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Bangle.js: When reading file info from a filename table, do it in blocks of 8 (20% faster file search)
Bangle.js2: Increase flash buffer size from 16->32 bytes (5% performance increase)
ESP32: update esp-idf to v3.3.6
Bangle.js2: Fix issue where Bangle.getPressure could leave the barometer on
Bangle.js2: Bootloader update - triple-check CRC after writing firmware and retry if it fails
Bangle.js2: setUI(updown/leftright) now responds to button on falling (not rising) edge
If we get an unhandled exception, ensure we keep the stack trace intact
Array.sort() with undefined elements now puts them at the end of the array (as per spec - #2300)
Bangle.js1/2: Fix showMenu/showScroller spacing with back if no widgets loaded (ref #2286)
Bangle.js1: Bangle.setUI({back}) now responds to BTN3 if there were no other watches on buttons
2v16 : JIT functions now execute in their own function scope (allows arguments)
Move older 'HY' boards to use `g` for the built-in graphics, not `LCD` (and change docs)
Fix print(()=>{}) printing 'function (undefined) {}' - saves 1 var for arrow fn without args (fix #2265)
Bangle.js: Add support for `Bangle.setUI({remove:...})` to allow apps to be unloaded without a full reboot.
Bangle.js2: Fixed `Bangle.setLCDOverlay(img,x,y)` with negative offsets
Allow `atob` to accept base64 with whitespace inside it
Puck.js Lite: remove NFC from build (no NFC on board the Lite version)
Storage: When using Filename Table, be absolutely sure it's correct before using it (stops hang at startup if storage corrupt)
Bangle.js: Add Bangle.setOptions({btnLoadTimeout:...}) to allow home button timeout to be configurable
Bangle.js: A forced interrupt after button held now occurs 0.5s (not 0.1s) after the reboot request
Bangle.js: Holding the button during storage compact now won't try and break out of it
Bangle.js: Use 4k/64k/all flash clear commands to make erasing (and hence compact) external flash faster
Bangle.js2: Add built-in touchscreen calibration
Bangle.js2: Add fast-path for all-white or all-black full-width graphics fill/clear (24ms -> 2ms)
Bangle.js2: LCD background flip (send to LCD while returning to execute other code)
Bangle.js2: Swipe direction is now modified based on g.setRotation
ESP32: Bluetooth LE tweaks - central mode connects, scans, reads, writes and notifies
Bluetooth: fix for incorrect Bluetooth task strings shown in some errors
Bangle.js: showLauncher's 'fast load' now updates __FILE__
Improve jsvIs* functions (because v->flags is volatile). >5% speed improvement
Lexer speed improvements
Bangle.js: Compass 'heading' now provides correct value (without 360-heading) required
Bangle.js: Remove F_BEEPSET feature flag (now 3 years old)
Espruino: Ensure flash/native strings really can't be appended to (fix #2282)
Bangle.js2: Improved 3 bit LCD fill (20% faster)
process.memory() reports `stackFree` which allows us to easily check if we're ok for recursion
E.HSBtoRGB can now be called with `E.HSBtoRGB(h,s,b,16)` to return a 16 bit value suitable for Bangle.js/etc
Bangle.js2: Flip LCD SPI bit order so operations in Espruino can be faster (45% faster fillRect)
Bangle.js2: Use 8x3bpp block fill with masking (now at least 6x faster than 2v15)
Fix JIT when overwriting a pre-existing function, JIT now allows `var/let/const`, fix lock leak in function call, fix FOR postinc issue
JIT compiler now included in MDBT42Q/Pixl.js/Puck.js/Bangle.js 1
Bangle.js2: Bangle.setUI remove unused 'touch' mode, ensure 'back' button doesn't overlap if button is already used (fix #2287)
Bangle.js: Do not clear widget area if only zero width wigets are using it
Bangle.js: Allow setting remove methods for*
Bangle.js: Add Bangle.load() and Bangle.showClock() methods
Graphics: Ensure g.reset() after a custom font was set de-allocates the custom font (fix #2290)
Bangle.js: setUI now calls g.reset(), and also protects against recursion in uiRemove
Bangle.js2: Touched item coordinates in E.showScroller's select callback
2v15 : Fix issue where `E.toJS("\0"+"0") == '"\00"'` which is just `"\0"`
Fix issue accessing `arguments` after/inside 'let/const' keyword (fix #2224)
let/const now don't add a scope if executed in a function outside a block (fix #2225)
When executing a function, ensure the scope doesn't include a `return` var
Rename internal return var to fit it inside one JsVar on embedded systems
nRF52: Added support for 2 concurrent Bluetooth Central connections to Puck.js, Pixl.js, MDBT42Q (fix #1360)
Bangle.js2: JIT now built in (only enabled for functions prefixed '"jit"')
E.dumpVariables now outputs more info for variable values
Puck.js Lite support
Puck.js: Immediately after flashing new firmware, Puck.js now does a self-test and sets its BLE to PASS or FAIL
nRF52: Fix recent regression which stopped reconnection after a bluetooth disconnect (fix #2226)
Bangle.js: Include the 'sched' library in installed apps (needed for alarm) (fix #2229)
Bangle.js2: Fix text size on buttons when they are tapped in E.showPrompt
nRF5x: Add 'onWriteDesc' in NRF.setServices - allowing you to know when something subscribed for notifications
nRF5x: Move advertising_start and restart_softdevice outside of IRQs (MEMORY_BUSY warnings less likely now)
Bangle.js: Ensure E.showMessage background color comes from theme
Bangle.js: Add "filename table" support to Bangle.js - avoids slow file read/list when there are many deleted/updated files in Storage (fix #2152)
Storage: Don't align files <512 bytes to page boundaries - all files now stored in order (ref #2232)
nRF5x: Call sd_ble_gattc_hv_confirm in response to BLE indications
Bangle.js2: Make Bangle.setBarometerPower retry twice if it has an I2C error
Bangle.js2: Fix `NRF.setAdvertising({},{scannable:false})`
Bangle.js2: Initial long range functionality (via `phy:"coded"` in `NRF.setAdvertising/setScan/requestDevice/findDevices`)
nRF52: Change from hard -> softfp calling convention (saves a few bytes, more compatible with compiled code)
Fix 'console.log([1,2,3].splice(0, 1.0))' (fix #2245)
Bangle.js2: Added `Bangle.setLCDOverlay(img,x,y)` to allow an image to be overlaid on top of screen contents (eg for notifications)
Fix issue parsing constant decls when not executing (fix #2255)
Puck.js: Fix Puck.mag() in newest batch of Puck.js 2.1a sometimes returning -32768
Correctly handle parsing of template literals inside template literals
Don't store command history if echo=off (eg for Web IDE/App Loader uploads)
E.defrag now kicks the watchdog (on Bangle.js 2 it can take long enough that the watchdog fires)
2v14 : Bangle.js2: Fix issue with E.showMenu creating a global `s` variable
Bangle.js2: Recheck string wrapping after font change inside E.showMenu
Bangle.js2: Double input buffer size from 1kb to 2kb
Bangle.js2: Fix E.showMenu title changing color after scroll down+up *if* a non-standard theme was used
Bangle.js2: Fix wear detection on latest Bangle.js 2 (VC31B variant) (fix #2141)
Bangle.js2: Allow variable HRM poll rates on Bangle.js 2 VC31B variant
Bangle.js2: VC31 HRM variant now polls at 25hz (not 50)
Bangle.js1: E.showMenu now displays boolean values with no `format` as a checkbox
Bangle.js1: E.showMenu now displays a submenu for multiple choice menu items (#2184)
Bangle.js: built-in locale now doesn't depend on argument being an instance of Date (#2187)
Bangle.js: Add ".noList" property to prevent E.showScroller inside E.showMenu
Bangle.js2: Add "Back"-Button on submenus inside E_showMenu
Graphics: g.setClipRect now uses rotated coordinates
Graphics: g.draw/fillCircle now works with rotated coordinates
Bangle.js2: Touch/drag coordinates now obey g.setRotation
Graphics: Fix drawString with combination of g.setClipRect and g.setRotation
nRF5x: Allow 'high speed' watches via 'hispeed' argument to setWatch. Higher power consumption but detects fast (<25us) pulses.
Bangle.js2: E.showMenu now returns 'scroller', `format` is called with a second argument, font in popup is scaled to fit (fix #2190)
Fix recent class method regression (24247e4ec9) (fix #2197)
Bangle.js2: 6x15 font tweaks for better ISO8859-1 support
Bangle.js: Add clock property to "custom" mode in setUI
Allow method declarations in objects - ES6 'Enhanced Object Literals' (#2202 / #1302)
Added Object.values/Object.entries (#1302)
Added block scoping for let and const (#971)
Honour non-writable const vars (fix #971)
Remove Line Numbers from 'save on flash' builds
Added Object shorthand, eg. x={a}
Added numeric separator support eg. 12_34
Add Nullish coalescing operator
Enable releases and cutting edge builds for Puck.js minimal releases (with 98kB of free Storage)
nRF5x: Fix memory leak (of address) when using NRF.setScan/requestDevice/findDevice (regression in 2v13)
Fix issue with const in a module when called from a scope with const already in (fix #2215, fix #2207)
Add `seaLevelPressure` to Bangle.setOptions (fix #2213)
Bangle.js: speed up HRM average adjustment (specifically when sample rate is 25Hz, eg. for Bangle.js 2)
Bangle.js: Change default distance units to m,km (from m,miles) (fix #2209, fix #2210)
Bangle.js: Rename default locale to 'system' (from 'en_GB')
Ctrl-C will now *not* break out of short-running intervals/watches, only long-running ones
Bangle.js: Allow E.showMenu to be given an array and title option (fix #2175)
nRF5x: We now clear the console's input line when connecting or disconnecting Bluetooth (fix #2219)
Graphics: Add g.blendColor to expose the ability to figure out what color is between two others (fix #2150)
Fix stack overflow if deallocating a massive linked list (fix #2136)
String substr/substring/slice now work on native/flash strings by changing pointers rather than doing an actual copy (fix #2066)
Fix over-iteration if breaking out of the very first iteration of FOR loop (fix #2012)
JSON.stringify(pin) now returns valid JSON (Pin name as a string). E.toJS still leaves it as an ID (fix #271)
Bangle.js2: Fix exception when using 'back' and physical button with Bangle.setUI
2v13 : Memory usage improvement: Function scopes no longer stored as an array if they only contain one scope
Memory usage improvement: The root scope is never stored in the scope list (it's searched by default)
E.dumpVariables now dumps variable flags
Tidying up Native Function handling (now JSV_NATIVE_FUNCTION not JSV_NATIVE|JSV_FUNCTION)
NRF.getSecurityStatus now returns 'connected_addr' for the address of the currently-connected device
NRF.setAdvertising converts arrays of arrays to arrays of ArrayBuffers. Also don't update advertising when connected.
Memory usage improvement: Arrow functions only store value of 'this' if 'this' is used by code inside them (fix #2139)
Add String.prototype.concat (fix #2140)
Much-improved whitespace lexing code using single jumptable - 3% speed increase
Allow `process.memory(false)` to get memory info but skip GC
Graphics: fix height calculation bug in fillRect/clearRect when given an object with w/h as an argument
Fix potential corruption issue caused by `delete [].__proto__` (fix #2142)
Bangle.setUI is now minified, also calls Bangle.uiRemove if it was set (to clean up custom UI additions)
E.showScroller tweaks to allow redraw requests, get/set initial scroll amount, negative scroll (for titles)
NRF.setScanResponse now works on SDK15
Fix g.wrapString if string ends with a bitmap
g.wrapString now splits long words if they are too long for a line
Add Storage.getStats to get more fine-grained info about Storage
Add Bangle.midnight event that can be used for housekeeping tasks
Graphics: You can now do `g.fillRect({x,y,x2,y2,r})` for rounded rectangles
Bangle.js2: include new touchscreen E.showMenu system
String.toUpperCase() and .toLowerCase() now work for accented ISO8859-1 characters (fix #1866)
Report errors created during execution of `E.on('kill',...)`
Bangle.js: ANCS/AMS now advertises 16 bit time service (doesn't crop the name, and good enough for iOS pairing)
Number.toFixed(...) now doesn't exponentiate when the number is very small (fix #2157)
Add E.showMenu({"":{back:function}, ...}) for easy specification of 'back' menu item
Bangle.js2: Add 'back' option to E.showScroller and Bangle.setUI
Bangle.js2: Ensure that if Bangle.getPressure errors, the next call doesn't say 'Conversion in progress'
Bangle.js2: Update E.showPrompt with a bigger touchable area around buttons
Bangle.js2: 'touch' event coordinates are now clipped to screen coordinates (drag stay unclipped to allow touchscreen use for scrolling)
Bangle.js1: Fix regression that caused setLCDMode not to work in 2v12 (fix #2155)
Bangle.js1: Improved 'E.showScroller' menus
Bangle.js1: Add 'back' option to E.showScroller and Bangle.setUI
Bangle.js1: setUI button handlers now work on falling edge
Bangle.js: Add setUI custom 'swipe' handler
Util Timer now runs independently of system time. More accurate on nRF52 (fix #2125)
Bangle.js2: Battery discharge curve is now scaled better, and setting.json:batFullVoltage can be used to account for differences in sense voltage between devices
Bangle.js2: Ensure NRF.setTxPower works for all connections and advertising
If a process.on("uncaughtException" handler creates an exception, make sure we report it as Uncaught
Bangle.js: If home button held and JS is still executing, force a break (like Ctrl-C)
Graphics: Fix text bounding box calculation when just the top line of a character would be visible
Bangle.js2: setUI now doesn't forward touch events if tapping over the back button
Bangle.js2: New E.showMenu now allows menu items of type 'string' - fixes 'Passkey' settings menu
Bangle.js2: Add visual feedback when showPrompt button is pressed
Storage: Fix erase-after-compact bug if Storage completely full (fix #2174)
Fix out of bounds jsvGetAddressOf in jsvNewFlatStringOfLength (wasn't a cause of instability)
Storage: Now put all .js files into internal storage (if 2 storage areas). Fix corruption issue when reading using file with explicit drive letter
Bangle.js: default 'locale' now supports second 'dp' argument for decimal places in distance/speed/temp
Graphics: Restrict setClipRect coordinates (Except on ST7789_8BIT (Bangle.js 1) where we need it for notifications. This stops potential out of bounds writes is setClipRect is wrong.
Fix issues accessing object/array fields when the field itself has a null character in it (fix #2176)
nRF5x: Fix merging of packers for `NRF.findDevice` - previously name fields in subsequent packets may have been left as 'undefined'
nRF5x: NRF.findDevice now aggregates multiple packets even if only one packet matches the filter (fix #2178)
nRF5x: Allow NRF.setAdvertising to set advertised service UUIDs (vs service data) easily with `NRF.setAdvertising({'180D':undefined})`
Ensure JSON.stringify([undefined])=="[null]" as per the spec
Bangle.js2: Unistroke recognition accuracy improvements
2v12 : nRF52840: Flow control XOFF is now sent at only 3/8th full - delays in BLE mean we can sometimes fill our 1k input buffer otherwise
__FILE__ is now set correctly for apps (fixes 2v11 regression)
Bangle.js: Ensure Bangle.getHealthStatus("day") resets at midnight (fix
Bangle.js: Attempt to fix that occasionally doesn't stop
Bangle.js2: Lower bootloader LCD SPI bitrate (was out of spec, not all LCDs worked with it)
Bangle.js: Attempt to fix occasional issue where vibration gets stuck on (fix
Bangle.js: Ensure Bangle.setLCDPower only fires lcdPower event if state has changed (fix
Bangle.js2: Holding BTN at boot skips bootloader storage check, bootloader now times out if too many files
Bangle.js: Move position of filesystem checks to before first code is run
Storage.write is now explicit about not allowing zero length files, also creates exception if it fails because it can't get a data pointer
Bangle.js2: Only handle UBX protocol from GPS on Bangle.js 1 as it interferes with CASIC on Bangle.js 2 (fix #2124)
Bangle.js: GPS-raw no longer sets the FIFO_FULL message if data is lost - just passes a bool as the second argument
Fix for buffer overflow + segv found via fuzzing (#2121, #2122)
new Date(str) no longer interprets ISO 8601 UTC timestamps as local time (fix #2116)
Graphics: Fix clipRect checks for >1x bitmap fonts
Allow __proto__ to be set to a function as well as object
Bangle.js: Support for v2.1 barometer hardware (SPL06 vs BMP280)
Bangle.js: Increase step counting noise threshold 14->17 to work around pedometer fake steps (
Bangle.js: Support for v2.1 HRM hardware (VC31 vs VC31B)
Bangle.js: Better HRM detection (higher res filtering, better peak detection, lower median filter size, better confidence)
Fix E.decodeUTF8 when decoding UTF8 codes that contain all decimal digits
Fix for potential buffer overrun if JSON.stringify used with strangely crafted whitespace arg (fix #2114)
Add `NRF.setSecurity({encryptUart:true})` to force encrypted comms on BLE UART
Bangle.js2: Increase wait after power-on for BMP280 to fix getPressure on some devices (fix #2120)
Storage: Fix compaction error if a page starts with 0xff and the first write fits within that (fix #2009)
Add NRF.startBonding to force bonding on peripheral connection
nRF5x: Disable name change over BLE via 0x2A00
Bangle.js1/2 : Fix inconsitent scroll indicator in menus (fix #2104)
Bangle.js2: E.showScroller to respect widgets on bottom row (using appRect)
Bangle.js: Step counter - Remove hard-coded gravity value and subtract DC offset with a filter
Ensure jsfIsStorageValid kicks watchdog so we can't get stuck in a reboot loop if all of Storage is empty
Bangle.js: Add 'graphicsInternal' to make Graphics independent of JS vars. Terminal is now useful earlier, and can display softdevice errors
Bangle.js2: If errors do happen during Bangle.getPressure, reject the promise (fix #2137)
2v11 : Bangle.js: Enable the Bangle.on('tap') event from the accelerometer by default
Bangle.js: revert to (better) Kionix default thresholds for tap detect
Bangle.js2: When wake on touch is enabled, use a single tap on the front of the device for wakeup
Bangle.js: Display 'checking storage' message on first boot to alert users to slight delay
Bangle.js: Tweaked step count algorithm (low pass filter, 4 steps in 90s)
Graphics: asBMP/asURL/dump now support more bit depths
Graphics: Allow .setFont/.getFont to use font size in a colon after the font name
Graphics: .getFonts now lists 'setFont' functions however they were added (to `g`, built in, or to the prototype)
Graphics: When rendering fonts with a solid background, ensure the gap between is filled too
Flat Strings are now always aligned on a 4 byte boundary (fix #2040)
Graphics: add setTheme on supported devices
RAK5010: switch to 1.8v internal voltage (was 3.3v) to make GSM comms reliable, upgrade BG96 module
RAK5010: Compile in TLS/HTTPS support
Bangle.js: Fix issue where if non-fullscreen notification was visible and Bangle.js reset, screen was off-center
Fix for issue with pretokenised code not creating correct text string for reserved words, eg {undefined:1}
Bangle.js: Turn vibrate off every time a new app loads
Fix issue where ({a:0}).a in the console would create a ReferenceError (works in code)
Graphics: Allow setFont("FontName:1x2") for scaling in 2 directions (fix #2044)
Graphics: Fix .asBMP for 4 bit images
Graphics: switch RGB order for palette in asBMP for 4/8 bit images
Bangle.js2: Idle power consumption down from 1.3mA to 0.9mA (pullups on HRM disabled when off)
Bangle.js2: Increase reported bit depth from 3->16 and perform bayer dithering when rendering
Makes icons/old apps way more usable (plus provides an easy way to get >3bpp)
Bangle.js: Fix color palette when rendering 3bpp -> 16bpp
nRF52840: Fix 900uA UART power draw when shut down
nRF52: Send XON/XOFF when buffer is less full - reduce likelihood of FIFO_FULL with big MTUs
Bangle.js: Fix powerSave regression (should default to 'on', but didn't since 2v10)
Storage test on boot only tests storage fully if the first record is empty
Graphics: drawString now accepts images in-line (fix #2063)
Graphics: added stringMetrics to get height as well as width
Graphics: drawString now correctly middle-aligns multi-line strings
Graphics: add imageMetrics to allow image width/height to be read
Graphics: drawImage(...,{frame:x}) can be used to draw animations
Graphics: fix rotated/scaled rendering of 3 bit bitmaps (fix #2049)
Bangle.js: fix Bangle.getLogo memory leak
Bangle.js2: Graphics.getBPP now returns 3
Bangle.js: attempt to unlock SPI flash multiple times (some devices don't unlock on the first attempt)
Bangle.js: Fix Bangle.tap event regression (now works again)
Graphics: add wrapString to wrap messages to the correct length
Bangle.js: update showMessage and showPrompt with correct wrapping
Bangle.js2: Add Bangle.compassRd, fix setCompassPower
Bangle.js: Add Bangle.on('health',..) event and Bangle.getHealthStatus
Graphics: drawImage now honours arraybuffer offsets
Graphics: drawImage now supports up to 4bpp palettes rendered direct from flash
Bangle.js2: Larger font for E.showMenu
Graphics: drawString(..., true) for vector fonts now clears the background
nRF52: swap getSerial bytes around so device ID string matches nrfjprog
Bangle.js2: bootloader can now flash firmware from a file in Storage
Bangle.js2: Add second Storage area in internal flash for fast access, memory-mapped files
Fix unhandled reject of a previously resolved promise (fix #1433)
Bangle.js: E.showMessage/showPrompt can now display images via optional img argument
E.showMessage/showPrompt handle padding correctly if no widgets are displayed
Bangle.js2: Fix setUI clockupdown handling of 'up'
Bangle.js: Ensure builtin* (and fake LEDs) wake the LCD up
Storage check now *only* happens on first boot
Ensure __FILE__ is set by the time bootcode runs
If executing from storage, work out line numbers and print filename for Errors
Bangle.js: Don't store line numbers in functions - no need when execing from flash
Bangle.js: Add E.showScroller for scrollable lists
Fix issue where invalid JSON stopped execution after Storage.readJSON
Bangle.js: Add Storage.hash for boot0 cache change checking
Bangle.js: A single widget load failure will now not remove all widgets
Bangle.js: widgets are now sorted by .sortorder
While and for loop conditions now use Expression, not AssignmentExpression (eg. while(0,0) is fine) (fix #2068)
Bangle.js2: Fix 'stuck' bottom row of pixels if scrolling downwards with g.scroll(0,1)
Bangle.js: Fix issue where minified E.showMenu was creating a global var called 'c'
Fix string formatting for "Field or method X does not already exist" error
Graphics: drawRect,fillRect,clearRect are now able to take an object as the first argument
Bangle.js: Add Bangle.appRect to allow apps to see how much space is available for them
Bangle.js: Add `Bangle.setOptions({hrmPollInterval:...});`
Bangle.js2: Bangle.dragHandler is now cleared by setUI (fix #2078)
Bangle.js2: Adjust full battery voltage
Avoid Watchdog reboot during compact if compacting a lot of data (fix #2075)
Storage: Fix issue where compacting empty storage could cause out of bounds erase (fix #2081)
Fix issue where pretokenised '1 - - 1' would turn to '1--1' (fix #2086)
Fix break scoping error in nested for loops (fix #2084)
Fix memory leak when rejecting pre-resolved promise (test_promise11.js)
Fix parser errors in arrow functions (fix #2067)
Bangle.js2: Add Unistroke object, and 'Bangle.stroke' event
Fix pretokenised '1 / /.../' and ensure jslSeek resets the previous token (ref #2086)
nRF52: Move neopixel LRCK pin which can't be disabled due to hardware errata, and restore state after (fix #2071)
Bangle.js2: Disable unboard flash bank for now (issues with erase on reboot)
Bangle.js1: Fix E.showScroller implementation
Bangle.js2: Ensure tap and twist turn LCD backlight on as well as unlocking
Bangle.js1: Bangle.setUI now deletes touchHandler (fix #2095)
Bangle.js2: Tweak battery high mark again
Bangle.js2: Fix E.showScroller when there are less than 3 menu items
Bangle.js2: and .softOff now turn off touchscreen if it was on
Bangle.js2: Ensure antialiased line routines are built in
Bangle.js2: Add HRM wear detection (LED no longer turns on if HRM not on skin)
Bangle.js2: Add a 32 entry cache to speed up finding common files - improves app load times
Bangle.js: Ensure locale honours 12 hour setting (
Bangle.js2: Ensure EXTCOMIN time for LCD is nearer 2us (from datasheet) (ref #2097)
Bangle.js2: New default JS firmware
Bangle.js2: Minify Bangle.drawWidgets
Bangle.js: Bangle.appRect now copes with widgets at the bottom
Bangle.js2: Fix >128 ASCII codes for 12x20 font (fix #2105)
Bangle.js: Add SPI flash read-after-write to verify write succeeded (fix #2109)
Bangle.js: Fix E.showMenu clear if background color is set (
Bangle.js: Re-add E.showMenu predraw callback (fix #2108)
Bangle.js2: Add hrmRd/hrmWr that allow you to poke the HRM directly
Bangle.js: Fix for previous SPI flash write verify when <4 bytes written
Bangle.js2: Add write protection for bootloader and softdevice to avoid accidental bricking
Bangle.js2: Bootloader now attempts multiple times to initialise ext flash, and waits longer (fix fw update app issues)
Bangle.js: Add Bangle.getHealthStatus("day") to allow automatic step counts for the current day
Remove for(of/in) for extremely constrained devices (Micro:bit 1 only)
Bangle.js: bootloader now doesn't start immediately after power off (can help with 100% flat battery)
2v10 : Bangle.js: Improved HRM calculations - swapped autocorrelation for bandpass filter
Bangle.js: Significantly improved step counting algorithm using bandpass filter (fix #1846)
Bangle.js: Ignore touch and swipe events when the LCD is off
Graphics: Fix 1bpp custom fonts on 2/4/8 bpp graphics Canvas not being the right colour
Bangle.js: Don't reset all peripherals when loading a new app, and only
turn peripherals off if unused 500ms after starting new app
Increase max arguments for Function.apply from 64 to 256
NRF52840: Create new NRF_GPIO_PIN_X_FAST as Nordic's gpio functions will no longer inline!
