove docs of inexistent features

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jngrad committed Sep 10, 2019
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@@ -405,8 +405,6 @@ General features
- ``COMFIXED`` Allows to fix the center of mass of all particles of a certain type.
- ``BOND_CONSTRAINT`` Turns on the RATTLE integrator which allows for fixed lengths bonds
between particles.
@@ -510,11 +510,6 @@ Please note that the velocity attribute of the virtual particles does not carry
The behavior of virtual sites can be fine-tuned with the following
switches in :file:`myconfig.hpp`.
- ``VIRTUAL_SITES_NO_VELOCITY`` specifies that the velocity of virtual sites is not computed
- ``VIRTUAL_SITES_THERMOSTAT`` specifies that the Langevin thermostat should also act on virtual
- ``THERMOSTAT_IGNORE_NON_VIRTUAL`` specifies that the thermostat does not act on non-virtual particles
.. _Particle number counting feature:

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