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Updated AUTHORS, second try.

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@@ -8,25 +8,34 @@ group of Prof. Dr. Kurt Kremer.
The following people have contributed to ESPResSo:
-ESPResSo core team:
+Core developers
Axel Arnold
-Bernward Mann (deceased 2006)
Olaf Lenz (maintainer)
-Hans-Jörg Limbach (inactive)
Stefan Kesselheim
+Bernward Mann (deceased 2006)
+Christoph Junghans (inactive)
+Hans-Jörg Limbach (inactive)
Torsten Stühn (inactive)
-Further contributions came from:
Adolfo Poma
+Alexander Schlaich
Arjit Maitra
-Christoph Junghans
+Ben Reynwar (formerly: Reynolds)
Christoph Schneider
Dmitro Galperin
Dmytro Antypov
+Dominic Röhm
Florian Fahrenberger (formerly: Rühle)
+Florian Weik
+Florian Häußermann
+Francesca Lugli
Frank Mühlbach
+Georg Rempfer
+Gizem Inci
Gregoria Illya
Igor Pasichny
Ira Cooke
@@ -43,12 +52,18 @@ Mehmet Süzen
Mingyang Hu
Muhammad Anwar
Nils Binz
+Owen Hickey
+Pedro Sanchez
Peter Kosovan
Rudolf Weeber
Sandeep Tyagi
Sathish K. Sukumaran
+Sela Samin
+Shervin Raafatnia
Simon Poblete
+Thomas Spura
Timo Schürg
+Tobias Richter
Tristan Bereau
Ulf Schiller
Vagelis Harmandaris
@@ -56,6 +71,7 @@ Vincent Ballenegger
Vladimir Lobaskin
Zunjing Wang
-Special thanks go to:
-Henrik Skov Midtiby for providing a GPL version of todonotes.sty.
+Special thanks
+Special thanks to Henrik Skov Midtiby for providing a GPL version of
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