Graphics: Add .blit() to allow fast blits within a single Graphics instance
nRF52840: workaround for SDK15 bug that stops softdevice restart when WDT enabled
Disallow template strings in object decls like {`hello`:1} (fix #2006)
Bangle.js: Add support for global colour themes which affect g.clear/g.reset (fix #499)
Bangle.js: Switch beep/buzz to IRQs (keeps time correct even when JS is busy)
Add E.decodeUTF8 to allow UTF8 to be decoded into standard 8 bit characters
Util timer: account for 'drift' in timer when adding new tasks if running it continuously
Graphics: Allow 'scroll' method to only scroll inside clipRect
Bangle.js: if we restart with home button held down, ignore the 'button up' event
Remove Graphics.drawImages from non-Bangle.js builds to free up space
Pico: Remove SHA512 from build to free up space
Storage: fix issue where functions referencing flash weren't correctly relocated during compact (#2009)
Add support for rendering 3 bit images to 12/16 bit destinations
Ensure Serial1.unsetup can be called even if it doesn't appear to have been enabled
Puck.js: ensure self test only happens after hardware reset (fix #2001)
Bangle.js: Fix issue where long-press BTN3 while holding BTN1 would reload the app but wouldn't load configuration (eg not setting timezone)
Graphics: add .getBPP, and allow color blending (rather than copy) when drawing 2 bit images on any BPP Graphics instance
nRF52: If getPrimaryServices fails with NRF_BUSY, keep retrying after a delay (fix #2008)
Bangle.js 2: Fix getPressure memory leak
Graphics: Theme now only applies for LCD, not for JS/ArrayBuffer graphics
Graphics: Add dark boolean to themes to allow apps to update depending on bg color
Bangle.js: setUI now has 'clock' modes
Rename SMAQ3 board to BANGLEJS2
nRF52840: Remove ifdef around PHY_UPDATE_REQUEST - fixes BLE5 connections
Graphics: Allow g.drawImage to use ArrayBuffer Graphics as an argument
Bangle.js: Display small 'Loading...' screen to show something is happening when loading apps
Promise: Fix issue with .then().then(...) on an already-resolved promise (fix #2019)
Bangle.js: g.flip no longer keeps the screen awake, flipTimer renamed to inactivityTimer
Bangle.js 2: 'factory default' set of JS now included inside firmware
Bangle.js: Build in ANCS support (disabled by default)
Bangle.js 2: Working VC31 heart rate monitoring
Bangle.js: Push GPS events immediately after GPGSV (more portable/resilient to config changes)
At first boot, fully check Storage for validity (if not full, ensure remaining pages are 0xFF)
Storage: Ensure jsfIsStorageValid returns true when storage is valid, but full
Bangle.js: Add Bangle.getGPSFix to get last GPS fix without waiting for a listener
Merge experimental_compact_vars branch to reduce var sixe from 16 to 13 bytes in most cases.
Add JSVAR_FORCE_16_BYTE to allow experimental_compact_vars changes to be removed
Add JSVAR_FORCE_INLINE, and don't force lock/unlock/getters to be inlined.
Compiler has improved enough we save 10% code space and get marginally faster
Add ArrayBufferView.subarray for easily making subarrays (eg a.set(a.subarray(-1)))
Solve case where an ArrayBuffer set using the same array could duplicate entries (`a.set(a.subarray(),1)`)
nRF52: Fix 2v09 regression where clearWatch reset pin state, removing pullups
nRF52: BLE stack errors now reports a line number
nRF52: 'BLE task in progress' messages now give a readable name, not task number
MICROBIT1: Remove hardware SPI to save space. Software SPI still works
2v09 : Bangle.js: increase default advertising interval from 375 to 200ms to ease connections
Fix Math.acos for negative values (fix #1950)
nRF5x: Add callback param to 'NRF.restart', allowing code to be called with softdevice disabled
Bangle.js: fix require("locale").time(new Date()) for default locale
Now use exponents when printing doubles >= 1E21 or < 1E-6 (fix #1489)
Fix Regexp handling of unescaped '.' in character group: /[.]/ (fix #1948)
Now error if using (unsupported) RegExp backreferences
nRF52: Ensure SPI 1 byte DMA errata workaround isn't applied to non-52832 parts
nRF52: When outputting assertions, if we have an terminal device (eg LCD) use that
When load(filename) is used, set global variable __FILE__ to the filename
Util Timer no longer uses RTC - works based on estimated time from the hardware timer itself (fix #1749, ref #1444)
Pull in fixed SHT3C.min.js for RAK5010
Add support for relaying full touchscreen events in devices that support it
Fix flip-on-idle behaviour for non-Bangle.js smartwatch ports
Add support for buttonless bootloader (first boot only, times out after 5 seconds)
Fix emulator crash if Graphics.drawPoly used with odd number of points
Graphics.fillPoly now errors if >64 points (prev was 63)
Graphics: Support for palettes supplied in image strings
nRF52840: Ensure internal voltage regulator is set to 3.3v (not 1.8v default) at boot
Fix Array.forEach when deleting the item you're currently iterating over (fix #1962)
Bangle.js: StorageFile now uses 10x bigger chunks which reduces stress on Storage.list()
Storage.list now allows you to specifically request StorageFile, only ever reports first StorageFile chunk
Graphics: Allow colors to be specified as '#rgb' strings
Graphics: Antialiased lines now read the background color so overlap nicely
Graphics: Add fillPolyAA and use antialiased vector fonts (on platforms where AA is enabled)
Puck.js: Fix regression where IR LED was left on after transmission (fix #1969)
Graphics: Fix overdraw when drawing ellipses/circles
NRF52840: Use SPI3 by default as it's more capable/faster than SPI0
SMAQ3: Add support for unknown compass IC
Bangle.js: Make the 'home' button more configurable in code
Bangle.js: Add Bangle.softOff to allow the RTC to keep running
nRF52: Allow devices to remember the time between reboots (even if RTC is reset)
Microbit 2: Increase RAM from 64k to 128k
Bangle.js: Don't enter accelerometer power save mode if compass/barometer is in use
Watches: Allow streaming pressure data from Barometer
Graphics: Add antialias/colour blending for 24 bit buffers
NRF52840: Create new NRF_GPIO_PIN_X_FAST as Nordic's gpio functions will no longer inline!
nRF5x: reset BLE advertising after `load()/reset()` (fix #1975)
Bangle.js: Add accelerometer recovery for rare cases when accelerometer boots with corrupted address (fix #1972)
Bangle.js: Add app ID option to setXYZPower to allow apps to share devices (power is on as long as one app wants the device) (fix #1971)
Bangle.js: Add isXYZOn() functions
BLE: Allow 128-bit service data to be decoded (fix #1976)
Graphics: Fix 8 bit ArrayBuffer scroll not working correctly in some directions
Storage: Fix corruption issue with StorageFile write after a Storage compact (fix #1970)
Fixed dimmable backlight on non-Bangle.js watches
SMAQ3: Touchscreen is now powered off with Bangle.setLCDPower(0), auto-powers off after 30s
nRF52: Upon rebooting, reset time to 1970 if time looks corrupt
nRF52840: Don't use SPI3 unless ESPR_USE_SPI3 is defined (errata 195 means it draws an extra 1mA unless disabled!)
Bangle.js: apply g.drawImage fast path even if image goes to the edge of the screen
Graphics: Improve fillPolyAA for horizontalish lines, remove antialiased vector fonts (as won't work well on platforms without readback)
Fix invalid free caused by error inside a while loop condition (fix #1983)
Fix SIGFPE if using modulo with -1 (fix #1983)
Fix memory leak on Array.forEach/map/filter/etc caused by #1962 fix
Fix Espruino not sleeping when very low on free memory (fix #1986)
nRF52: Use 'low accuracy' GPIOTE for watches as we can shut down the high speed oscillator
E.getSizeOf() and trace() now don't recurse into references back to the global scope (makes sizes and traces far more useful)
nRF5x: Move from separate sdk_config.h to a single targets/nrf5x/app_config.h file
Original board: Remove Graphics.*Ellipse and StorageFile when networking enabled to allow builds
Update S132 Softdevice from 3.0.0 to 3.1.0 (fix #1999)
nRF5x: Allow Espruino builds with a configurable MTU - move Espruino boards to 53 byte (from 23) (#1998)
Fix issue parsing `r=>print((e=>{})(r))` (fix #1992)
Add DHE RSA key exchange for TLS/HTTPS (fix #1994)
2v08 : nRF52: Added option to build in I2C slave support
Fix Tensorflow aiGesture regression from 2v07 (re-add opcodes) (fix #1936)
Add support for > 1bpp custom bitmap fonts
Bangle.js: add drawLineAA and drawPolyAA for antialiased lines
Removed custom fonts for SAVE_ON_FLASH devices
Fixed BBC micro:bit show() regression from 2v07
Ensure Storage library is exposed on SAVE_ON_FLASH devices (fix micro:bit flash write)
nRF52: Fix issue where analogRead would stop E.getBattery from working
Fix setWatch debounce lastTime regression from 2v07 (fix #1902)
nRF52: CPU now sleeps when while UART/BLE data is waiting to be sent (fix #1938)
JSON.stringify now checks for potential stack overflow when stringifying (fix #1940)
Check for Stack overflow when Garbage Collecting giant linked list (fix #1765)
Added String.padStart/padEnd
Fix issue where JSON.stringify({ something: bool }) would output 'something' as a bool too
Bangle.js/Pixl.js: Ensure terminal is always the same color regardless of g.setColor()
Original Espruino Board: remove E.FFT in network-enabled builds (freeing up flash memory)
Storage compact now updates pointers stored in RAM so they still point to the correct address in Flash (fix #1881)
Bangle.js: Add debounce to the button used to wake Bangle.js up from sleep
Fix regex match with '-' that isn't a range: "1-2_A3".split(/[0-]/) (fix #1736)
Crypto: modified mbedtls SHA1 to reduce size from 3.5k to under 1k
Graphics: Fix for out of bounds ArrayBuffer scroll issue (fix #1946, #1947)
2v07 : Graphics.asImage() now contains buffer when bpp != 8 (fix #1863)
nRF52 SDK15: Fix NRF.setScan/findDevices/etc
nRF52: reduce input buffer space taken by advertising packets
Pretokenisation: reserved words can now be used as function names (fix #1868)
jslGetNextToken now avoids iterator clone for each token (fix #1857)
nRF52: fix instability when accessing ADC from IRQs and event loop at the same time (fix #1861)
Fix 0.0==null comparison (fix #1865)
WIZNet: add setHostname(), geHostname(), getStatus()
Fix XON not sent after reset() (fix #1872)
Remove USBSERIAL enum for non-USB devices
Shrink new vector font sizes to allow multi-line use (fix #1873)
Stop Object.setPrototypeOf overwriting Object.prototype sometimes (fix #1875)
Arrow functions now always overwrite `this` (fix #1878)
Implement Streaming Storage compaction to allow compact with less RAM (fix #1598,#1707,#1828)
jslTokenAsString now works for 'of'
Speed up Array.prototype.join (fix #1660)
Allow 'in' to be used with typed arrays (fix #1534)
Fix global regex issues when match may be 0 chars (fix #1888) (fix #1889)
Improve String.replace performance using iterator rather than repeated copy
Pixl.js: SDA/SCL constants should point to A4/A5, not D4/D5
Fix Graphics.fill/drawCircle lock leak
Fix issue when do..while loop condition has side effects
Bangle.js: Ensure SPI flash CS is disabled when sleeping/off
nRF5x: clear FPU interrupt before sleeping
micro:bit: Add support for LSM303 accelerometer/magnetometer
micro:bit: Add delays at first boot to wait for USB UART to init and connect vis USB
micro:bit: Re-added tab complete (enough space now)
micro:bit: Added a fake pin for LED/LED1 that uses the LED matrix
nRF52: Allow a cccd_handle of 0 for startNotifications
Bangle.js: Power down SPI flash when sleeping/off
nRF52: Use the best available hardware timer for PWM taking frequency into account
Fix delay in scheduling after initial setTimeout call (from 2v06 and later)
Align Tensorflow arena to 16 bytes - new Tensorflow requires this (fix #1914)
Fix ReferenceError when arguments[0] is used when an argument is undefined (fix #1691)
JSON conversion for console now removes quotes on key lengths bigger than 15 (63)
micro:bit: add Storage.write/etc even on space-constrained (SAVE_ON_FLASH) devices
Remove flash compaction code on SAVE_ON_FLASH devices to save some space
Fix occasional duplicate state changes when using setWatch with debounce (fix #1902)
JSON.stringify now outputs 'null' for non-finite numbers as the spec requires (fix #1919)
Update Tensorflow to latest version, fix return 0 issue on ARM release builds (fix #1918)
Bangle.js: Accelerometer poll handler now uses RTC app_timer, not TIMER1. 1mA->0.5mA standby current (ref #1920)
Bangle.js: SPI MISO is now input_pullup (shaves ~20uA)
Espruino WiFi: Fix startAP function when open and no password supplied
Bangle.js: Accelerometer now runs in low power mode (saving ~150uA)
Bangle.js: Peripheral polling now only fully wakes Bangle when an event requires JS processing (ref #1921)
Bangle.js: When not moved for 1 minute, slow down accelerometer poll interval from 80 to 800ms (fix #1921)
Ensure software SPI/I2C/Serial don't leak a variable when initialised
Fix delay in scheduling after initial setTimeout call (from 2v06 and later)
Espruino WiFi: Fix StorageFile on Espruino WiFi (use max storagefile size of 4k)
Espruino WiFi: Fix Storage compaction regression (introduced after 2v06 release)
Bangle.js: Fix backlight flicker regression if at part brightness (fix #1925)
Fix ArrayBuffer.sort with negative numbers (it's not just Array.sort!)
nRF52: Use the best available hardware timer for PWM taking frequency into account
Bangle.js: Report GPS HDOP (Horizontal Ditution of Precision => accuracy) values in 'GPS' event
Pixl.js: Remove SHA256 from build to free up a little extra code space
nRF52: Restarting softdevice no longer changes the system time by 5 mins sometimes (fix #1933)
2v06 : Allow `"ram"` keyword at the top of a function to allow it to be pretokenised and loaded to RAM
Don't store line numbers for pretokenised functions
Fix 1-byte overflow when using UDP (#1799)
Remove 1-byte padding in Graphics lib
Bangle.js: Make SPI flash memory map address configurable, and check end bounds (#1807)
Bangle.js: More SPI flash memory map address to 0x60000000 to avoid ARM/nRF52 registers
nRF52: Fix issue with fast Notifications causing Notification data to be duplicated
Bangle.js: allow custom splash screen with .splash file
Pixl.js: Fix E.showMessage
Puck.js v1: Fix regression that stopped Puck.IR(data) working - Puck.IR(data,D26,D25) required
Puck.js v2: Ensure FET is used for IR output, fix selfTest errors for IR and Blue LED
Bangle.js: Big speed improvements for 120x120 and 80x80 gfx modes
Enable Graphics arraybuffer optimisations on all but low-end devices
Add specific Graphics optimisations for 1 and 8 bit rendering
Bangle.js: drawImage - add fast path for non-transparent 1 or 8bpp image blit (fix #1794)
Graphics.drawImage docs improvements (fix #1812)
Fix issue where it was possible to get an address of a non-memory-mapped FlashString
Graphics.drawImage: Allow 8 bit palettes to be specified
Bangle.js: Remove dumping of hardware state - saves some flash memory
microbit: Remove dumping of hardware state - saves some flash memory
Bangle.js: fix 'short' time for built-in locale
Bangle.js: fix 'speed' units for built-in locale
Graphics.createArrayBuffer now honors `msb:true` if `bpp>8`
Graphics.asImage: handle >8bpp correctly (fix #1797)
Graphics.asImage: Allow 'string' output type, reference Graphics buffer if possible
STM32: Fix 2v05 regression in hardware SPI.write (RX timeout)
Graphics: fix lock leak in g.reset()/g.clear(1)
Graphics: added drawImages to allow layers of rotated/scaled images to be composited
Remove E.interpolate/2D (not used much, just using flash)
Bangle.js: use double math FFT to save a few bytes of flash
Storage.writeJSON (fix memory leak)
dump() is now aware of pretokenised code (fix #1821)
Merge jsvStringIteratorGetChar + jsvStringIteratorNext into jsvStringIteratorGetCharAndNext (fix #1816)
Fix 2v05 regression that stopped process.uncaughtException from working (had been moved to E.uncaughtException)
nRF52: If passkey or oob is set in setSecurity, ensure that the UART connection requires encryption (fix #1705)
Now report [ERASED] rather than ?[255] if we hit char code 255 while evaluating
Bangle.js: read `setting.json` at init and modify Bangle.beep/buzz behaviour accordingly
Tensorflow: remove some as-yet unused operators to free space
nRF52: Speed up bootloader, remove pauses on Pixl.js
Pixl.js: fix self-test/terminal print - write to screen immediately after newline unless in IRQ
Fix issue with iteration over arrays with negative entries (these should be converted to Strings)
Linux: improve command-line, allow recursive test directory and more than one test (eg wildcard + shell expansion)
Added new vector fonts supporting most of ISO8859-1
Graphics.fillPoly now uses 4 bit fixed point internally
nRF52: Fix 2v05 hardware SPI regression (chip errata when sending 1 byte)
Graphics.fillPoly now uses a more normal fill algorithm that doesn't attempt to fill to the top right (fix #1796)
Fix setTimeout/Interval accuracy when new timeouts scheduled within timeout (fix #1829)
nRF52: Fix 'BLE task 2 is already in progress' if disconnect called during connection process
Puck.js: Put accelerometer into lower power mode by default
Puck.js: Switch to IRQs for magnetometer (lower power consumption)
Improve Graphics.drawImage speed and simplify code by allowing fast path for non-rotated graphics
Tensorflow: updated to v2.2, removed un-needed ops (reduces size by 24k)
Puck.js: Fix Puck.magTemp();
Puck.js v1: Fix magnetometer reading after puck.magOn (2v05 regression) - use old software I2C implementation
I2C: Improve software I2C (now quickly forces I2C high before pullup, to help improve clock speed)
Bangle.js: Fix GPS-raw events to provde also u-blox UBX Protocol messages (fix #1838)
Bangle.js: Save RAM in GPS handling, allow arbitrary length data returned (fix #1843)
Tensorflow updated to current 'master' version
Bangle.js: Improve SPI flash speed by with specific function for reading and keeping CS asserted (fix #1849)
Bangle.js: Ensure BTN3 exits debug mode (fix #1842)
Bangle.js: Now warn if GPS data overflows (fix #1847)
Fix double unlock in load(filename)
Bangle.js: Fix occasional execution errors when executing from Flash (fix #1854)
Add Graphics.transformVertices()
Re-add Graphics.quadraticBezier for Bangle.js, move to integer math to halve fn size
Emscripten: (fake) Flash memory support
2v05 : Add Array.includes
Fix (Number.toFixed) rounding, eg (1234.505).toFixed(2)
nRF52: If a central is connected to Espruino but isn't reading from UART, don't block waiting to send data
ESP8266: reverse fix #1679
Added Graphics.getFont/setFont/getFonts
Added Graphics.getFontHeight
Added option to compile in 6x8 fixed-width fonts
Fix issue where Util Timer timers could break after a call to setTime
nRF52: Enable DMA for SPI send
Added option to build in TensorFlow Lite for AI
Documentation for modules now includes require('...') in the call type to be less confusing
ESP8266: warning: Empty loadable segment detected (fix #1690)
nRF52: Add NRF.nfcPair(...) and OOB pairing to allow tap to pair over BLE
nRF52: Add NRF.nfcAndroidApp(...) to launch an Android app on touch
Pixl.js remove SHA512 to make room for new NFC functionality
Graphics.setFont("4x6",2) will now double the size of a bitmap font
Graphics.drawImage can now take a String of data for an image (eg. direct from Storage)
nRF5x: Support connection to devices with RANDOM_PRIVATE_RESOLVABLE and RANDOM_PRIVATE_NON_RESOLVABLE addresses
Pixl.js: Move SCK pin used during Neopixel writes to ensure it doesn't interfere with BTN3
nRF52: Fix alignment issue with Nordic's SDK12 code that stopped passkey pairing from working sometimes
Storage lib now doesn't bother reading to end of flash to ensure pages are clear
Allow heatshrink compress/decompress to work even if flat buffers can't be allocated
require("Flash").write operations no longer need to be aligned
require("Storage").open added - for appendable files
Pixl.js: Removed AES functionality - unfortunately we're running low on space for it
Original Espruino Board: Removed Vector font and don't add rotated drawImage to save flash
nRF5x: Add NRF.filterDevices to allow scanned devices to be easily filtered after scanning
nRF52: Fix 'BLE task completed that wasn't scheduled' warning regression (peripheral disconnect)
Can now get a data pointer even from a single JsVar string (it doesn't have to be flat)
Add option to specify a palette when drawing images with drawImage
Add XON/XOFF flow control to Bluetooth LE UART (on by default)
Lower thresholds for XON/XOFF to give more headroom with devices that are slow to respond
Add a fast path for non-rotated non-scaled Graphics.drawImage
Add argument check for heatshrink compress/decompress
nRF5x: Ensure gatt.connect silently succeeds if we're already connected to the device
Add E.showMenu, deprecate - use a common function to ease porting between devices
Added E.showPrompt, E.showAlert for Bangle.js
Pixl.js - check '.splash' file at startup and use it for splash screen if it's there
Improve free list ordering when Flat Strings are freed
Added E.defrag to perform defragmentation - still beta!
nRF52: fix issue where restarting the softdevice would reset the RTC
- fixes Bangle.js watchdog reset
nRF52: fix issue where advertising flags could get out of sync after SD restart
Bangle.js: fix units for GPS speed (was knots, now km/h)
Bangle.js: Add Bangle.setLCDBrightness
nRF52: Fix passkey pairing if setSecurity is after setServices
Bangle.js: EVents for 'swipe' and 'touch' on the touchscreen
Added ability to compile Espruino to JavaScript with Emscripten
Allow g.setColor/setBgColor to take hex Strings of the form `'#00ff00'`
Bangle.js: Added heart rate autocorrelation, setHRMPower and 'HRM' event
Bangle.js: New 120x120 and 80x80 high speed buffered modes
Fixed REPL to allow chars with char code >=128
Fixed lex tokenToString for 'break'
Bangle.js: add fake LED/LED1/LED2 as @allObjects suggested
Add Graphics.toColor, and allow 4 bit Mac palette to be mapped to 8 bit web palette
Add Graphics.setClipRect to allow draw ops to be restricted to a certain area
Bangle.js: add 'null' LCD mode to stop apps from drawing
Bangle.js: add Bangle.getLCDMode
Bangle.js: skip firmware version checks to save some bytes in bootloader
Graphics: new g.fillPoly to handle irregular polygons
Bangle.js: Bangle.setLCDMode now errors if it can't allocate a flat string (also garbage collects and defrags to try and ensure it can)
Graphics: drawEllipse/fillEllipse now work correctly for very small ellipses
Fix type compare of string and flatstring
Allow to make partial file reads (fix #1744)
Fix SyntaxError when using pretokenise + getters (fix #1745)
Add Graphics.reset, and ensure it (and g.clear(1)) unreference custom fonts
Iterator cloners now take a reference to the iterator rather than returning it
Flash Strings: On Bangle.js allow JS code (and other Strings) to be accessed without loading them completely from Flash
Added E.CRC32 for easy testing of data validity
Add `E.on('kill'` event for executing code before load/reset/save/etc
JSON.stringify now escapes using the less efficient JSON subset of escape characters (fix #1737)
Allow optional `load("filename")` to load a JS file from Storage (was just `load()`)
Bangle.js: add Bangle.loadWidgets/drawWidgets
Bangle.js: Remove deprecated
Ensure it's possible to get a solid background when using 4x6 font
Bangle.js: Add Bangle.showLauncher
Add append optimisation for string '+', and don't append to flat/native/etc strings (fix #1746)
ESP8266_4MB: add optional build flag FLASH_1MB for ESP8255 & ESP01s with 1MB flash
ESP8266: add optional build flag NO_FOTA to remove flash over the air functionality
Add Bangle.getCompass and Bangle.getAccel to get the latest compass/accelerometer readings without a callback
Fix `parseInt("0b",16)` as well as some other non-compliant behaviour (fix #1722)
Bangle.js: Disable touch buttons if screen off
Bangle.js: Don't send 'up' event for a button that was used to wake the screen
Bangle.js: GPS event.time set to undefined if GPS time is not initialised
Fix regression that removed exception reporting in console
Bangle.js: speed up bootloader progress bar
Bangle.js: fix problems turning off via bootloader sometimes
Bangle.js: improve power consumption when off, now ~0.08mA (fix #1727)
Bangle.js: add Bangle.setOptions({wakeOn*}) for when LCD should light
Bangle.js: Add 'twist' event and 'wakeOnTwist' (wakeOnTwist now default true, waveOnFaceUp default false)
Bangle.js/Pixl.js: Updated E.showMenu
Bangle.js: E.showMenu now has some colour, bigger, with next/prev indicators, and works with widgets
Pixl.js: Add E.showPrompt/Alert/Message (fix #1747)
Add .toJSON handling for JSON.stringify, and add Date.toJSON (fix #1754)
Remove broken Graphics.drawImage centerx/y (fix #1742)
Add Storage.writeJSON to avoid any confusion of writing arrays/numbers/etc
Bangle.js: Keep widget area free when using showPrompt/Alert/etc (fix #1756)
Add more info about flash memory to process.env/process.memory
Add Graphics.quadraticBezier()
Allow Graphics.setFont to be used with custom fonts (fix #1762)
Espruino WiFi: WiFi module now makes BOOT pin open circuit when sleeping - saves ~2mA
Add E.setConsole/getConsole to allow console to be moved (including to 'null')
Bangle.js: Ensure HRM is turned off in (fix #1759)
Increase 'Storage' library's max filename size to 24 bytes (from 8)
Remove header.replacement in 'Storage' lib and just zero
- increase filename to 28 bytes, but file search now more efficient
Bangle.js: Increase Storage area to full 4MB of flash
Bangle.js: NEEDS NEW APPS - Move away from using first char as file descriptor and use file extensions instead
Add StorageFile.getLength() to get the current length of a StorageFile
StorageFile also writes files with a 'JSFF_STORAGEFILE' flag (not currently used)
Storage.list() can now take a RegEx/string to filter returned results
MDBT42Q: Remove AES encryption libs by default to free up more flash memory
Microbit: Add SAVE_ON_FLASH_EXTREME flag to ensure builds keep working
Bangle.js: Added built-in 'locale' module to handle common conversions - this can be overwritten by a Storage File to change language
Storage.readJSON now has optional 2nd arg that stops it from creating exceptions on bad JSON
Bangle.js: Tweak LCD gamma curves to provide better gradients on new watches (fix #1758)
Bangle.js: fix BLE UART transmit bug when compiling for SDK14 (thanks @fanoush!)
Add euro symbol to 6x8 and 4x6 fonts as char code 128 (ISO10646-1)
Bangle.js: Use 'locale' library to translate E.showMenu/Prompt/Alert/etc
Bangle.js: remove graphical_menu lib and inline specialised version into E.showMenu
Bangle.js: Modify handling of widgets to allow variable width widgets (requires new widget JS)
Changed 6x8 builtin font to a modified Dina_r400-6 supporting non-ASCII characters
Bangle.js: Modify E.showMessage/Prompt/Alert to clear the entire screen and redraw widgets (fix #1771)
Bangle.js: Modify Bangle.drawWidgets to only clear the areas where widgets actually are, not the whole top&bottom bar
Kick Watchdog when erasing flash (it can take so long on 4MB external flash that it reboots)
Bangle.js: Add 'meridian' to locale library
ESP32: add environment variable COMPORT to be used with make flash
Puck.js: v2 Support: Accelerometer/Gyro/temp
Puck.js: Self test now sets Puck.js BLE name if there's an error
Fix bitwise rshift by 0 to be unsigned (fix #1784)
Bangle.js: Don't load .boot0/1/2/3 if BTN1 is pressed
Puck.js: Allow D21(RST) to be used as normal IO pin
Fix recent E.getTemperature regression (fix #1788)
Fix pretokenise of RegExp literals (fix #1786)
Add ability to turn off software I2C clock stretching (not accessible from JS)
Puck.js: disable clock stretching for built-in sensors
Bangle.js: Now clear entire top/bottom row if there are widgets in it (fix #1790)
Add Storage check at startup and erase everything if storage looks corrupt (fix #1766)
Fix restriction on StorageFile filename length (8 to 28)
Fix array sort when compare fn returns floats <1 (fix #1798)
Fix Storage.write duplicate file issue in some rare cases (fix #1801)
Bangle.js: fix post-kickstarter issue adding widgets in bottom of screen (#1790)
Bangle.js: fix magnetometer self-calibration
Espruino Original: Removed Debugger, Tab complete, AT command networking from WIZnet networking build to free enough Flash
Espruino Pico: Added a normal build that doesn't contain CC3000 or WIZnet support
Espruino Pico: Removed Debugger and Vector font from WIZnet/CC3000 networking versions to free enough Flash
HYSTM32_28: Removed from build due to lack of interest and difficulty with increased firmware size
2v04 : Allow \1..\9 escape codes in RegExp
ESP8266: reading storage is not working for boot from user2 (fix #1507)
Fix Array.fill crash if used to fill up all available memory (fix #1668)
Fix NRF.requestDevice regression (clearInterval error) (fix #1669)
Smartibot devices now advertise on BLE as 'Smartibot abcd'
nRF5x: Leave digital input disconnected for analog read (saves power)
nRF5x: Return 'analog' as pin mode for any pin where input is disconnected
If watchdog is on and automatic, ensure that `reset()` keeps the automatic kicking going
Ensure that a console stays locked even after
Ensure interpreter flags (eg echo) are cleared after a `reset()`
nRF5x: When watchdog is on and automatic, automatically wake up often enough to service it
Fix Graphics.setFontBitmap on builds with no vector font (fix #1671)
Graphics.asBMP now takes account of bitmap rotation (fix #1672)
Raspberry pi pin numbering the same if using wiringPi or filesystem GPIO (fix #1673)
nRF52: Peer manager init errors from Nordic libs now not fatal
SDK15: Writing to flash now works
nRF52840: USB Serial works even for big sends, and device swaps to USB automatically
nRF52840: Allow Serial2 to be used
ESP8266: optimize rename-section for ESP8266_4MB board, freeHeap +2064 byte (fix #1679)
Fix corruption if Function.replaceWith called manually on something not a function (fix #1684)
Fix bug where '.clone' on a native function didn't copy arguments (fix #1685)
nRF52840: Fix input/pullup/pulldown pin modes on IO bank 2
Added `E.memoryMap` to allow on-chip registers to be mapped direct to variables (fix #1500)
2v03 : nRF5x: Fix issue when calling NRF.setAdvertising while connected via BLE (fix #1659)
nRF5x: 'dump()' not outputs `NRF.setSecurity` line if it has been called.
Ensure that converting a valid pin to a boolean always returns true
clearInterval/clearTimeout/clearWatch(undefined) now throw an error asking for just clearX()
- this stops code accidentally clearing all timers/etc if it uses a variable that is undefined
Allow NRF.setAddress to work even with services defined and a connection in progress
2v02 : Fix string index calculation when using some regexes (fix #1602)
Ensure Function.replaceWith puts scope after parameters (fix #1601)
Ensure Graphics.* return the Graphics instance, to allow call chaining (fix #1580)
Ensure DataView.byteOffset/byteLength is always set even if not specified (fix #1567)
Added HttpServerResponse.setHeader
HttpServerResponse now automatically sends `Connection:close` unless overridden (fix #1596)
Fix sign of RSSI reporting with setRSSIHandler
nRF52: Add docs for properties that weren't documented before
nRF52: Add ability to connect to device with passkey authentication
nRF52: Allow startNotifications to use Indicate if Notify doesn't exist (as per spec)
nRF52: Add option for static passkey pairing with NRF.setSecurity
ESP32: update EspruinoBuildTools to esp-idf V3.1.2 - fix Wifi connect issues (multiple ssid)
Revert PR #1459 as it broke neopixel functionality that worked previously
nRF52: Disconnect RX pin after UART test at boot (saves power when in deep sleep)
Serial.unsetup now sets pin state to STATE_UNDEFINED, which disconnects the pins internally
Removed modulo on `new Date` h/m/s/ms arguments as it seems desktop JS is fine with out of range values
Added `active` option to NRF.setScan/findDevices/requestDevices to allow scan response packets to be requested
Add I2C/SPI baud rate checks (#1619)
STM32: Add `E.setRTCPrescaler` to allow the RTC to be calibrated on Espruino Pico (fix #1607)
nRF52: Fix slow Bluetooth connection if previously disconnected while using low power connection interval (fix #1605)
Allow `Graphics.clear(true)` to reset state (font, color, etc) to default as well as clearing the screen (fix #1615)
nRF52: Fix setScanResponse regression from 2v00
nRF5x: Execute SWI1_IRQHandler when radio turns off instead of on+off. More efficient, fixed multiple advertising.
Smartibot build added
ESP8266: add CFLAGs to shrink build size (fix #1622)
ESP32: update EspruinoBuildTools to esp-idf V3.1.3
nRF52: Add FAT Filesystem support to MDBT42Q module
Now save file modification time with FAT
Fix segfault if `.clone` is called with `this==undefined` (fix #1628)
Fix issue outputting char codes <8 after outputting hex char codes
nRF52: Don't allow NRF.updateServices while a BLE restart for setServices is queued
nRF5x: Don't sleep if we received any events since last sleep (fix #1572)
Remove limit on the number of scopes that can be searched (fix #948)
String.split - improve docs, split with RegExp now inserts the text after the final match
RegExp: Add '|' operator (fix #1503)
Switch ARM toolchain to gcc-arm-none-eabi-8-2018-q4-major
Improve handling of timeouts for RAK8212 GPS
nRF52: Now create exception if advertising calls fail (but ignore when in IRQ)
nRF52: Add setAdvertising({},{scannable:false}) for disabling scan response
nRF52: Add note about connectable:false requiring >=100ms intervals
STM32: Fix issue where occasionally STM32 would be ~0.2s late waking from light sleep
ESP8266: add Wifi.connect options channel and bssid for faster AP connects (fix #1595, #1640)
Fix index in E.mapInPlace and improve docs
nRF52: Add NRF.getSecurityStatus to allow devices to detect the current state of the connection
STM32F4: Add Filesystem module
STM32F3: Fix broken build
nRF52: Fix nRF52840 advertising and remove duplicated advertising code
Fix Software Serial receive when the frame has to be decoded inside the IRQ (fix #1654)
Raise software serial receive buffer to 64 bytes (from 7)
nRF5x: Add security options to NRF.setSecurity (courtesy of @vkolotov)
nRF5x: Allow Serial1.setup(...) with only TX or RX pins
Vector font removed from Espruino Original WIZnet build due to lack of spare flash
2v01 : ESP32: update to esp-idf V3.1
Fix issues with Class Extends
Improve Tab Completions for extended classes
Fix Storage.readJSON/readArrayBuffer memory leak (fix #1532)
Fix potential out of bounds Graphics.scroll
Serial.setConsole now warns if not used on hardware Serial
ESP8266: implement hw_timer (fix #1511) to make soft serial and pwm work
Fix Storage write error when skipping pages (fix #1539)
nRF5x: When scanning, only use as much of IO queue as is needed
nRF5x: If BLE/NFC/etc data won't fit in IO queue, drop whole packet
Allow `a in b` to search 'fake' objects (#1534)
Improve fast path when iterating over Uint8Array/ArrayBuffer
Allow deletion of function properties (fix #1549)
Add `{callback:...}` option for `.write` style functions - improve docs.
ESP8266: deepSleep invalid microseconds (fix #1547)
ESP8266: ESP_FLASH_MAX for ESP8266_4MB is wrong (fix #1551, #1553)
Fix buffer overflow if bytesize/stopbits used in `Serial.setup` (fix #1510)
Ensure jsvNewFlatStringOfLength tries twice (even if GC doesn't release memory, it reorders the free list) (#1559)
ESP8266: Missing variable Flash Mode (--flash_mode, -fm) in ESP8266.make files (fix #1563)
ESP8266: Remove hack added to get around SDK 1.4 bug (fix #1568)
Reduce available hardware SPI/I2C instances to 1 on nRF52 (since this is all we implement atm)
Add E.dumpFragmentation to show memory fragmentation (only for debug builds)
Fix parsing of dates from before 1970
nRF52: Fix some regressions in requestDevice (flagged up by asserts in debug build)
Allow built-in objects to be created with `new X()`
nRF52: Ensure Bluetooth stack doesn't do a reboot for non-fatal errors (just report them to console)
BluetoothRemoteGATTServer.disconnect now returns a Promise
nRF52: Jump out of low power mode after less BLE activity (2 reads/writes in 10 radio packets) (#1546)
nRF5x: Fix NRF.setConnectionInterval when there's no connection (fix #1546)
Explicitly mention Espruino not supporting CASE after DEFAULT in error (fix #1570)
Ensure scope is saved for Class constructors (fix #1576)
Add setNBCellOn for RAK8211-NB (fix #1581)
Now escape chars <8 as octal, and add escape of vertical tab
Add Graphics.createArrayBuffer(... {interleavex:true}) to allow faster support for P3 LED panels
Add Graphics.fill/drawEllipse and move fill/drawCircle to use the same code
CC3000-specific build removed on Original Espruino board (lack of space)
2v00 : Allow changeInterval with large (>32 bit) intervals (fix #1438)
changeInterval now changes the interval immediately when it's called inside the interval it is changing (fix #1440)
Fix parsing of try..catch when not executing (fix #1439)
Add extra ReferenceError checks, even if variable is not used
Allow Ctrl-C out of while...continue loop (fix #1441)
Fix bug if using an undefined member of an object for (fix #1437)
Allow to iterate over prototype chains down from Array and Object
Add for(var i of array) to iterate over elements
Added getter and setter support
Stop parsing blocks if not executing (fix #572)
Fix stack overflow if interpreting a file full of '{' (fix #1448)
Fix exception when performing record access on object from getter (fix #1454)
Switch to non-recursive StringExt copy (fix #1451)
Fix rounding errors in fillPoly -> improve vector font rendering
Fix issue that caused 'dump()' not to report variables/functions on Pixl.js
Add E.lookupNoCase to allow searching case-insensitively for Object keys
Fix HTTP Chunked transfers when the server uses lowercase headers (fix #1458)
Fix TypedArray.indexOf (fix #1468)
Allow require('Storage').write('a','',0,15) (zero length data) (fix #1465)
edit() now chooses the shortest way to describe the function
Fixed bug when RegExp.match/test called on non-strings
Added Global isFinite
Add missing ArrayBufferView.filter
Added Array.find and findIndex (also for ArrayBufferViews)
Fix unreliable ArrayBufferView.indexOf (#1468)
Added String.startsWith/endsWith/includes (#1302)
parseFloat(".s") now returns NaN
Fixed /\S+/.test(" ")
Added Storage.getFree() to return available space
Enable E.setTimeZone on boards with very little flash memory
Lower saved code area to 2k on micro:bit (from 3)
Remove RGB colour handling in setColor on devices with low flash
Reduce available variable count on STM32VL - we were too low on RAM
Added Graphics.asBMP/asURL/dump - allowing easy debugging of Graphics via IDE
Allow '.then' on already-resolved promise (fix #1476)
Stop atob adding trailing 0s when strings are not a multiple of 3 long
Reconstruct start and end newlines when dumping multi-line functions
Fix regression parsing methods in classes on embedded (fix #1479)
nRF5x: Add options argument to NRF.connect and BluetoothDevice.gatt.connect, allowing a connection interval to be specified
nRF5x: Start renegotiating speed after 0.1ms, not 5s. Massively improves connect speed.
nRF5x: Now queue up to 5 UART TX packets per transmit interval (was 1 previously)
nRF52: Add Dynamic Interval Adjustment - default to 2x connection speed, but idle at 10x slower if not used for 2 minutes
nRF5x: Add NRF.setConnectionInterval() to allow connection speed to be set manually
RuuviTag: invert LED1, LED2 & BTN in software so LED.set() does what you'd expect
Console now doesn't print quotes around object keys if it's not needed
Added `E.toJS` to allow very compact JS data stringification (similar to `JSON.stringify`)
Output the current timer number as a comment in `dump()`
Don't print `=undefined` to console if line is empty
Added RAK8212 (and include SMS/GPRS code in RAK8211/2 builds)
Graphics.stringWidth now takes account of newlines
nRF52: NRF.requestDevice now resolves as soon as a device is found. Faster and better in congested areas
Replace use of obsolete 'usleep' function in Linux builds (fix #1455)
Add Ethernet.getIP/setIP callbacks for Wiznet to bring them in line with WiFi (fix #1482)
Fix Math.round for numbers > 32 bit (fix #1485)
Pixl.js menu now resets font alignment, and down arrow icon is fixed
Now check for ReferenceErrors in global scope
Fix Array.shift (returned a NAME, rather than the value)
Add sanity check for names returned from Functions and fix Array.pop
Stop characters getting dropped when pasting large amounts of data into Linux build
nRF5x increase JsSysTime accuracy to 2^-20 from 2^-16 - drastically improves Util Timer accuracy
Added support for Software Serial ports (for low baud rates, eg. 9600)
Fix JS state restoration issue (eg. inside switch would cause errors)
Added Graphics.drawPoly
Add Graphics.asImage to turn a Graphics instance into an Image that can be used with drawImage
Add Graphics.createImage to allow creation of a 1 bit image direct from a string
Use 32 bit floats for E.FFT, not 64 (fix #1443)
Automatically shut down UART if both pin states are changed
Fix `setDeviceClockCmd: Unknown Device` when using `LoopbackB.setConsole()` on WiFi board
Fix non-UART serial regressions (after software serial additions)
Pixl.js: Add Pixl.setLCDPower to allow the LCD to be powered off, more than halving power consumption
nRF5x: Allow NRF.setScan and NRF.findDevices to take the same search filters NRF.requestDevice does (fix #1496)
Fix buffer overrun if we have to reallocate a pointer to argument lists when calling a function (fix #1491)
Fix stack overflow if executing regex full of hundreds of open brackets (fix #1487)
Fix issue where STM32F4 USB could lock up if TX during heavy RX
Improve `E.mapInPlace` docs, and allow it to work with no map (eg pass straight through)
Added non-standard Uint24Array, because it's very useful for RGB
ESP8266: add CFLAGs to shrink binaray files (fix #1499)
ESP8266: fully integration of analog pin A0 (fix #1495)
ESP32: update sdk to esp-idf 3.0.1, set Espruino build tools back to master branch
Allow btoa to work for arrays as well as Strings (fix #1509)
Allow E.mapInPlace to merge bits from multiple source elements, also add option for msb/lsb first
Remove Graphics.scroll/drawCircle/fillCircle on devices with low flash to allow builds to fit again
Remove BluetoothRemoteGATTCharacteristic.writeValue on NRF51 (accidental inclusion - it's not required)
Double IO buffer size to 256 (1k bytes) on boards with 96k of RAM or more (or NRF52)
nRF5x: allow arbirtary baud rates to be specified for UART
On devices with low flash, ensure atan2 uses the slower/smaller atan implementation
Move FFT back to 64 bit if low flash (it uses less memory!) and optimise for flash space
Remove new Graphics.createImage/asBML/asURL/dump on Original Espruino Board (not enough space)
Remove Olimexino from build (too difficult to slim down build and very low usage)
Remove Software Serial from boards where we're low on flash
Increase size of saved code area from 3*4k to 10*4k on RAK821x boards
Fix 'Can't extend undefined' when using Object.setPrototypeOf on a function
nRF52: Added NRF.HID event for two-way BLE HID communications
nRF5x: Remove multiple writes per connection interval (more trouble than the speed improvement is worth)
Fixed hang if trying to allocate Storage greater than total storage size in a fully erased Storage area.
Pixl.js: Fix 30s pause when closing sockets on WIZnet W5100 (fix #1306)
Remove HASH/hashlib from all builds as it was confusingly in some and not others. Now use 'crypto'
require('crypto').SHA1 is now JS in Espruino Original to cut down on the flash required
Added 'heatshrink' library to expose built-in heatshrink compression to users
Fix assert fail when calling Function.apply with an Object with non-numeric keys
Fix issue when AT lib has to process multiple custom line handers in one packet
Espruino WiFi: Fix unreliable send when receiving lots of data on another socket
Espruino WiFi: Only rename `EspruinoWiFi` to `WiFi` if not found (allows easier debug)
Check Flash Storage for modules when using `require`
Add 'bits' option for Software SPI
STM32 reset pin IRQs before storing the state - makes lost setWatches far less likely
Ensure that setBusyIndicator updates output state after the very first initialisation.
MDBT42Q: Add LED2 var in the Espruino interpreter, but don't use it for the bootloader
ESP8266: release heap used by logDebug(true) (fix #1508)
ESP8266: remove SHA256 SHA512 (fix #1517)
Ensure `Date.getTimezoneOffset()` returns the correct timezone offset (fix #1515)
Search for and execute files '.boot0'/1/2/3 in Storage at boot time if they exist
Pixl.js: reduce saved code area to 9 x 4kb to allow for extra features
ESP8266: switch to SDK 2.2.1 (fix #1207)
Fix Serial port path regression on Linux, and add docs
microbit: remove line-by-line debug capability to free up some space
Added ES6 String.prototype.repeat
1v99 : Increase jslMatch error buffer size to handle "UNFINISHED TEMPLATE LITERAL" string (#1426)
nRF5x: Make FlashWrite cope with flash writes > 4k
Increase max size of native strings on platforms that support it - 16 bit to 32 bit (#1432)
Fix stack size detection on Linux (fix #1427)
Fix strncat/cpy bounding issues (fix #1425)
Promises now ignore a second resolve/reject (fix #1433)
Fix stack overflow if void void void... is repeated many times (fix #1434)
Fix font rendering issue caused by signed bit field handling by GCC on non-x86 platforms (fix #1436)
Added E.reboot() to allow hard reboots from software (fix #1429)
Added 'Graphics.getInstance()' for more platform independent graphics
Added VT100 'erase in Display' to Terminal
In REPL, use x.toString() for objects if we know their name and it is available
Pixl.js add BLE aerial test to self-test, now also start immediately on BTN4 at boot
1v98 : Allow Crypto SHA1 without SHA256/512 (for ESP8266 where flash is scarce)
Add better docs for the form of Wifi callback functions
Modify ESP8266/ESP32 callbacks to match the node.js style used elsewhere
nRF52: fix pin.toggle() on software-negated pins
Pixl.js: Reorder pins so 0..13 are also D0..13 for better Arduino compatibility
Fix dump() when used with code written using E.setBootCode(..), (fix #1398)
Allow parseInt/parseFloat to be used on very large strings if the number doesn't extend right to the end (fix #1397)
nRF5x: Fix memory leak on NRF.connect
Fix memory leak if an exception is thrown within a rejected promise
ESP8266: rewrite and restore to use the storage lib (imp #1380)
ESP8266: Add missing option ssid_hidden for Wifi.startAP() (imp #1358)
Fixed double-connect issue for TCP sockets
Pixl.js: Ensure changes to bitmap fonts
Pixl.js: tweaked bias/contrast to improve display quality
ESP32: update esp-idf to v3.0. BLE support - thanks to @jumjum. Erase flash before flashing. vars now 2500
ESP8266: rearange rf_cal_sector (fix #1294)
ESP8266: Wifi.scan() now return authmode as text
ESP32: Fix accidental initialisation of UART3 when switching to Telnet (fix #1362)
nRF52: Added `NRF.setAddress` to allow the MAC address to be changed
Added Graphics.setFontAlign for font alignment and rotation
Make software I2C bitrate and waveform more accurate
Move default I2C bitrate to 100kbit/sec
Linux: don't create a espruino.flash file if we're not writing to flash
Add height check for Graphics.createArrayBuffer(...vertical_byte:true) (fix #1421)
Add sanity check for debug trace print statement (fix #1420)
Fix handling of exceptions in switch statements (fix #1352)
Fix 'return when not in function' regression when returning inside a catch block (fix #1422)
Don't load saved firmware images from different firmware versions - saved JS code still loaded (fix #1174)
Remove Graphics.setFontAlign and Graphics.getModified on devices with low flash memory
1v97 : nRF52: fix NRF.on('connect',...) issue
STM32: Fix setDeviceClockCmd error for USB.setConsole()
nRF5x: Fix getPinMode, which fixes SW I2C after save()
Thingy52: Don't report contents of 'Thingy' in 'dump()'
Thingy52: Allow multiple sounds to play at once
nRF5x: Ensure Waveform triggers a finished event
Thingy52: Enable simple bootloader, add travis build for DFU
Add Serial.inject to allow data to be added as if it was received from that device
Fix UDP handling so that it copes with packets not all being received in one go
STM32L496: increase variables - use full 320kB of RAM as it is contiguous
Add a maximum time for setTimeout/setInterval (100 years)
Fix Storage.write when writing partial file of the same length and initial contents
Fix corrupted timer channels returned by Pin.getInfo
Add command history to debugger
Remove process.env.EXPORTS (EXPTR does the same but takes less space)
Thingy52: Add 9 axis MPU support
Errors now store message in 'message', not 'msg' (fix #1366)
Ensure 'in' operator checks the prototype chain (fix #1365)
Promise.resolve now handles promises/thenables as arguments (fix #1363)
try..catch now creates exception in its own scope (fix #1367)
Thingy52,Pixl.js: add default NFC URL of the Espruino IDE
Add ArrayBuffer.byteLength property (fix #1374)
setWatch(..., {edge:"rising",debounce:25}) is now default for built-in buttons
Pixl.js: add function for easy menus, build in graphical_menu.js
Fix regression in MDBT42Q advertised name
nRF52: Add E.getBattery as a more global battery percentage function, deprecate `Puck.getBatteryPercentage`
Fix '.buffer' regression in 'JSON.stringify(new Uint8Array([1,2,3,4]).buffer)'
Allow `typeof 123 .testing` without an exception (fix #1351)
Add crypto.AES to Puck.js and other nRF52 Espruino devices
1v96 : ESP8266: no callback if SSID is not available (fix #1297)
ESP8266: esp8266 wifi getStatus doesn't show savedMode (fix #752)
ESP8266: cleanup defines WIFI_DBG and NET_DBG for RELEASE
ESP8266: switch to single ld file for ESP8266_4MB board
Allow JS modules to be built-in by adding files to JSMODULESOURCES
Fix slow/hacky handling of 7 bit serial data for STM32
Add more stack checks so invalid code `typeof typeof typeof x100` can't break stack (fix #1310)
nRF5x: Fix PWM output via Waveform class
Fix free stack checking on ARM
nRF52: Make slightly more space available for stack
nRF5x: Move to SDK 12.3
Stop stack traces from being gathered in functions for Ctrl-C (fix #1313)
nRF5x: Fix crash if I2C is used before being initialised (fix #1301)
Internal printf can now pad with spaces
Add `E.dumpFreeList` in non-release builds to help with debugging
Fix mild memory leak in jsvMakeIntoVariableName that caused GC to run more often than normal
E.toString now tries harder to allocate a Flat String, and works with no-alloc for Uint8Array/FlatStrings
WIO_LTE fix SD card initialisation
Improve SD card reliability on all boards by trying to initialise multiple times before failing
Remove forced inlining in variable inspection functions (reduces flash usage by ~10k)
Remove un-needed DNS lookup for localhost
Add WIZnet UDP support
Tidying up build to avoid making un-needed bin, hex or lst files
Simplify flash save (and help debugging) by using the 'fake flash' implementation on Linux builds
Added Graphics.scroll command to scroll graphics contents
Added 'Terminal' class with built-in VT100 terminal
Tweak Espruino logo to be exactly 32 chars wide
Improved code for returning console device to the most useful place
Fix pinToString for devices with port A but no port B
Speed improvements for ArrayBuffer Graphics
Tidied up bootloader - devices with one LED now flash LED when button pressed
Simplify data returned by process.env
Add process.env.MODULES - to contain a list of the libraries provided in the firmware by require
Include WiFi and AT libraries inside Espruino WiFi builds
Add 'E.asm' placeholder to detect E.asm calls that haven't been replaced by the IDE
Add process.env.EXPTR to link to table of functions - will work better for compiled code over BLE
Added SAVE_ON_FLASH_EXTREME for HYSTM32_28, where we're now cutting out some Math.X functionality to keep builds going
Added `jshFlashGetMemMapAddress` to allow remapping of addresses for ESP8266/ESP32 without loads of code duplication
Remap peek8/16/32 addresses on ESP32/ESP8266 so it can be used on flash memory
Swapped save/load/E.setBootCode to use the flash library
Allow STM32LL port to write 32 bits to flash at a time to bring it in line with other ports
Allow flash writes *from* unaligned addresses on nRF52 and ESP8266 (previously this crashed the ESP8266)
Update process.ENV.EXPORTS to bring it in line with what the compiler uses
Now set 'this' correctly for Arrow Functions
Add ES6 classes and 'super'
nRF5x: Move all bluetooth events to event queue (removing MEMORY_BUSY issues)
Fix potential issue where EV_TYPE_MASK enum could be set incorrectly
setWatch's edge argument can also be an integer now
Add 'data' option to setWatch to allow clocked data to be decoded easily
nRF52: Increase flash available for stored code from 12kB for 40kB
Now store/display appreviated commit in process.env, remove build date
1v95 : nRF5x: Swap to UART fifo to avoid overrun errors at high baud rates
Ensure Exceptions/errors are reported on a blank line
Internal: Added initialiser argument to jsvNewStringOfLength
Internal: Added jsvObjectSetChildVar/jsvObjectSetChildVar/jsvObjectSetChildVar
Internal: Fix jsvCopy if given a NAME_INT/etc
Added ES6's Object.assign
nRF5x: NRF.setScan now reads service data automatically
nRF5x: NRF.findDevices aggregates data from multiple advertising packets
nRF5x: Remove app_uart and use nrf_drv_uart with double buffering - fix uart overflow errors (fix #1238)
nRF5x: Fix issue with findDevices/setScan servicedata when all digits of service are numbers (eg "1809")
Fix memory leak in tab completion code
Add `E.errorFlag` event to allow JS to respond to internal errors
Use Esc[J VT100 code when cycling through command history (much faster REPL on low bandwidth connections)
ESP8266: Remove debugger again as it will never work on 8266
ESP8266: Enable unaligned reads for ESP8266_4MB (fix #1240,#837)
ESP8266: move code save section to fist partition for memory mapping for ESP8266_4MB (fix #1240)
ESP8266: Add GPIO16 as D16 without watch (#1206) but soft PWM/I2C/SPI/etc
ESP8266: Remove osprintf for RELEASE=1
Internal: Networkjs now forwards `socketType` - laying groundwork for UDP over AT command (#1232)
Added simple RegExp implemention (partial fix #256)
Speed up JSON.stringify for Arrays, and output non-numeric array elements in REPL (fix #64)
nRF5x: Bump nRF52-based boards variable count from 2000 to 2500 (fix #1215)
Ensure Ctrl-C doesn't redraw the input line if it's already empty
Added String.replace(regex, function) (fix #1256)
With E.setFlags({pretokenise:1}), ensure stack traces are not tokenised (fix #1258)
Allow digitalWrite/Read to take an object as an argument (calling .write and .read on it)
Add `E.getAddressOf` to allow embedded targets to get memory addresses for DMA/etc
nRF5x: Fix issue where doing a soft reset in the middle of some BLE ops could cause an assert in debug builds
nRF5x: Manufacturer Data is now decoded in advertising packets
Fix memory leak when allocating DataViews
nRF5x: Fix memory leak on BLE notifications
Ensure net/http .listen return the server instance (fix #1276)
nRF5x: Allow Manufacturer Data to be specified with setAdvertising
Internal: Fix memory leak in jsvArrayPushAll
nRF5x: jsvArrayPushAll memory leak fixes NRF.findDevices memory leak when services present
Internal: jsvNewIterator now has an option to iterate over sparse arrays as if they weren't sparse
Fixed some built-in functions that misbehaved when given sparse arrays
Puck.js: Allow flash memory protection to be overwridden with E.setFlags
Fix lexing of '/*/' as a complete block comment
nRF5x: Add support for negating pins in software (eg. buttons/LEDs)
Add `E.setFlags({unsyncFiles:1}` which doesn't sync the file to the SD card after each write - it's *much* faster
Filesystem API now uses flat strings (avoiding the 512 byte copy for each call)
Increase default internal SD card bitrate to 4MHz (from 100k)
nRF5x: Handle promise completions and advertising using IO queue, to avoid MEMORY_BUSY messages (#1277)
Allow E.HSBtoRGB to wrap 'hue' value, and allow it to return an array of [r,g,b] (fix #1283)
Remove spikes when changing pin state (fix #1274)
Changes to reduce code duplication in jswrapper.c
Fix `E.setBootCode` when no argument is supplied
Add WIZnet W5500 support to Espruino WiFi build
1v94 : Allow Espruino boards to reset straight out of the DFU Bootloader
Improvements in handling errors in code running in IRQs
- if writing to disconnected Bluetooth device, throw data away immediately
- Drop chars if output buffer is full while waiting in an IRQ
- Handle out of memory errors in jsvCreateNewChild
- Do not garbage collect inside an IRQ
On nRF52 devices, allow button press at boot to clear out peer manager data
Work out length of typed array with offset correctly (fix #1204)
nRF5x: Add Watchdog timer handling
nRF52: start new connections on idle to ease memory allocation conflicts between code execution & IRQs
nRF52: Ignore INVALID_STATE from CONN_PARAM_UPDATE_REQUEST (it can happen if we disconnect and then SD requests an update)
Fix Date.toString for dates before 1970
STM32: Fix handling of months when setting the internal RTC
Move to a faster jsvNewFlatStringOfLength which avoids blocking memory allocation
nRF5x: If a task is in progress, report the task ID (BleTask enum)
nRF52: Report central mode promise errors correctly if returned by softdevice
Remove 'out of memory' warning messages (it's stored as a flag anyway)
nRF5x: Don't disable IRQs completely for some things - only disable Espruino ones
Fix tab complete for Pins (fix #1213)
ESP8266: Fix load() causes endless loops (fix #1037)
ESP8266: Wifi library doesn't handle {password: null} (fix #753)
ESP8266: make topstrings and topreadonly work on Mac OS X (fix #1210)
Change order of execution for init - E.on('init',...) now executed before onInit
Added Error flag to show if a UART overflow has occurred
Change more instances of jsWarn to jsException
Avoid printing error messages during execution, and report to console on idle when if errors were flagged (fix #766)
Increase HTTP server and client version from 1.0 to 1.1 (needed for Websockets on Safari)
Stop 'require' creating an undefined Module entry in the modules list (fix #1218)
Stop require dumping filesystem errors as well as 'module not found'
Now throw an exception when writing to a closed socket (fix #1220)
Set the internal 'conn' variable to false when a connection closes to avoid confusion
nRF5x: Fix typo so we wake every 4 min for RTC, not 0.25 sec!
process.memory() now reports time taken for GC and vars GC'd
Slightly more aggressive idle GC on most platforms (at 5% free)
Don't warn the user when we had to run a GC pass during execution
Fix issue drawing on right-hand side of rotated graphics where H>W (regression in 1v93)
If >1 button, set pin state correctly at boot/reset
Add an argument to `reset`. `reset(true)` will now cause all Flash memory to be cleared as well.
Puck.js: Holding down the button while booting (past the the 5 LED flashes) will now cause data saved in Flash to be cleared
STM32: Remove the 'utility timer' from the list of available PWM pins, fixing A0/1/2 PWM on F4 (fix #1229)
Disable Graphics.createCallback on devices with small amounts of flash memory - rarely used on those devices and fixes HYSTM32_28 build
1v93 : Ensure that specifying too many advertising UUIDs causes an exception, not a reboot
nRF5x: Fix for time jump caused by reentrancy in jshGetSystemTime
Fix regression causing multiple end/close callbacks when using standard TCP/IP socket client/server
Ensure NetworkJS reports receive errors back correctly
nRF5x: Fix issue where connect and immediate disconnect could in some cases trigger an error from nordic's libraries that'd cause a reboot
Fix regression that caused Original Espruino to have lost Filesystem/hashlib/neopixel support in 1v92
Re-add TV output to Original Espruino
Fix some stack overflow bugs on Linux found by fuzzing (#1147)
Remove un-needed code for parsing '.' in var statement (#1147)
Add autocomplete for pin names (fix #1124)
Add Array.indexOf fromIndex support (fix #162)
Puck.js: Add BluetoothRemoteGATTServer.startBonding to allow bonding to be initiated when Puck.js is a central
Fat FS: closedir after readdir, FS errors should be catchable (#1164), fs.statSync (#1163)
Allow hardware (CTS) flow control (fix #1165)
nRF52: Add AntiCat's patch to Nordic's NFC library to cope with malformed NFC requests
Puck.js: Fix increased battery drain after NFC usage (fix #1171)
Puck.js: Fix WS2811 output library that would output bad data after neopixel waveform (fix #1154)
nRF52: Seed random number generator at boot (fix #1166)
Stop trailing decimal point if there are no digits after it - which could cause issues in JSON
Don't enter debugger if we're in the middle of uploading (echo_off_for_line) (fix #644)
Added Date setters (fix #504)
Allow Timezone to be set for Date with E.setTimeZone(...) (fix #530)
Added RegEx lexing (part of #256)
Puck.js: fix error 8 from NRF.sleep during an active connection
nRF5x: Fix `NRF.updateServices` when a 128 bit service shares the same 16 bit UUID
Add 'errors' option when using `Serial.setup` to enable error handling (and turn it off by default as it can fill the input queue)
nRF52: Re-initialise services and HID after a `save()` (fix #1185)
nRF5x: Add NRF.getAdvertisingData
nRF5x: Allow array of objects in NRF.setAdvertising (fix #1188)
Fix internal vcbprintf JSON dumping
nRF5x: NRF.findDevices will now throw an exception if no callback is supplied
nRF52: Added BluetoothRemoteGATTServer.getSecurityStatus to check the status of the link
nRF52: Disable auto-whitelisting by default, add with `NRF.setWhitelist` (fix #1187)
nRF52: Allow secure Bluetooth LE connections
Don't draw font characters that are off the edge of the screen
Make atob and btoa use flat string for larger amounts of data (faster & more memory efficient) (fix #1192)
nRF52: Pull in Nordic SDK13 code to crash caused by writing large characteristic (fix #1181)
Puck.js: Added Puck.magTemp() function to get the magnetometer's temperature as well
nRF5x: Fix issue where 'NRF.sleep()' called while a connection was active could cause Espruino to go into a high power draw mode
Fix Object.setPrototypeOf when called on undefined (fix #1194)
Fix dumping of an ArrayBuffer containing data (new ArrayBuffer([1,2,3]) isn't valid)
Fix setAdvertising regression where name would be lost after save() (fix #1193)
Add `E.set/getFlags` to allow interpreter state to be controlled from one place
Add `E.setFlags({pretokenise:1})` to dynamically turn on pretokenisation (fix #1178)
1v92 : nRF5x: Fix issue where Espruino could crash during save() if the flash got into a strange state
Added Pin.toggle() function
Fix implicit casting to bool/number on ArrayBuffers (fix #1030)
Fix jstExecuteTaskChecker bug, and allow jstExecuteFn to take a userdata argument
Puck.js: Reduce IR LED to 10% duty cycle
Puck.js: Allow Puck.IR to take pins for external IR LED (fix #927)
nRF52: Allow arbitrary NFC data to be specified (fix #1021)
nRF5x: Allow multiple advertising packets to be set at once with NRF.setAdvertising
nRF52: Add 'properties' object to BluetoothRemoteGATTCharacteristic
nRF52: Perform write without response if that is what is required
Pico/WiFi: Allow USB HID to work on Windows (from @nailxx)
Allow Puck.js/nRF52 devices to drive Neopixel/WS281x/APA10x LEDs with require("neopixel").write (fix #1023)
Fix crash in JSON.stringify for zero-length typed arrays
Fix precedence of 'void' keyword (fix #1079)
nRF52: Add BluetoothRemoteGATTCharacteristic.startNotifications (fix #959)
nRF52: Added BluetoothDevice.gattserverdisconnected event
nRF5x: Report back reason codes for BLE disconnect
Added DataView class
nRF52: char.readValue now returns DataView to be more Web Bluetooth compliant (fix #1091)
nRF5x: Fix explicit disconnect being able to reboot Puck (fix #1088)
nRF5x: Respond to conn_params update request, fix puck-puck disconnection after ~65 sec (fix #1089)
nRF52: Change connection params for central mode so NRF.setLowPowerConnection affects connection speed
Un-inlining jsvGet*AndUnLock functions to give us a little more free flash
ESP8266: RELEASE=1 sets WIFI_DBG and NET_DBG to 0 to shrink firmware size
ESP8266: Add Wifi.setAPIP() and Wifi.setIP
ESP8266: Add i2c clock stretch (#1097)
Fix E.FFT output (enable magnitude when one array specified)
Puck.js: Correct reading if using analogWrite to red LED and *then* using Puck.light()
Improved build process for all boards
Pin.toggle now returns a boolean (fix #1111)
nRF52: Now use 'high drive' mode for GPIOs
Puck.js: tweak IR duty cycle, with high drive GPIO range is ~3x more
nRF52: switch compilation to size optimisation, not speed
nRF5x: Allow services to be advertised (fix #996)
JSON.parse now throws an exception if an incorrect value type is found (fix #1117)
Pipe close event handlers now use 'this' arg - solves auto-closing pipe when piping from HTTP
nRF5x: stop app_timer NRF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAM errors (trying to sleep for too little time)
Added flash emulation to Linux port
Increase max graphics size from 1023 to 32767
Add Fat File System to boards with large Flash (ESP32)
nRF52: Don't get stuck in 'HID Busy' state if a HID send failed
Change name of socket close internal variable so it doesn't conflict with Pipe's close call
Stop pipe from causing errors if fields of the requested names exist but aren't functions
nRF52: Fix upgrade from older firmwares if saved code is in flash, reduce virtual pages to 2
Fix segfault detected by fuzzing (#1133)
Fix so that end of file triggers pipe.end event
ESP8266: Add BOARD ESP8266_4M with 1600 vars, 64K save area and GRAPHICS (#1110)
ESP8266: Add ESP8266.deepSleep(micros, option) (#1102)
1v91 : Fix recent regression if no Boot Code defined at startup
Fix handling of return of rejected promise within a promise
Fix regression where HTTPS without cert/ca or key failed
nRF52: Making NRF.getPrimaryService/etc more robust
nRF5x: Add NRF.getAddress() - fix #1001
Fix bug that caused load() not to clear memory if only E.setBootCode was used
microbit: Update Espruino with pin polarity, so saved code gets loaded without BTN1 pressed
Fix bug that caused Bluetooth/TV/USB objects to be added in devices that didn't support them (fix #832)
nRF52: Increase custom UUID count from 3 to 10
Adding Global built-in objects like SPI1/Serial1 and Bluetooth to the docs
Puck.js: Tweak battery percentage calculation to try and make it more linear
Puck.js: Adjust Puck.light() levels based on battery percentage (and add comments)
nRF5x: Fix E.hwRand() (fix #1010)
Ensure tab complete/others include the Object proto even on functions/strings
nRF5x: Add NRF.restart() to force the restart of the Bluetooth Softdevice if required
nRF5x: Add E.setLowPowerConnection(bool) to allow continuous connections to Puck.js (fix #995)
Allow implicit conversion of hexadecimal strings to numbers (fix #1016)
Allow arrow functions inside nonexecuting functions (fix #1011)
1v90 : Fixes for Promise.all (passing in non-promises, pre-resolved, and ordering) (fix #976)
Fix arrow function bug when parsing multiple arguments
Added more helpful error messages for TLS
Allow `Modules.addCached` to take a function (makes module loading more memory efficient)
Re-add Espruino's old `rand` function (so no malloc, and ~1kB RAM, ~3kB ROM saved)
nRF5x: Ensure 'NRF.sleep' works even when connected
Fix bug when using >32 bit integers as array indices (fix #984)
Fix bug when parsing '.catch' while not executing (fix #989)
Stop PWM 'glitching' when moving from a nonzero value down to 0 (partial #991)
nRF5x: Add multi-channel hardware PWM (fix #991, fix #972)
'dump()' now outputs code written with E.setBootCode as well (fix #999)
nRF5x: Remember advertising information even after softdevice reboot (fix #997)
nRF51: Remove heap placeholder on nRF51 as not needed since no malloc. Increase nRF51 var count (fix #985)
nRF5x: 'connect' event now contains address of device that has connected, and fix docs
nRF5x: Add a 'NRF.disconnect' function to disconnect a client that has connected to Puck.js
nRF5x: Fix timing accuracy problems with setWatch
1v89 : Allow entering of multi-line Templated Literals on the command-line (fix #970)
Make lexer fail when parsing non-templated strings with newlines in
Add 'let' and 'const' keywords - treat them like 'var' for now
Increased findDevices timeout to 2 seconds
Allowed 16 bit UUIDs to be specified as simply "ABCD" (no "0x")
Improved BLE error messages (especially from Promises)
Fix STM32F1 regression caused by F4 LSE fixes
Fix comma operator regression caused by recent arrow functions addition
Remove RTC changes for STM32F1
nRF5x: Make sure that updateServices(notify) on a non-notifyable service will just error, rather than reset (fix #973)
nRF5x: Ensure setWatch doesn't reset pin state
nRF5x: Reset pin states to default on 'reset()'
nRF5x: Move advertising back to 375ms (more reliable connections)
Puck: allow Puck.mag to work while magnetometer is on
1v88 : jshSetEventCallback callbacks now get an argument with the channel number
Tab complete now offers a much better set of completions (fix #926)
Fix emitting of events with long names (fix #906)
Ensure 'af_opendrain' pin mode gets remembered when saving (fix #890)
Add second Promise.then argument (fix #869)
Fix 'chained' promises (fix #894)
Fixed memory leak when automatically converting a simple object to a String
Added ES6 Template Literals
Initial commit of ES6 arrow functions
Add 'opendrain_pullup' pinMode (including emulation on STM32F1)
Make OneWire use opendrain_pullup (no resistor needed for short runs now)
Add Software I2C (with opendrain_pullup) (ref #549, fix #29)
Cope with new escape codes for home and end on Ubuntu 16.04 (27,91,70/72)
Tweak VGA output back porch to 2ms (so leftmost pixels always on screen)
Fix regression with 2 concurrent waveforms on different pins (fix #930)
nRF5x: add updateServices, and allow setServices to be called multiple times (partial #936)
Added Puck.getBatteryPercentage() utility function
nRF5x: setServices can now uninitialise SD in order to remove added services
Added E.lockConsole() for use with E.setPassword()
Calling jsvRemoveChild at end of array now updates the length (fix #946)
Allow padding to be specified as 3rd argument of JSON.stringify
JSON.stringify now dumps typed arrays as arrays (fix #489)
nRF52: BLE HID support and switchable Nordic UART
Fix STM32 regression where pinMode was set when it shouldn't have been
Add Third option to pinMode to allow the pin mode to be set while keeping it 'unforced'
Save and dump now keep track of whether pin mode had been forced or not
readFile (and now uses Flat Strings to allow more memory efficient reads (fix #932)
nRF5x: Add ability to get RSSI of current connection (fix #928)
More STM32 changes to LSI->LSE clock switchover to fix RTC misconfiguration on Espruino WiFi
Move LED + BTN definitions to Symbol Table (allows autocomplete)
When moving console before printing has started, move all buffer contents as well
Fix regression where replacing a function starting with 'return' with another would cause errors
Fix potential issues with Telnet server and return values from netCreateSocket/netAccept on some platforms (fix #931)
nRF5x: Add Puck.js self-test code, fix issue where analogRead reset pin state
nRF5x: Change central mode API to mirror Web Bluetooth
Fix switch fall-through to default (fix #964)
Started using jsvObjectRemoveChild to remove some internal object properties that are undefined (frees some variables)
Added E.dumpLockedVars() in non-release builds to help debug memory leaks in libraries
nRF5x: Added NRF.findDevices as a helper function to easily list BT devices in range
Console now prints the type of Objects if their constructor is in the root scope
nRF5x: setScan/findDevices now parses advertising data
nRF5x: Added Web Bluetooth style requestDevice function
Add spaces between large tab completes
Correct the handling of exceptions in promises
Ensure that exceptions have a 'stack' attribute if they can have children
nRF5x: Added list of free flash areas
Make sure Puck.js users can't overwrite bootloader/softdevice (doing so would brick the board)
Fix micro:bit/nRF51 ctrl-c behaviour (fix #905)
Simplified process.env on devices with little memory
nRF5x: fixed serial number reporting
Move button state setup to jshResetDevices
Had to remove 'dump()' and SW I2C on devices with very little flash memory (Olimexino/Micro:bit)
1v87 : Add support for compiling with float-abi=hard (even if it doesn't give us real-world benefits)
Add shortcut for quick execution of common call types
Fix BBC micro:bit save() regression from 1v86
Fix 'lock overflow' when calling methods with 'this' bound (fix #870, fix #885)
Fix jsvStringIteratorGetCharOrMinusOne for zero-length strings
Allow tab-completion straight after '.'
Make sure execution stops for native functions if there's an error when parsing arguments
NRF5x: remove setName and add functionality to setAdvertising, along with advertising interval
NRF5x: allow raw advertising data in setAdvertising
Add E.setPassword - allows Espruino console to be locked
Fix pin header numbering for BBC micro:bit (it changed for the production version) (fix #896)
Allow Magnetometer speed to be specified for Puck.js
Fix out of memory when appending a string to itself
Allow members of the same name as function arguments to be added to a function (fix #913)
Fix STM32F4 RTC stopping if reset during first 1 sec of boot, also fix Espruino WiFi board clock startup
Fix issue where native functions couldn't be replaced by non-native fns (fix #879)
If statements now return values (fix #909)
Fix >8 bit SPI when sending single elements with SPI.send (fix #897)
Sockets now fire 'end' events (fix #886)
Added Graphics.draw/fillCircle (fix #920)
1v86 : Compile Telnet server into linux by default, Add '--telnet' command-line option to enable it
Fix lock 'leak' in Telnet when Telnet is turned off
Add Telnet serial device to allow redirection
Create errors for unterminated expressions (fix #814)
Remove Espruino's built-in strcpy/etc
Remove Espruino's built-in maths
Add basic Taylor series sin and atan for when we're trying to save memory
Refactoring to use global var for lexer - save some memory and increase parse speed
Add .removeListener (fix #30)
Added better micro:bit `show()` that works well with Graphics
Add `require("Flash").getFree()` as multiplatform way to find free flash pages (fix #815)
Add the ability to set clock frequencies on STM32F4 chips (like Pico) with E.setClock (fix #52)
`jsvEvaluate` now uses memory area for execution of JS strings (fix #817)
Add `E.setBootCode` to allow JS scripts to be run without being in RAM (fix #740)
'Expecting a number or something iterable, got X' changed to exception rather than warning (gives stack trace)
Drop '.init' and '.fini' symbols, allowing GCC 5.x compilation on STM32
Ensure that pinMode/digitalWrite is re-constituted properly by dump() and save() (fix #833)
ESP8266: add stack dump on fatal exception, ./targets/esp8266/printstack can extract a backtrace
ESP8266: move JswSymPtr and JswSymList to flash to free up gobs of RAM, bump jsvars to 1600
Fix write to flash when BLE connected on nRF51/2
Fix potential variable corruption issue when copying objects/arrays containing packed ints
Fix ESP8266 printLog memory leak (fix #852)
When parsing from a Native String (E.memoryArea), use Native String for function code too.
Added built-in Promise implementation
Fix broken Object.keys/getOwnPropertyNames caused by ESP8266 RAM saving tweaks
Add Object.g/setPrototypeOf (fix #856)
Fix memory leak when executing bound function with 'this'
Fix missing PBKDF2 & AES libs on Pico + Linux caused by an untested ESP8266 commit
Fix negative Date to string code (fix #854)
Convert type warnings to exceptions (to provide stack traces for problems)
Add uncaughtException event (fix #846)
Stop eval in a switch statement from confusing parsing (Fix #845)
Fix regression in 'mode' argument of SPI.setup (allows custom CC3000 pins to work)
Fix '.on' with long event names
Enable F4Discovery button pull-down. Newer boards don't seem to have one fitted
Add 'force' to 'Serial.setConsole' - you can force the console to stay in one place
Fix micro:bit compass problems (fix #864)
Ensure that Pico can properly enter deep sleep even if USB is never used
Only inline the very basic variable iterator functions (save enough space to allow Espruino board build again)
Don't include Promises on devices where flash memory of Scarce (fix Olimexino compile)
Fix glitches in PWM output when updating Software PWM quickly (fix #865)
Added `E.kickWatchdog()` to allow you to keep your JavaScript running - not just the interpreter (fix #859)
Ensure all pins set to AIN on startup
Fix regression where setWatch would remove pulldown from button if called after reset()
Reduce amount of flash available for saved code on Original Espruino (until we can get code size down)
1v85 : Ensure HttpServerResponse.writeHead actually sends the header right away
- enables WebSocket Server support from JS
Fix issue where GC'd objects referencing non-GC'd data wouldn't unreference it
Add E.memoryArea to allow memory addresses to be treated as variables
Fix STM32F4 LSI clock frequency - should make the Pico's RTC a lot more accurate (fix #776)
Added HeatShrink compression to saved code (instead of RLE)
If saving fails, delete command history and try again.
Make sure `reset()` resets the sleep and busy indicator pins
Now escape characters >=127 as well (fix #780)
Add decodeURIComponent (fix #779)
Allow reset();save() on one line
Fix potential issue parsing HTTP headers when more data is sent after the header (fix #783)
Fix broken storage of floating point values when <255 variables
Fix regression where DACs didn't work on Original Espruino Board
Improve tab complete's memopry usage
Added Tab complete and Debug to low-end Nordic uCs
Limit the number of events processed each time around the idle loop to the number that were in it at the start
- helps to fix issues with out of memory when receiving big files over ESP8266 serial connection
Allow different types of network to have different buffer sizes - enlarge JS, Linux and WIZnet buffers
Fix bug where clearInterval() and setWatch with debounce could cause setWatch to momentarily stop working
Make HTTP server only close connection after Content-Length bytes received
Speed up jsvNewFlatStringOfLength by combining it with updating the free var list
Update the free var list when garbage collecting (makes allocation at the start of memory more likely)
Don't zero the contents of memory when freeing - speeds up deallocation
Removal of un-needed zero initialisations for variables
Only garbage collect on idle if we're low on memory (fix #767)
Improve malloc behaviour for crypto lib (try and free all command history is first alloc fails)
Improve HTTPS error messages
Add READ_FLASH_UINT8, allowing ESP8266 to read&exec strings stored in Flash with E.memoryArea
Start the RTC up running off LSI, and switch after a few seconds if the LSE has started correctly
Allow JSV_GET_AS_CHAR_ARRAY to get a pointer to memory in ArrayBuffers or memoryAreas
Reset PinStateIsManual in reset (fix #765)
1v84 : Fix device initialisation flags not working when the device number is above 32 (fix #751, #748)
- this fixes broken SPI when not on standard pins
1v83 : Moved to size optimisation for Pico (needed to get HTTPS into 384kB)
Ensure Modules.addCached doesn't reset parse state (fix #723)
dump() in Espruino Pico now ignored the pull-down for the button (fix #731)
Warn when "compiled" functions gets into Espruiono (fix #707)
Fix lost character on Espruino Startup (fix #704)
Fix duplicated characters when USB+USART IRQs fire at the same time (fix #635)
Fixed Serial.find(...)
Detect UART framing and parity errors and emit them as events on the Serial object
Fix [] instanceof Object (fix #737)
Fix regression in jsvCopyNameOnly (Object.getOwnPropertyNames when names are >8 characters long)
HTTP requests (and sockets) can now emit 'error' event (fix #706)
Add optional `ca`,`key`, and `cert` for server public key when using HTTPS or TLS (fix #736)
1v82 : Fix debugger regression (where quit/reset/etc don't exit properly)
Fix wakeup when setDeepSleep used at startup (fix #645)
Add `shiftOut` function (fix #631)
Store line numbers for functions (via `Esc [ 1234 d` escape code before decl) and use in debug + stack traces
Allow Ctrl-C to break out of tight loops with function calls in
Add tab -> autocomplete in Console (fix #677)
Fix I2C repeated start (#390)
Fix regression in Math.random() - now back between 0 and 1 (fix #656)
Fix `var a=0;typeof a -> "undefined"` (fix #683)
Don't store brackets in functions (fix #204)
Store functions as 'flat strings' if long enough (fix #467)
Move most functions out of jsvar.h header file - improves code size on devices where they're not inlined
Fix parse error for switch statements which meant that `switch (a,b)` caused an error
Fix error message when `LoopbackA.setConsole()` called
Move SPI/I2C/Serial initialisers to jsvReadConfigObject, will now error on invalid args (fix #413)
Fix issue where double-buffered waveforms would use the wrong buffer in the callback
Fix memory leak in tab autocomplete on objects
Added AES crypto library (Pico only)
Fix `typeof (new Uint8Array([1, 2, 3, 4]))`
Store `function(){return ...}` without the return (fix #700)
Increased simple string usage from 4 chars up to 8
Swap order of JsVar internals, string usage up to 10 chars
Add handling for uint32_t,uint64_t,uint32_t case for Raspberry Pi
Add startup sanity checks for jsnative.c (in non-release builds)
Added fix for returning floats on Raspberry Pi
When <1024 JsVars, `lastChild`'s top bits are stored in `flags`, and pack
is moved such that we get 1 extra character in StringExts
Allow events of >12 characters length
Fix regression in flash memory write (introduced via AES merge)
Fixed instability when resetting after using SD card on non-standard pins
HTTPS support on Pico (when compiled in)
Rename USE_HTTPS to USE_TLS, and enable by default for Pico + Linux
Add 'tls' module with 'connect' - for TLS Socket connections
1v81 : Fix regression on UART4/5 (bug #559)
Fix Serial3 on C10/C11 for F103 boards (fix #409)
Remove Graphics.setColorHSV, add E.HSBtoRGB (fix #554)
Make jsiDumpState/jsiAppendHardwareInitialisation use callbacks (fix #398)
Add `E.dumpStr()` to dump current state of interpreter as a string
Add ReferenceError, and ensure that TypeError gets converted to a string properly
Actually create ReferenceError for undefined variables
Fix Object constructor behaviour (fix #561)
Now remove intervals/watches if they occur within 0.1s of a Ctrl-C on a blank line
Fix parsing of trailing commas [,,1,,,]
Treat vertical tab as whitespace
Make sure we ReferenceError on '+='/etc
Allow reserved words in record access and structure definitions
Add Object.defineProperty/defineProperties (even if they ignore most args)
Fix value returned when redefining an existing function
Ensure Pico powers down USB in deep sleep - now down to 20uA!
Fix Exception throw within catch block (fix #566)
Fix issue where new Array(3.0) wouldn't produce a 3 element array
Keep track of modified area in Graphics (so modules with `.flip()` can be speeded up)
Fix `new Date('December 17, 1995 03:24:00')` - check only first 3 chars of month
Allow Software PWM via `analogWrite(..., {soft:true})`
Add `encodeURIComponent`
Make sure `typeof unknown` doesn't ReferenceError
Fix isNaN behaviour for 2 element array
Fix jshPopIOEventOfType when element is at the top of queue anyway
Produce more reasonable behaviour when converting very long strings to ints/floats
Added built-in JavaScript debugger! See for details (fix #37)
Fix crash when using E.getSizeOf() in some cases
Make sure a TCPIP connection closes even if no data sent
Make `flash.erasePage` safe if called without arguments (fix #586)
Add `Pin.getInfo` to see what a Pin can do (for #93)
Move Pin function code out of jshardware
Add `E.on('init', ...)` - like `onInit` but allows multiple handlers
Make sure `dump()` and `E.dumpStr()` dump the contents of Serial as well as events for other objects
`E.getSizeOf(.., 1)` can now recurse into objects showing the sizes of all their children (fix #579)
Fix bug when appending to a flat string (fix #614)
Add `Serial/SPI/I2C.find(pin)` - so we can figure out what device to use based on the pin
Ensure that when uploading, each command gets checked for errors (rather than right at the end)
Fix writes on HTTP requests after a timeout, and add chunked encoding if the header is set.
Added pin info for bit-banded pin addresses (and jshGetPinAddress).
1v80 : Fix SD card IO that can corrupt SD card on file append since 1v73 (fix #536)
Fix some potential pointer issues in hashlib
Make debounced setWatch output state+time information (regression fix #537)
Shorten some internal property names (faster/less mem is 4 chars or under)
Change 'internal property' prefix from '>' (fix #540)
Duplicate properties in an object defn. now cause second to be used (fix #495)
Make sure `E.unmountSD` doesn't forget custom SD card configs from `E.connectSDCard`
Added support for USB CK pin (fix #544)
ES5 parseInt behaviour - don't treat numbers beginning with 0 as octals (fix #538)
SPI.send now returns Uint8Array when passed an array. Also takes `{data:X, count:Y}` as argument (fix #485)
Fix `parseFloat(Infinity)` (fix #314)
Speed up jsvIterateCallback for arraybuffers
SPI speed improvements, esp for SPI.write (fix #547)
TV out tidyup, and VGA output can now do line doubling
Merge in USB HID support for STM32F4 (keeping old USB for the F1)
Add built-in 'Flash' module to allow Flash memory to be accessed from user code
Pulled load/save code out of jshardware into jswrap_flash.c
Remove jsiOneSecondAfterStartup from Linux builds (fix #551)
Add RLE compression when saving to flash, increase Pico RAM from 3000 to 5000 vars (fix #543)
Fix `JSON.parse` when not given strings (fix #546)
Tweak Olimexino board - 700->1k vars, but lowered code flash to 6k
Disable flash prefetch on Pico (~1% slower, but less power and way more accurate ADC readings) (fix #545)
Now throw errors when 'in' is used on an invalid datatype (fix #550)
Updated (inaccurate) docs for Serial.write/print and removed duplicated code
Changed Pico's device class to 0x02 - now works on older Mac OS 10.6.8
Change reported USB HID type to 0, from 2 (mouse)
Improve digitalWrite/etc documentation
Add `pin.mode` and `pin.getMode` functions (mirroring `pinMode`)
`Serial.setup` now remembers options if none specified (fix #557)
1v79 : Fix Mac address parsing for top nibbles
Make bind reference function internals not copy them. Fix scoped vars in bind (fix #533)
Use jsvUnlockMany to tidy up code and save some space
jsiExecuteEventCallback can now take an arbitrary number of arguments
Allow setTimeout/setInterval to take extra arguments (fix #532)
Ensure HTTP is closed even when no data handler (fix #535)
Seed random number from analog input, add W.hwRand and E.srand (fix #534)
Fix timing bug when setting timeouts from intervals in Deep Sleep
Reduce timeout for IO (eg. I2C write) on F401 and F4
Tweaks to keep code size low enough for Olimexino
1v78 : Fix regression where SPI2/3 weren't working on most pins (fix #525)
Allow MAC address to be set for WIZnet (fix #527)
Ensure res.on('close') is called for empty HTTP requests (fix #528)
Ensure that A9 is never the default pin for USART1 output (fix #526)
1v77 : Add E.mapInPlace
Allowed ArrayBuffer Graphics to store pixels MSB-first
Added faster software SPI path for simple writes
Make sure filesystem support gets compiled into Espruino Pico
Fix jsvGetFlatStringPointer to return the correct address
Fix I2C2/I2C3 on Pico
Fix issue where garbage collect of a Flat String corrupted the free variable list
Fix issue where Array.sort on big array with identical elements failed (#515)
Add 'modules' variable, and set 'this' to 'exports' when parsing a module (fix #520)
Fix instanceof implementation (and fix mem leak) (fix #523)
1v76 : Merged in NetworkJS library (for JS networking implementations)
Ensure that 'wrapped' libraries are killed before timers/watches
Made 'Field or method doesn't exist' report back the field that doesn't exist
Added quick and dirty scripts/test262.js runner script
Fix propogation of Errors and Exceptions through function calls
Allow parsing of integers > base 16
Now allow functions with >16 arguments (fix #490)
Fix assert fail for syntax error in do or while loop
Maths operations now call Object.valueOf if it's needed
Fix assert fail when jswrap_object_getOwnPropertyDescriptor called with non-string
Fix Array.indexOf when array contains non-basic values
valueOf returns a type error when called on undefined
Make sure analogRead doesn't overwrite pin state if it was set previously with pinMode
Make sure pinMode works with ADC input mode
Tweak event handling - events such as `Serial.on('data'` now set `this` to `Serial`
Add Function.bind (fix #318)
Fix SPI.setup memory leak (fix #496)
Fix assert fail on debug builds on Waveform output (fix #511)
Added more allowed types of whitespace
Added String.prototype.trim() (fix #507)
Allow argument lists in Function() (fix #505)
Propagate `this` into eval (fix #513)
1v75 : Fixed issue with Pins/Bools as Array indices
Fix crash when out of memory while creating built-in object
Fix continue statement in nested loops (fix #501)
On Linux, Exit nonzero when an error occurs (fix #499)
Ensure that pipes 'complete' if the source closes (was previously only the destination)
Make HTTP/Sockets throttle reads so internal buffers don't get full when piping
Added http statusCode, statusMessage, and httpVersion
1v74 : On Espruino Board, allow setTime to use full 64 bits so setTime(Date.parse("...")/1000) works
Fixed issues with Waveform after 1v72 update to flat strings
Added 'global' built-in value
Fix inaccuracy of '' on STM32
Improve jsvIteratorGetIntegerValue speed for arrays (fix #493)
Change process.env.EXPORTS to something more useful for compiler
Fix issue with graphics fill on PCD8544 LCD
Add TypedArray.slice (from ES6) to help modules that use I2C
1v73 : Add Uint8ClampedArray, remove code duplication in ArrayBuffer (fix #486)
Fix regression where accessing certain member names of an undefined variable would cause a crash (fix #488)
Fix behaviour of char code 16 at beginning of the line (it now doesn't re-add the prompt after processing the line)
Added jspGetNamedVariable for use in compiled JS
Fix glitchy time values on the Espruino Board (fix #394)
Fix getTime()==0 in onInit, which could break timeouts in onInit after a reset (fix #462)
Refactor Software SPI code into jsspi.c
Allow filesystem to work on user-defined pins (fix #427)
1v72 : Stop RTC being reset by hard reset (getTime will now be time since power first applied) (fix #412)
Allow Function.apply to take typed arrays (fix #442)
Allow arrays to be passed to digitalPulse so square waves can be created easily
Force inlining of jsvLock/UnLock on most systems - improves performance a lot
Fix issues with SPI.write, CS, and out of sync receive bytes
Fix do..while without trailing semi-colon
Ensure that &,|,^,etc all have different precedences (without extra recursion)
Used new semi-recursive parse for expressions
Fix filled column when fillpoly is off the end of the screen
Fixed reporting of Serial RX pullup in `dump()`
Add input thread on Linux, and fix idle and Ctrl+C behaviour (fix #451)
Stop huge amounts of input events blocking Espruino's timers (fix #452)
Add ability to use serial ports on Linux with Serial1.setup({path:"/dev/ttyUSB0"})
Started ability to use SPI from Linux
Added 'net' library with support for sockets
Fix JSON parse of negative numbers (fix #456)
Only keep RTC settings if the relevant oscillator is running (fix #444)
Finally fixed sporadic compilation problems with '-Os'
Fixed issues with intervals in onInit (#462)
Remove libraries from root scope (fix #463)
Fix pin namings on Nucleo boards
Fix addition of stdlib's exit on Nucleo debug
Allow setWatch to execute native functions inside the IRQ
When dumping typed arrays, use the size if all elements are 0 (fix #448)
eval() can now access local variables and function arguments (fix #460)
Added 'flat strings' for typed arrays.
- these use a continuous chunk of memory so are much faster
Ensure that we only create as many Serial/I2C/etc items in Symbol table as we need (fix #453)
Allow modules to return whatever was assigned to exports - not just the original object
Allowed E.nativeCall (assembler/compiled functions) to execute directly from a flat string
Working F401 USB VCP bootloader
Make Press-poweron-release-press boot back into Espruino (this may confuse your OS)
Assert failures (in non-release builds) now reboot the system on ARM
Fix issues with freeing of variables not clearing the lock flags (fix #474)
Make Uint32Array actually return uints (even if they're so big they have to be represented as doubles)
Allow peek/poke to read and write arrays of values
Add Boolean constructor (fix #311)
Fix difference between String() and String(undefined) (fix #312)
Fix I2C/SPI on F401/F411-based boards (fix #470, fix #473)
Improved ArrayBuffer write performance
Massively improved ArrayBuffer Graphics fill performance for bpp<8
Fix issues with floating point on devices with <1024 vars (using 12 byte JsVar)
Add ability to change I2C bit rate from I2C.setup
Added VGA TV output
Added E.toString (for converting anything into a string)
Pulled Typed Array creation into its own function
Added E.toString and E.toUint8Array
Made I2C.readFrom return a Uint8Array (fix #479)
Allow multiple byte OneWire reads and writes
Fix setWatch on F3Discovery (fix #183)
Ensure that E.getSizeOf() works for ArrayBuffers (fix #484)
Don't allocate Flat Strings if we can get away with 2 normal string blocks
- it's actually faster to allocate and uses less memory
1v71 : Allowed WIZnet + CC3000 to be instantiated on any pins
Fix break inside loop inside case inside function (fix 428)
Added fs.stat and (fix #429, fix #430)
Allow use of DLE (char 16) on an empty line to turn echo off for *just that line*
Add XON/XOFF flow control on Serial + USB. This is enabled by default for Serial (fix #20)
Fix irregular timing on Espruino boards with clock crystal (inc rev 1v4)
Sort out 'Number()' constructor not being picky enough - parseFloat now parses 'Infinity' (Fix #325, mostly fix #322)
Stop iterator in FOR loop being called once more after a break
Fix bug allObjects found with iterating over undefined
Fix ArrayBuffer.sort issue with element size >1
Fix network de-initialisation on Linux
Fix reference count issue caused by removing a timer that had already been removed
Power up SYSCFG on F2/3/4 parts, allowing watch to work on ports other than A
Wait after setting the RTC time, to allow registers to update (fix #438, fix #441)
Now using gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_8-2014q3 for compilation - CodeSourcery stopped being supported
1v70 : Make pipe remove its drain/close listeners. Stops out of memory for repeated piping.
Fix parseInt for values too large to go in an int (#406)
Fix integer maths when result is too large for an integer
Fix mod operator with NaN/Infinity (fix #315)
Fix signed array values in PACKED_BIT devices
Drop JsVar size from 20 bytes to 16, increase Espruino variable count accordingly
Fix Array.fill on sparse arrays (fix #410)
Allow I2C repeated start (fixes some odd I2C devices, fix #390)
Refactoring to use iterators wherever possible
Merge fs_kill and file_kill to ensure that files always die before the filesystem
Add `E.unmountSD()` to allow SD cards to be removed once they have been used
Stop String.split("") adding an empty elementy to the array
Tidy up linker script, allow F401 to use 3x16kB pages for storing program data
Fix regression in long timeouts (fix #416)
Use 'interval' var to specify if we're an interval or not (don't use 'recur' var)
Stop while/for/etc resetting exception state (fix #419)
Add E.getSizeOf (fix #421)
Fix jsvCountJsVarsUsed for names with values
Make hidden names smaller to save a few JsVars
If there's only one function scope, don't define an array and save 2 JsVars
Fix setInterval on non-F1 boards (fix #415)
Fix issue where large doubles (> +/- 2^31) were converted to -1 rather than truncated ints
Fix E.getSizeOf (fix #424)
Fixed JSON indentation issue
Made 'pretty' JSON output look a bit better
1v69 : Fix 1v67's regression of digitalPulse when doing lots of pulses
Add configurable OneWire search command (for finding DS18B20s with alarm set)
1v68 : Fix memory leak in String.split
Fix references to `this` - you can now write `this["LED1"]`
Fix memory leak when calling toString on a normal object
Fix memory leak in Graphics.createArrayBuffer
Fix memory leak when joining arrays containing null
Fix memory leak when syntax error while getting function arguments
Fix memory leak test when running on Linux
Fix memory leak in filesystem file open (when failure)
Fix memory leak on Syntax error
Stop multiple exceptions from being reported (eg. Syntax Errors)
Fix parsing of '!!' when not executing
Improve Error.toString, and fix bug when an exception was thrown from a function
Improve jsvObjectGetChild when out of memory
Switch native function decls from 32 bits to 16
Swap HY2.4 board to software LCD driver as well, work out pin mappings from PY file
Fix inaccuracy in setInterval, which had started since 32 bit switch in 1v65
Store JSWAT_EXECUTE_IMMEDIATELY in a way that will fit in 16 bit function decls
Allow bit-packing of refs for low memory boards (fix #145)
Now dump 'debounce' for setWatch
Make sure that dump() outputs correct JS for undefined variables
Allow pin counts per port of >31 on Linux-based systems
Fix issue with lost high-speed events when using setWatch with small debounce
Fix HTTP client regression
Fix Date constructor issue (uninitialised variable) (fix #408)
Fix invalid conversion of large ints to floats on ARM
Fix reset behaviour for non-standard default Serial ports
1v67 : Lower size of timer task array of devices with little RAM (fix #401)
Move hidden lists out of the root scope (fix #357)
Fixed exception catching
Fix Serial1 initialisation after 'reset()'
Fix parsing of try..catch when a serious error (not an exception) occurred
Stop the utility timer queue filling with WAKEUP tasks if Espruino gets woken up early
Add ability to specify default Serial TX and RX pins in
Reduce how many digits of floating point values are normally displayed
Fixed PWM output on B4 + B5
Fix regression when using pins as array indices
Remove negation for CHxN outputs - it seems they don't negate after all. Fixes PWM polarity on A7,B1,B13,B14,B15
Add pullup to USART RX. Reduces wakeups and random characters on Serial1.
Add error flags and E.getErrorFlags to report possible issues like buffer overflows and low memory (fix #136)
I2C timeouts now throw exceptions (fix #403)
Fix String.prototype.split with non-string args
Add fake digital pins D0..D7 under linux (helps with testing)
Rewrite ff_wtoupper and save 650 bytes \o/ (fix #368)
Update Makefile to make it easier to cross-compile RPi->Espruino board
Fix HYSTM32_32 LCD at the expense of a bit of speed (fix #137, fix #327)
1v66 : Ensure that analogWrite(pin,1) works on negated outputs
Allow multiple Waveform playback on one pin (+ wave fixes)
Improve dump() for objects and Serial.on('data') (part of #397)
Fix Date.getSeconds,Milliseconds, and documentation on getMonth (#399)
Fix memory leak on Serial receive
Fix all Serial receive characters being 0 if no bytesize is specified
1v65 : SPI.send/I2C.write/Serial.write can now take variable number of arguments (fix #370)
Don't check for token matches where we already know what it should be (fix #280)
Improve file read speed for large reads
Waveform stability improvements
Fix Float32Array.set (and improve speed for non-float arrays)
OneWire library now uses hex strings for addresses rather than 64 bit ints
Fix issue with uninitialised function arguments (fix #391)
Fix parseURL for numeric keys in query string (fix #388)
When running JS files under Linux, do two parses to ensure that Functions are 'hoisted'
Add Object.create()
Add Function constructor
Add Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor (although it won't return spec-compliant values)
Add some Stubs for inbuilt Date and Error classes
Added throw and try..catch..finally (see #40)
Fixed overriding of builtins with other Builtins
Added Date.valueOf
Stop warning about break at the end of 'default' in switch statement
Switch to 32 bit ints (fix #324)
Added Array.prototype.reverse, and also for ArrayBuffers (fix #389)
Swap JsVar fields around so everything is aligned on the correct boundaries
Merge jsvNewWithFlags and jsvNew - making variable allocation a bit faster
Fix changeInterval regression after int32 changes
Remove JSV_NAME flag - paving the way for more efficient variable storage
Store only 32 bit time for events (work out full 64 bits in event loop)
Increase event buffer size to 128 (from 64)
Enabled Graphics + CC3k support in the F3Discovery
Make `Serial.onData` call back with >1 char (#383)
Move `Serial.onData(...)` to `Serial.on('data',...)`
Add (fix #383)
Add HTTP client/server read/available/pipe
Add documentation for events (and tidy it up for constructors)
Stop HTTP server closing before all data has been read
Fixed parsing of multiple shifts
setWatch now reports the pin back (fix #275)
Fixed memory leak in g.getPixel with arraybuffers
Fixed memory leak in "".indexOf(".")
Fixed ArrayBuffer Graphics where width*height*bpp&7!=0
Converted parse errors to throw exceptions
Added Date.parse and Date.toString
Fix parsing of integers that are too big to fit in an int32 (they're stored as doubles)
Fix Linux Espruino when no tty is present
Shave a few bytes off size of jsiDumpState using printf
url.parse now unescapes the query string (fix #227)
1v64 : Fix 'a=[2,3,4];delete a[1];'
Make sure parseInt("0x01",16)==1 and parseInt("0x01")==1 but parseInt("0b01",16)==0
Fix equality check used in switch, so false !== 0
Improve Math.pow accuracy for small integer powers (fix #374)
Make Ctrl-C only interrupt code if it has been running for too long (fix Ctrl-C -> CC3000 restart issues)
Removed duplication in symbol lookup (fix #372, fix #323, fix #343)
Fix JSON.stringify with circular references (fix #378)
Fix String.indexOf when search string is bigger than the string being searched (fix #377)
Add String.prototype.slice() (fix #376)
Changed to more compact binary search symbol table (fix #278)
hasOwnProperty now doesn't check prototypes #24
Added Object.getOwnPropertyNames (fix #79, fix #158)
Move 'constructor' into the correct place, be more aware of builtins in prototypes (helps #380)
Handle __proto__ on builtin object types (eg. [].__proto__) (fix #381)
Remove indirection of __proto__ (fix #102)
Properly fix Object.getOwnPropertyNames (fix #380)
Remove jsvFindChild*Ref (fix #375)
Added LoopbackA/LoopbackB serial ports (fix #61)
Fix slowdown when lexing long strings
Remove Lock/UnLock in jslGetNextCh - should speed it up
fs.appendFile() now works even if the file doesn't exist (fix #385)
Support unicode escape sequence (\uXXXX) but crop to 8 bits (fix #386)
Stop setInterval/etc increasing index numbers (fix #382)
Clear existing digitalWrites on reset() (fix #231)
Stop setWatch getting invalid data on load/save/reset (fix #254)
1v63 : Memory leak when defining functions (fix #359)
Fix Instance properties overwrite prototype (fix #360)
Fix `edit(functionName)` without quotes (fix #356)
Fix 'Uint32Array is not unsigned' (fix #330)
Ensure Object.keys([9,,undefined,9])==[0,2,3] (partial #349)
Store array length in the array root node rather than the last element (fix #351 #361)
Object.keys on array now returns strings (fix #348)
Remove jsvArrayGetLast (fix #363)
Fix issue parsing `function() { return }`
Stop jspNewObject creating a new object name if one already exists
startup_stm32f10x_hd.s now explicitly sets the stack pointer. Allows Espruino images to use more RAM
Add BusFault hander, to allow peek and poke to unmapped addresses without HardFaulting the ARM
Fix edit(...) so that functions themselves (not just the variable) are updated (fix #366)
Crop lines in errors when > 60 chars (fix #364)
Improve when stack traces happen for error reporting
Better error messages, and more efficient handler
Improving Util Timer rescheduling to try and avoid 64 bit divisions
Fix a lot of WIZnet W5500 issues (thanks @mgg1010!)
Add E.reverseByte
Add HIGH and LOW (fix #371)
Improve docs for SPI/I2C/Serial.setup
Force reconnect on CC3000 disconnect (fix #373)
Added cephdon's streaming file API (fix #12)
More WIZnet W5500 stability fixes - try and ensure that HTTP server never goes down
Fix HTTP client Host header when accessing ports!=80
1v62 : Added ArrayBufferView functions as per ES6 spec (fix #310)
Added Graphics.setRotation (fix #321)
Added Graphics.drawImage (fix #198)
Added E.toArrayBuffer for fast string->array conversion
Accessing an undefined array/object element now doesn't create it (fix #63)
Fix fs.unlink returns true if the file does not exist (fix #331)
Try and improve timer overlays by reordering the alternate function list
Ensure that PWM output doesn't enable negated/non-negated outputs when it doesn't have to
Improve console performance when sending long strings
Initialise Graphics flags Graphics.createCallback - could have caused all kinds of issues
Now make setInterval > 5s less accurate when setDeepSleep is on (saves ~0.5 sec of non-sleep time)
Fixed problem when accessing an array with a string in a variable
Fix issues with `"0" in {0:1}` (and hasOwnProperty)
Improved interpolate function, and moved it out of ArrayBufferView into E
Fix Problem with Object.keys on a string (fix #347)
Fix assert fail when deleting a property that doesn't exist (fix #344)
Ensure that dump remembers function names if they were in the root scope (fix #338)
Fix memory leak in fs.readdir
Ensure that abbreviations in console's '=...' output appear on newline if needed
Add String.replace (fix #334)
Make Graphics.drawImage draw bottom line of pixels (fix #329)
Add Array.shift/unshift (fix #342)
Fix Defining function after return causes error (fix #326)
Fix deleting the last element in array (fix #346)
More helpful I2C error messages (fix #10)
Fix overriding built-in functions (fix #202)
Add ES6 Array.prototype.fill (fix #317)
Modified jsiQueueObjectCallbacks (and Object.emit) to support >2 args
Added support for SPI LSB-first
WIZnet improvements (specifically on HTTP server)
Added WLAN.setIP for CC3000
Fix String.split issue with last element (fix #352)
Remove order warning for SPI if no order given (fix #353)
process.env will now contain the git commit
Move setInterval/Timeout implementations into jswrap_interactive (makes more sense)
Add setWatch warning if it's not possible (fix #337)
1v61 : Fix toString crash for large numbers
Support floating-point literals without a leading 0 - eg '.5' (fix #296)
Fix array access with booleans (fix #290)
Fix "==" issues where only one argument is an array (fix #283)
Make Array.join ignore null values (fix #289)
Callback graphics now works even without a fillRect implementation (fix #295)
ArrayBuffer Graphics now supports 2 and 4 bits as well as 1,8,16,24,32 (fix #301)
Allowed array.splice to as many arguments as needed
Make Array.sort() use string compare by default (fix #291, fix #292)
Allow [,] and [1,2,,4] - (fix #287)
Stop JSON.stringify using 'undefined' (fix #286) can now have more than 4 arguments
Rewrite native function caller (fix #277)
Fix conversion of floats to booleans (fix #307)
Fix parseInt of NaN/Infinity (fix #309)
Add extra escape codes in strings (fix #304)
Ensure String.charAt returns empty string for out of range (fix #305)
Make REPL faster when receiving large amounts of data (fix #303)
Improved jspeFunctionCall speed, added Named functions (fix #77)
Allow to be applied to Strings and ArrayBuffers (for #310)
Tweaks to make more Array functions work on non-arrays
Added Array.reduce
Allow commas in expressions at end of for loop - `for (;;i++,j++)`
Fix SPI send with a single number
1v60 : Fix unary plug on variable not working (fix #268)
Added DNS with eth.setIP() for W5500
Fix lock 'leak' when creating Graphics with callbacks
Small fixes for trigger/timer
Make dump() + console aware of built-in SPI/I2C/etc
Add Pin constructor for converting numbers into a pin object
Added getPinMode
Fixed I2C saving state (fix #270)
Add JTAG to ignore list for some boards
Fix LCD FSMC formatting and report if LCD is unknown
You can now reference built-in functions. eg. [1,2,3].map(Math.sqrt)
Add Object.valueOf - help with #187
Add Object.hasOwnProperty (although it does have some false positives) - #24
Add software SPI - fix #41
Fix issue when constructing an ArrayBuffer with a floating point length
Fix Math.round regression and add checks to ensure it can't happen again
Fix DEVICE_IS_XXX defines (fix SW SPI regression)
Fix hardware SPI regression (getting out of sync after ArrayBuffer write)
Removed non-standard Integer.valueOf - use "A".charCodeAt(0)
Fix non-standard ArrayBuffer behaviour when constructing an ArrayBuffer from an ArrayBufferView
Fix `1 in [2,3,4]` behaviour - it searches keys, not values
Make parseInt(..., >36) return NaN
Make Number.toString() use lowercase chars for hex
Fix issues with NaN, negative zero, and Math.round
Fix equality checks with null
Fix comparison of integers with empty string/whitespace+number
Added nativeCall, which allows C/Assembler to be called from JavaScript
Fix custom font memory leak
1v59 : (function(){})?1:0 should == 1 (fix #261)
Fix Math.pow (Fix #260)
Fix String.split() (Fix #259)
Added Array.concat (Fix #262)
Increase RTC/getTime reliability by ensuring overflow can't happen
Added Math.min/max
Allow jswrapper to wrap objects with a name >8 characters long (fix #264)
dump() now doesn't print 'var X = undefined;' - just 'var X;'
1v58 : Fix Serial.parity
Fix glitches in jshGetSystemTime
Added Graphics.setFontCustom for custom fonts
Added String.lastIndexOf, and made String.indexOf with fromIndex work
Used non-bold vector font, improve alignment, and make curves lower quality
I2C can now write any size (as long as it fits on the stack!)
Try and enlarge fillRects caused by polygons
Fix === issues, fix #257
Add Graphics.getColor/getBgColor for Juergen
Added E.convolve for doing fast calculations with Waveforms
Allow String.fromCharCode with multiple arguments
Add builtin_modules to board's JSON
Added E.FFT for Fast Fourier Transforms
Added 16 bit read/write to Waveform (and speed up utility timer)
Fix utility timer - now interrupts just in time
1v57 : Tweak IRQ priorities to try and make SPI RX more reliable
Make http default to port 80 if no port is specified in options
Try and stop issue with System Time suddenly jumping forwards
Fix assert fail when clearing and adding timeouts from within a timeout
Fix modulo (actually remainder) operator for floating point values :/
1v56 : Added atob and btoa (for base64 encode/decode) - fix #244
Added Array.sort() - fix #220
fs.writeFile/appendFile now return false if they fail for some reason
Move Graphics init and idle functions out of jsinterface.c
Add HttpServer.close
Ensure that Linux command-line tests keep running if there's something to do
Epic networking refactor - it should now be possible to support multiple network devices in a single binary
Now only remove the interval/timeout/watch that's causing the error - not every one
Change names of functions in callback-based Graphics so they don't conflict with the real ones
More CC300 reliability - now range check the return value from send+recv, because if there's a timeout it can be wrong
Fix memory leak in setWatch with debounce
Fix 'repeat:false' in debounced setWatch
Make sure 'repeat:false' disables the hardware watch
Initialise RTC roughly 1 sec after reset, and use external 32kHz oscillator if it exists
Added E.enableWatchdog (fix #252)
Fix negative start value for String.substr()
Fix problem where the RTC's full 32 bits weren't combined properly
1v55 : Add String.toUpperCase/LowerCase
Fix E.getAnalogVRef() regression
Add Math.tan()
Ensure Double/Integer have Number as a prototype (fixes: Number.prototype.n=function();(5.0).n() )
||/&& now doesn't use booleans (fix #251)
More resilient parseInt behaviour
Allow data listener for HTTP POST (fix #226)
Stop JSON.parse using eval (fix #249, fix #208)
`.toString` is now called when a String is needed from an Object (fix #57)
Fixed reference count error when looking for functions in an Object's prototype
Fix issues with Numbers as Strings in maths (eg. '-5'|0)
Make sure NaN|0 == 0 (and not some huge number)
Ensure that [1.23]*1.0 == 1.23 (fix #91)
Don't pull in cos (use sin(x+PI/2))
Try and save flash memory on Olimexino board
1v54 : Add 4x6 font (instead of 8x8)
Fix occasional instability with Waveform read/write
Refactor JSON to improve speed and code size (using cbprintf)
Now print special 'short' JSON for console.log (and the REPL) (fix #47)
JSON.stringify now doesn't print functions (fix #207)
Refectoring jsparse.c to name functions after their JS Grammar names
IF statement now accepts commas
Ensure that undefined+0 == NaN (only worked for floats previously)
Fix assert fail (issue unlocking when executing built-in functions)
Fix setInterval regression in dump (and tidy up code)
FS lib now resets when issuing the reset() command (fix #200)
1v53 : Attempt to deal with the case where CC3000 crashes on initialization
Fix regression with setInterval/timeout and saving
Fix issue with saving Serial baud rates
Added ArrayBuffer.set
Use jswrapper.c for executing idle/init/kill events for libraries (cleans up jsinteractive.c)
Added beta 'Waveform' API to allow simple audio output
Improved non-deep-sleep power draw by allowing Espruino to wake itself on the Utility timer (rather than SysTick)
Allowed Waveform API to output on both DAC and PWM
Improve auto-generated documentation
Speed up ArrayBuffer.set and allow Strings to be used properly
Fix jsvArrayJoin if memory runs out
Added E.sum and E.variance array operations
Added Waveform Analog Input
1v52 : Fix memory leak in Array.slice
Fix broken Serial initialisation (partial fix for #241)
Add fs.unlink (for deleting files)
Fix url parsing when there are two slashes
Fix recent changeInterval regression
Making CC3000 recover properly in the case of repeated HTTP GET
Add alternate function remapping for Serial and improve Serial.setup error reporting, fix #241
Added preliminary WIZnet W5500 support (see
Alt Enter (27 + 10) now always inserts a newline: (eg. for `if (X) \n Y`)
Fix digitalPulse with not a number
Make digitalPulse(... 0) wait until the last pulse is complete
Stop Espruino sending out so many carriage return characters (fix #243)
Added 'delete' keyword (fix #39)
1v51 : Added debounce to setWatch (fix #14)
Tidy up timeout/watch code and now store an integer for interval
Fix crash in url.parse (string free)
Fix Modules.addCached bug which means that Modules.removeAllModules created a memory leak
Fix regression introducted by fix for #199
Added 'Esc,[,2,K' escape sequence for clearing lines. Much safer than Ctrl+C which tends to break out of execution.
Fix bootloader (broken by LTO in 1v49)
Added Number.toFixed
Make number.toString(base) work for floating point (fix #232)
Fix Linux jshSleep so that timeouts are handled at <10ms if required (fixes test056)
Now use jshardware's SPI for SD filesystems - more multiplatform
Now ref thisVar, which stops it being repurposed into a Name for array accesses (fix #233)
Fix Linux halting when there is one long timeout but no other activity
fs.readFile returns 'undefined' if file is not found. Also make readdir return undefined on failure (fix #229)
Remove disk_timerproc in SD card implementation
Upgrade fatfs to R0.10a
Tweak jsinteractive.c to help reduce code size
Finally added Long filename support for FatFS (fix #78)
Epic refactor to remove JsParse (fix #17)
Implement faster Graphics ArrayBuffer fill (affects vector fonts + clear)
Stop repeated analogWrite with messing up PWM waveform (fix #56)
Swap open and close brackets in bitmap font (fix #191)
Graphics arraybuffer/callback now accepts 16bpp
Added ability to specify a JS function for Graphics fillRect
Graphics setPixel(x,y,undefined) to use foreground colour (fix #215)
Make sure that interruptions are handled better while drawing to graphics
Make sure that stack overflow errors are handled more tidily (and increase limit for warning)
Increase available stack on Espruino Board
Stop FatFS using insane amounts of RAM
High res timer (now to 1/2^23) using SysTick with RTC as a base (fix #168)
Added 'Infinity' constant
Fixed type equality check between int and float (should treat them as the same)
Fix parsing of '018' - it's not Octal after all (but 017 is)
More accurate values for PI and E
Fix charCodeAt being signed (should be unsigned)
When casting Strings to booleans, so s.length!=0
Guess initial values for average SysTick time - means that getTime is more accurate for the first 1-2 seconds after startup
setWatch now reports lastTime - time of last state change #238
analogWrite now respects pinMode (fix #234)
Add Open Drain support to pinMode (fix #225)
Fix calling Number([value]) always returns undefined (fix #186)
When disconnected from the net, make sure we free all HTTP clients/servers
Completely remove IRQs from CC3k code
Speed up CC3k code, try and make it automatically power cycle it on timeouts
Fix SPI MISO on F4 board
Move CC3000 to SPI3 (same pins) so SPI1 can be used for other things
Compile CC3000 support in for the F4 (untested)
Process.env now reports board serial # and current console device (se we can throttle for Bluetooth) (fix #219)
General bugfixing for low memory situations
Make string free non-recursive
Fix issue where fs.readFile of a big file would cause Espruino to crash
Fix memory test harness
1v50 : Fix broken Web IDE caused by change to printing JSON for console.log (part of #206)
Fix bug when trying to stringify {5:5}
Allow {1:2} to be parsed (fix #199)
Added SPI RX IRQ. Caved in and used a few bytes for buffers, made SPI significantly more reliable
1v49 : Change compiler flags to allow link-time optimisation
Increase buffer sizes on Linux
Increase buffer sizes on boards with >= 20kB RAM
Made Startup banner smaller
Less printing when loading from flash
Don't display startup banner if loading from flash (an easy way to fix #213)
Fix HTTP response code of 0 (fix #212)
Add timeouts to TI's CC3000 driver
Add timeouts for SPI, and other timeouts now interrupt execution
Lower USB interrupt priority, remove pesky PriorityGroupConfig that was breaking other IRQ priorities
Until we sort out SPI RX and IRQs, lower default SPI baud rate to stop timeouts
console.log and print output JSON now (part of #206)
Added handling of query in url.parse - still not fully compatible though (fix #205)
1v48 : Fix issue where the size of command history is being reported wrong and so process.memory().free is reported wrong too
We now loop without a seek to position inside the string (much faster if loop is not near the start of a fn) (fix #53)
Faster string iteration which doesn't involve incrementing it->index
Swapped to jumptable to lexer (should be a bit faster)
Added the 'E' class, with getAnalogVRef and getTemperature (fix #60)
Deprecated Math.clip (not in spec) and introduced E.clip
Fixed bug in that meant that ifndefs in JSON were sometimes not obeyed (better mem usage on small chips)
Fix deep sleep breaking ADCs
1v47 : Fix issue with dump() and input_pullup not being quoted
Fix regression that broke OneWire in Espruino Board (#197)
Fix clock speed issue on SPI1 (
Don't interrupt on USB ESOF or ERR - allows 'normal' sleep without interrupting every 1ms (fix #195)
Remove pointless KickStarter line printed on startup
Added bootloader hack to Python bootloader
1v46 : Fix parseFloat("") not returning NaN, and parseFloat(" \t 5 £$%^&(*$") returning NaN
Added isNaN() function (fix #184)
Fix parse order for 'typeof' (fix #172)
Added Number object (fix #165)
Bounded ftoa (stops crash when printing Number.MAX_VALUE) - helps with #185
Added Array.isArray() (fix #160)
Add do...while (fix #151)
Stop Espruino board from crashing if you try to create a web server without a connected CC3k (fix #182)
Remove Array.contains as it's not in the spec (use indexOf instead if you need it) (fix #161)
Fix nasty bug where adding/removing intervals/timeouts while in one could cause issues
Fix bug when printing 1.999999999 and similar (fix #190)
Remove need for pow for exponentiation. Not great but it fixes some tests that failed on FP inaccuracies
Change polarity of setSleepIndicator (fix #194)
Allow array.push with multiple arguments (fix #189)
Speed up array access by searching from the end backwards if we think the number is in the last half (fix #46)
1v45 : Fix parseFloat("foo") not returning NaN (and assert) - fix #149
Remove Integer.parseInt
Fix parseInt("bar") - fix #150
Ensure that maths ops with null do treat it as 0 rather than a string - fix #156
Fix digitalPulse length (properly!) - fix #154
Making sure that undefined gets cast to NaN
Fix Array.indexOf() returns undefined instead of -1 - fix #155
Moved memory() to process.memory() - added more info too
Try and improve handling of PWM timer speeds
Fixed varying SPI baud rates depending on device
Makefile changes for OSX compile
1v44 : Modified build system to store binary names in the python definition
Fix nasty regression involving losing code at the end of Strings
Fix segfault when pinMode is called on an invalid pin
Now disable interrupts during 4 bit SPI send - it's just too much otherwise
Detect unfinished block comments in console (fix #138)
Fix flash write on most 10XxB boards
Fix PWM output on all STM32 boards
General hardware tidy in prep for more intelligent device management
Run initialisation code before setWatch, to make sure pullup/down is set beforehand
Change 'Pin' datatype to be an unsigned char - makes tests easier
Now use the hardware RTC for keeping system time. Allows proper deep sleep on Espruino board
FINALLY - fix the USB VCP lost characters issue (#94)
1v43 : Added 'Modules' object with support for adding/removing cached modules
Allow product ID to be changed via Makefile
Fix documentation (and old-fashined Parsing style) for JSON
build_jswrapper now outputs errors to stderr (more compatible with default (silent) build process)
Fix issue when parsing quotes in strings
Added void operator for closure minification compatibility
Ensure that return takes the comma operator
Fix issue where printing Infinity would crash Espruino (fix #129)
Finally some working (extremely beta) cc3000 code
Added jsvObjectGet/SetChild to simplify some wrappers
'http' now uses JsVars for storage (so is suitable for non-linux devices)
Turned 'http' into a library
Added process.version and process.env (fix #131)
Changed handling of 2nd arg of << so that precedence is correct
Fixed handling of 'for (;;)'
Fix lock leak in Module handling
Update ST's library for the STM32F1
Update ST's VCP implementation
Added prefix operator (fix #130)
Allow espruino for linux to be run with '#!' in scripts
Fix indexOf on final element of strings (fix #133)
Remove JSV_PARENTINFO, as it turns out JS doesn't keep track of function scopes anyway (fix #109)
Make 'this' a keyword (now faster, more memory efficient)
Make 'Hardware' (root) the default value of 'this'
Add jsvArrayPushAndUnLock and modified code to use it (fix #135)
Now remember I2C state (partial fix for #13)
Replace 'pow' function with a smaller version - save ~2kb
Shaved another 1200 bytes off jslTokenAsString
Now store Pin state (fix for #13 on F1 parts, F4 still looks broken)
Added Graphics.stringWidth
Added internal Printf function
Misc speed and code size improvements
This version has gone to Seeed for use on the KickStarter boards
1v42 : [ebirger] allowing 'new' with no brackets
Allow built-in functions with variable numbers of arguments (fix #83)
Implement 'String' constructor in the normal way (fix #110)
Fix regression with parsing constructors while not executing
Allow multiple arguments to print and console.log (fix #92)
Make 'arguments' array available in functions (fix #100)
Fix an assert fail, and handle some potential memory leaks
Don't show __proto__ and constructor with, keys(), or JSON.stringify
Make 'trace()' output more readable debug data for complex structures
Fix memory leak whe parsing functions iwht variable numbers of arguments - fix #115
Defined NaN
Stop 'new undefined()' crashing Espruino - fix #120
Get A13/A14 working on Espruino board (these were JTAG)
Get bootloader size direct from Python (remove hard-coding)
Fix '~' operator when acting on variables
Made bootloader a bit more error tolerate (CRC on write)
Added %=, /=, and *= operators (fix #121)
Allowed Object.toString() to take a radix argument for integers (fix #125)
Fix error message issue - broken strncat (fix #124)
Add comma operator (fix #122)
Added some basic code for STM32F429IDISCOVERY - not currently working though
This version is the one sent off on the Test Harness (so will probably appear on boards)
1v41 : Fix Olimexino compile (
[ebirger] Member constructors (eg. new a.b() )
[ebirger] Ensuring integers with radix specifiers can still be parsed if a radix is specified
Fix for tests/test_json_arraybuffer_001.js - iteration of arraybuffers of length==1
Add Object.keys(...)
More arraybuffer iteration fixes
On linux, use built-in stringToFloat to aid debugging. Handle exponentials, fix #31
'make serialflash' is now works correctly for Espruino Boards with bootloader
setWatch(..A0);setWatch(..A0);clearWatch(1) does not now kill the other watch, fix #25
One-based setTimeout/setWatch, fix #3
Added and Function.apply, fix #54
'http' and 'fs' are now libraries that need to be 'require'd, fix #8
Updated pin info for STM32F103xC/D/E chips, fix #84
Fixed linker script for STM32F4 (discovery board now works)
Object prototypes are now Objects, fix #101
Board docs now specify '3.3v' only pins fix #104
Add Array.forEach
Fix searching down >1 prototype to find functions (one more issue posted in #99)
Fix "12345"/5 type issues (fix #90)
'Consting' some string functions
Fixing arrays with string indices that are actually numbers \o/ (fix #19)
Released onto website
1v40 : Ensure that LCD.prototype.setPixel = function actually works
Refactor LCD driver code to allow lcdInit (and start of making it non-platform-specific)
Built 'LCD' support into linux/raspi/carambola
Add initial SPI.send(ArrayBuffer) support - even if NO VALUES RETURNED
Start of built-in Nokia 5110 LCD support
Remove GPIO clock removal on sleep for now (it kills setWatch)
Fix (sub)ArrayBuffer problems (test100.js)
Added setDeepSleep - still beta put power consumption drops to 1mA
Fix broken name for httpCRq.write
Changed LCD to Graphics - added ability to render to ArrayBuffer
Fix 8 char built-in class names
Adding preliminary Sony SmartWatch support
Adding preliminary support for completely bare 36 pin chip
Fixing pin defs for Espruino board rev 1v1
Added proper SDL/ArrayBuffer and JS Callback graphics support
Added "ifdef" ability in build_jswrapper
Take JSVAR_CACHE_SIZE out of jsutils and put it in the board config file
Added JSV_PARENTINFO which will allow us to do things like setTimeout(,10)
Fixed arrays in non-executes streams - 'if (0) print([1,2,3]);'
Added 'require' function loading modules from node_modules on SD card
Added module cache to stop modules being re-loaded
Renamed internal vars to start with '>' - much easier to distinguish for 'dump'/etc
Only use parentInfo on functions
Load all tests in test dir - don't do them by number
Added 'zigzag' ordering for ArrayBuffer Graphics
Added 'vertical_byte' ordering for ArrayBuffer Graphics
toJSON now ignores 'hidden' object elements
Special-case jsvArrayBufferIteratorSetIntegerValue
Make SPI output an ArrayBuffer
Use best out of 3 for DelayMicroseconds calibration - something seems flaky right after bootup
Lines now drawn from p1 to p2 inclusive
Events now use jshPushIOWatchEvent (should cut down on code) also fixed bug with watching pin #11
Now remember if pinMode was set or not
Transform ```code``` in JSON into a code tag in the documentation
Graphics now supports FSMC for HY boards again
Drawing vector fonts is now roughly the right size and position (still not 100%)
Remove registration code
Adding MPL licence
Remove Arduino bit manipulation functions - nobody seems to use them anyway
# of flash pages/etc now comes from board info
[ebirger] Supply the correct arguments to
[ebirger] Method calls and membership evaluation should be done on all factors (ee. [1,2,3].foo())
[ebirger] When running multiple tests, only set up terminal once or it breaks the terminal window on exit
Added STM32-style USB CDC bootloader for Espruino Boards
Added scripts/ to package up bootloader and espruino into one binary
SHIPPED on Impatient developer boards
1v39 : Added Bitwise NOT operator
Added Raspberry Pi version to ZIP (with HTTP support)
Fixed load/save on Linux Devices
Added pinMode function (to allow pull-ups/pull-downs to be turned on)
SPI.send4bit/send8bit will now not mess up the final element
changeInterval now clears up stored up callbacks (eg, setInterval(.., 0.01)...wait...changeInterval(...,20)
Ctrl-C no longer prints anything, which avoids lockups
No longer print "Execution Interrupted" if nothing was interrupted!
Added >>>= >>= and <<=
When entering text interactively, ensure that there are no trailing spaces
1v38 : Tweaks for Arduino IDE compile
Removed '(char #)' from stack trace, as a bit pointless now
Added better reporting of execution location when Ctrl-C pressed
Urgent fix for non-working Olimexino since 1v33
Fix string comparison when strings contain "\0"
Added LED1/2/OSC/SD/etc to Olimexino Board docs
1v37 : Urgent fix - power saving code made it difficult to re-flash Espruino (now only apply this to Espruino Board)
1v36 : Fix documentation for Array.pop()
Added some much better board documentation
Fixed DAC output on F3
Fixed DAC output on devices where PWM is also available and the alternate function is less than the DAC's
1v35 : Attempt to reduce power consumption when sleeping by turning off GPIO, and setting GPIOs to AIN on reset
Fix F3 issue where ADC/DAC weren't picked up properly
Tidy up register text and add KickStarter mention
var a = {}; a[LED1]=0; - not converted to String
JSON (and hence dump()) now dumps ArrayBuffer correctly
1v34 : Faster jshFromDeviceString
Preliminary support for flow control on Serial receive
Speed improvements by removing jsvGetRef from jsvUnLock
fast 4 byte pre-check in jsvFindChildFromString
Skip lock/unlock in FindChildFromString to help increase speed
When we unplug USB, only go to the default console device IF that is the device we're currently on
Support for custom Espruino board
Added ArrayBufferView.interpolate
16 bit SPI send for send4bit/sevrnd8bit (better reliability on low-end chips)
Fix JSON dump of typed array
Added Math.clip(x, min, max)
When saving on flash, don't do jslTokenAsString properly
B3/B4 move from alternate fn
Fix incorrect reporting of analog pins
Fix I2C.readFrom on STM32F1/4
Make 1/2 == 0.5 (was being sensible before, but now follow JS spec)
Ctrl-C while in timer fn clears timers (but not outside it)
Fixed broken clearInterval from within setInterval
Hopefully fixed issue on SSD1289 LCD controller
Trigger wheel handler to use interrupts
2D arraybuffer interpolation
Added Math.wrap, fixed a lot of trigger issues
Fixed SysTick priority/preempt problems
Slowed the SysTick timer back down for everything
Fix Int8Array signedness on F4 boards
Refactored source code tree
1v33 : fix character encoding issue of "\16"+"1" != "\161"
Refactoring of ArrayBuffer into iterator, and addition of a general purpose iterator
Fancier assert for debugging
jsvArrayJoin to use new iterator
for (i in ...) to use new iterator
I2C and SPI use new iterator
Serial.write() - to allow single ints to easily be written
changeInterval assert fail when given a function by accident
added peek8/poke8/peek16/poke16
memory() now takes account of command history size
memory() on ARM reports the end address of the stack - so it can be used as a scratchpad with peek and poke
Try and reduce code size by not inlining several functions
No refs for StringExts - so we get one more byte per JsVar (~5%) more storage efficiency
Move from jsvIsBuiltInFunction to computer-generated jswIsBuiltInFunction
When creating Objects, check for built-in function BEFORE creating an Object class for it
Built process now checks that flash usage is under the allowed value
Added short compare to jswHandleFunctionCall to reduce code size
Added 3 byte compare (4 byte read and AND off top byte) - faster, less code
Auto-generate jsvGetBasicObjectName from docs
No longer using refs for storing whether free or not - use flags with JSV_UNUSED and get one extra var with 8 bit refs
Switch to using STRING_0...STRING_MAX in flags, rather than specific bits in JsVarFlags - allows more that 15 chars to be used per JsVar
Make ArrayBuffers actually be ArrayBufferViews - saves on extra string-handling code at expense of one var
Make sure Uint8Array,etc inherits from ArrayBufferView
Fix issue where a '\0' coming in from serial was not put in properly
Don't inline some functions when we're trying to save on flash
Re-use sin for cos, pow for sqrt to reduce code size
1v32 : Fixed embarassing issue with 0.999=="0.A"
Added and checked Pin.writeAtTime on STM32
Now don't allocate events array - just allocate directly, which saves memory and is faster (although slighty out of order)
Docs: now Alphabetically sorted, and class instances not listed by accident
Fix issue where Ctrl-C on ANY Serial port caused execution to be interrupted
Updated busy indicator to cope with recent change to not allocate events in an array
Fixed I2C on HY 2.4 board - I2C needed hard reset
Added basic ArrayBuffers/TypedArray support
Fix memory leak when error created with [] on a non-array/object
Improved hyperlinking in documentation
Fix I2C receive bug on F4
Increased VL board's input buffer size
1v31 : Fix PWM output on TIMER1/8 pins of the STM32F4
Fix PWM output for negated timers
memory() now runs a GC pass
Fixed multiple occurrence of functions in reference
1v30 : STM32F1: fixed AF issue meant peripherals would never return from AF mode
STM32F1: When given an invalid pin, now reports if pins are 'af' or not
Updated SPI.setup docs to mention that you can't mix AF and non-AF
If one SPI pin is specified but others aren't, only that pin will be set up
Added Olimexino hack so SPI1.setup works as expected
Allow using [] on a function
Fix precedence issue, so var a = function() { return 1; }(); works
Update SPI documentation
for (i in f) can now iterate over functions
Optional argument to trace() for object to start tracing from
Small steps towards ArrayBuffers
Added smart edit that checks for internal functions, and uses Function.replaceWith
Added Function.replaceWith to replace the internals of a function while keeping the scope
1v29 : Some hacky sysfs-based IO for running on Linux
HTTP Callbacks are now stored as names so they can be changed on the fly (Linux only)
Successful compile for Carambola
Filesystem support on Linux
Switch to variable size ref counter (marginally more efficient on very small devices, safe on Linux)
Linux now has unlimited memory available
Added linux/sysfs 'setWatch' (non-irq driven, so very noddy)
Checked jswrapper check from using multi-char constants to a #define
Improve pin suggestions for SPI/I2C/USART
Auto-initialise USART with default values when setConsole is used
Support for new Graphics LCD types
3.2" VCT6 board support
1v28 : Faster LCD fillrect for HY 2.8
Fix for multi-byte SPI writes on HY board at 1Mhz (touchscreen control bug)
Fix issue with delayMicrosecond calibration on HY (and hence OneWire)
Fixed digitalPulse on STM32VLDISCOVERY
1v27 : Fixed problem with OneWire constructor execution
Added |=, &= and ^=
Added Array.splice()
Faster, more ROM-efficient built-in symbol table
Fix for potential issue when using field accessor on an undefined var
1v26 : I2C Support on STM32F1 and STM32F4 boards too
Emergency cut in variables for Olimexino with bootloader (as flash usage has got too high for save to flash!)
1v25 : http.writeHead to accept an empty header
Fixed issue finding methods on built in classes (0 termination)
make sure http server with no data still sends headers...
Start of MINI-HY-2.8" support (all ok, but no SD card yet)
Reduce RAM usage by consting some arrays that are not modified
Vector fonts now use polys - 8kb less ROM, and faster rendering
Start of LCD 'driver' code
Standard way of handling events, Object.on/emit/removeAllListeners - like Node.js's EventEmitter
Self-calibrating Microsecond delay (for intermal OneWire/etc)
OneWire class
Correct handling of built-in class constructors
Fix error when parsing a zero-argument function that has been given arguments
I2C support - currently ONLY tested on STM32F3 board
1v24 : SDIO-based fat driver on the HY STM32 board
Added DAC to the HY boards (103xE-based)
Re-named the fileSystem functions to make them more compatible with node.js (readFile/writeFile/etc)
Added fs.appendFile
Removed HTTP from the reference until it is included in some boards
1v23 : Fix 'ERROR: INTERNAL: stmADCChannel' on STM32VLDISCOVERY/F1 boards when accessing PA0
Reference now mentions which Espruino version it is for
1v22 : Important fix - Events got executed in the wrong order if they got queued up
1v21 : Ensure SPI clock does not stop between bytes
Added SPI.send4bit and SPI.send8bit
Made sure the VL board's code fits into available flash
Smart += that can append to a string rather than cloning it
dump() prints functions properly, rather than 'var f = function() {}'
Pageup/down move the cursor to the beginning/end of input
LCD draw/fill with negative x and y
1v20 : Add console.log
Fix automatic usleep for Linux
Added node.js-style HTTP server for Linux version
Fixed null-pointer issue when accessing something that doesn't exist on an object
Added node.js-style HTTP client for Linux version
Start of bit bashing functionality
for (i in "ABCD") console.log(i) -> 0,1,2,3
String array access (but not for writing - doesn't work in JS anyway)
String String.fromCharCode / charCodeAt
Added SPI baud rate setting
Vector font chars 'a' and '4' now work ok
Fix numeric exception when rendering a poly that has some identical points
Better digitalPulse (uses timer + interrupts)
analogWrite can now take an object with a 'frequency' argument for PWM
1v19 : Fixed issue where var M=Math;M.random() failed
Fixed issue with var U=USB;U.print("Hello");
Remove loop iteration limit
Fix memory leak when a syntax error is in for '(i in arr)'
Save state of pin on setWatch interrupt (e.state)
Change setWatch to allow only on rise or fall as an option
clearWatch() clears all watches
1v18 : DAC support on F3/F4
Serial.setup() can also take a second parameter of an object {tx,rx}
Better support for dump() with echo/setBusyIndicator/etc
Better dumping of prototypes on built-in vars
Don't add chars<32 (Except tab) to the input line
SPI1/2/3/4.setup() to take an object {baud,sck,miso,mosi}
Better hardware initialisation code (not UARTS auto-init if they are used)
Fix issues with prototypes
Peek/poke instructions
Start of I2C support (not usable yet)
Added Math. ceil/floor/exp/log
1v17 : Support for running alongside the Maple bootloader
Fix parsing of numbers beginning with 0 when forceRadix!=8
Fixed USART1 on Maple/Olimexino devices
1v16 : Inlining of jsvLock/UnLock in jsvar.h to improve speed
Move non-hardware-dependent stuff into jsdevices
Move jshardware.c into targets/stm32/jshardware.c, create 'targets/linux' and use a single makefile
For + While loops work without reallocating lex
Fix AddNativeFunction when function already exists (and tests + saved state)
Change jsvFindChildFromX to use JsVar* from JsVarRef - saves a lot of lock/unlock
Handle new Foo() as per spec (return value + init of this+prototype) - still does not cope with non-object prototype
Beginning of SD card support (works on Olimexino, but not very flexible)
Fix for parse/eval when given non-strings
Strings can now contain '\0'
Jumptable-friendly reserved word check
Jumptable-friendly builtin functions (massive refactor)
SPI support
HY board support, and graphics LCD
Added fillPoly, and Vector fonts
Added Registration code
Fixed some undefined function/array warnings
Much better HTML function documentation
Fixed edit() function
STM32F3 support, and now peripheral stuff is done with a script
explain what pins are available if a pin is not capable of requested fn
power on ADCs only when needed
LCD fillPoly speed improvements, + drawLine
Add datatype for Pin, so pins written to console by pin name rather than integer value.
Added Pin.set/Pin.reset
Change warning about 'undefined.' into an error (foo.reset() had unexpected consequences!)
Fix parsing of '1.0/-3'!
Add typeof and instanceof operators
Ensure that Serial1/SPI1/etc are objects of type 'Serial'/'SPI' - so prototypes can be added
1v15 : Escaping JSON strings
Fix parsing of octal numbers in strings (so don't have to be 3 chars long)
Drastically improved stack usage using small stub functions (at expense of a bit of speed)
dump() also dumps out prototypes for functions
1v14 : Fix complaint about pins during setBusyIndicator()
Increase available memory on OLIMEXINO
Added function memory() to return memory usage
setWatch now links to function names (rather than just functions)
dump() also handles Serial.onData(...)
Fix issue with JSON printing functions with arguments to console
prefix builtin variables with '_'
fix ArrayIndexOf when array contains undefineds
move all devices into one git repository
USB on F4
call onInit function/string if it exists when Espruino powers on
Compile F4 with -O2 - as we have the program memory for it
Serial3/4/5/6 on F4
Serial3 on Olimexino
Make Serial.onData() clear onData handler
1v13 : Operations like + on Object/Array convert them to strings rather than error
var now doesn't error if there is no semi-colon
Allow new line or line delete in multi-line editing
add edit(functionName) - which copies function definition into inputline so it can be updated
When printing lines, delete current inputline and then put it back in idle loop (only if echo=1)
Support *,/ etc on numpad
1v12 : Issue when printing lots of data and then disconnect USB
Hide USB/Serial in Dump()
add, thisArg)
For newline, count [] and () (as well as {}) - also knows about comments/strings/etc
Fix assert fail is setTimeout with non-function
If space at end of input line, enter still executes
Removed some hard-coded arrays in favour of JsVar strings
Fix confusion with jsvIsName/jsvIsString
Handle numpad end key
Add code to check stack and stop stack overflow if too much recursion
Ensure that setTimeout/setWatch store the link to a function, not the function
Fix nasty ref loop in ref loop GC issue
Add dotty output
Fix memory leak when error in jspParseSingleFunction
Now run Garbage collection if we're idle, and we know we have a few ms spare
Added setSleepIndicator
Fix line/col indicator in errors/warnings
Fix JSON parsing and printing when 'undefined' encountered
Rewritten object handling code to be way more standard JavaScript compliant
Array initialisation with 'new Array()', also for Strings
Added a few more built in functions
Nice error reporting with line + pointer
fixed Math.random
Binary style ops on doubles now work - they are just converted to ints
Added boolean datatype
1v11 : Add Math functions
Add command history (and dynamic history free if low memory)
Fix broken jsvArrayPop
Add tests for and fix Array.indexOf
In-line editing for commands
Fix bug in basicVarEquals for big strings
More fixes for low memory conditions
Multi-line edit for commands (but no newline or line delete yet)
Handle Home, End + reverse delete keys
Fix nested for loops not handling interrupts correctly
Fix AppendString issue when given start value greater than string
Add 'changeInterval' to allow things created with setInterval to have the frequency changed (eg. stepper motor control)
Now puts itself to sleep to save power, when it knows nothing is required and it'll be woken up by SysTick before
Change Math library to avoid putting constants in RAM
1v10 : Increase FIFO size for VL
Marginally decrease amount of F4 vars to ensure they all fit in one flash sector
Allow strings to be longer than the max token size
'"key" in obj' syntax
Detect if in FOR or WHILE loop, and if not, disallow break and continue
Change min setInterval time to 0.1ms - F4 can get close to this
Better analog pin error message
USB support on Olimexino/Maple
Start of multiple COM port support (ioEvent queue)
Ctrl-C now clears the input line
Save state of 'echo' into flash with save()
Add 'setBusyIndicator(pin)' to set pin high when Espruino is busy
Inbuilt function handling speed improvements
Allow Serial comms via other UARTS. Serial1/2.onData and print/println
now inserts elements into arrays in the correct order (GetLength can be (is) now much faster)
Faster code to work out pins from strings
Automatically convert IDs in form A#,A##,B#,B## etc into numbers.
Built-in constants for LED1/BTN/etc.
1v09 : Enabled 'abs' by default
Added flash programming to STM32F4
analogWrite now working!
1v08 : Add preliminary STM32F4 support
Allowed test cases to test timers - eg. code in jsinteractive.c
Fix memory leak for timer
Fix memory leak for digitalWrite
1v07 : Fix string charAt
Fix watch on different pin
Pass arguments to event handlers - eg. time
digitalWrite/Read to take arrays of pins, and int for value
1v06 : Add break + continue
Add switch statement
Handle /r, /r/n or just /n for newlines - phone compatible
Handle different type of delete
1v05 : Allow setWatch/setTimeout/setInterval with a string
Handle adding Open bracket then deleting it
When calling a NAMED function, zero the scopes - this stops scope table overflow
1v04 : Renamed to Espruino
Fixed issue with event add when out of memory
If out of memory happens during a timer, kill all timers