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# This file is part of Espruino, a JavaScript interpreter for Microcontrollers
# Copyright (C) 2013 Gordon Williams <>
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# This file contains information for a specific board - the available pins, and where LEDs,
# Buttons, and other in-built peripherals are. It is used to build documentation as well
# as various source and header files for Espruino.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
import pinutils;
info = {
'name' : "Nordic Thingy:52",
'link' : [ "" ],
'espruino_page_link' : 'Thingy52',
'default_console' : "EV_SERIAL1",
'default_console_tx' : "D2",
'default_console_rx' : "D3",
'default_console_baudrate' : "9600",
'variables' : 2500, # How many variables are allocated for Espruino to use. RAM will be overflowed if this number is too high and code won't compile.
'bootloader' : 1,
'binary_name' : 'espruino_%v_thingy52.hex',
'build' : {
'optimizeflags' : '-Os',
'libraries' : [
# 'NET',
'makefile' : [
'DEFINES+=-DHAL_NFC_ENGINEERING_BC_FTPAN_WORKAROUND=1', # Looks like proper production nRF52s had this issue
'DFU_SETTINGS=--application-version 0xff --hw-version 52 --sd-req 0x8C',
'INCLUDE += -I$(ROOT)/libs/nordic_thingy',
'WRAPPERSOURCES += libs/nordic_thingy/jswrap_thingy.c',
chip = {
'part' : "NRF52832",
'family' : "NRF52",
'package' : "QFN48",
'ram' : 64,
'flash' : 512,
'speed' : 64,
'usart' : 1,
'spi' : 1,
'i2c' : 1,
'adc' : 1,
'dac' : 0,
'saved_code' : {
'address' : ((118 - 10) * 4096), # Bootloader takes pages 120-127, FS takes 118-119
'page_size' : 4096,
'pages' : 10,
'flash_available' : 512 - ((31 + 8 + 2 + 10)*4) # Softdevice uses 31 pages of flash, bootloader 8, FS 2, code 10. Each page is 4 kb.
P0.00 XL1 Low frequency crystal
P0.01 XL2 Low frequency crystal
P0.02 ANA/DIG0 Analog/Digital GPIO externally available
P0.03 ANA/DIG1 Analog/Digital GPIO externally available
P0.04 ANA/DIG2 Analog/Digital GPIO externally available
P0.05 SX_OSCIO I/O expander oscillator input line
P0.06 MPU_INT Motion sensor interrupt line
P0.07 SDA I2C data line
P0.08 SCL I2C clock line
P0.09 NFC1 Near field communication antenna
P0.10 NFC2 Near field communication antenna
P0.11 BUTTON Button input
P0.12 LIS_INT1 Low power accelerometer interrupt line
P0.13 USB_DETECT USB detect signal
P0.14 SDA_EXT External and low power accelerometer I2C data line
P0.15 SCL_EXT External and low power accelerometer I2C clock line
P0.16 SX_RESET I/O expander reset line
P0.17 BAT_CHG_STAT Battery charge status
P0.18 MOS_1 Gate of N-MOS transistor externally available
P0.19 MOS_2 Gate of N-MOS transistor externally available
P0.20 MOS_3 Gate of N-MOS transistor externally available
P0.21 MOS_4 Gate of N-MOS transistor externally available
P0.22 CCS_INT Gas sensor interrupt line
P0.23 LPS_INT Pressure sensor interrupt line
P0.24 HTS_INT Humidity sensor interrupt line
P0.25 MIC_DOUT Microphone PDM data
P0.26 MIC_CLK Microphone PDM clock
P0.27 SPEAKER Speaker PWM signal
P0.28 BATTERY Battery monitoring input
P0.29 SPK_PWR_CTRL Speaker amplifier power control
P0.30 VDD_PWD_CTRL Power control for sensors, I/O expander, and LEDs
P0.31 BH_INT Color sensor interrupt line
SXIO0 IOEXT0 Digital GPIO externally available
SXIO1 IOEXT1 Digital GPIO externally available
SXIO2 IOEXT2 Digital GPIO externally available
SXIO3 IOEXT3 Digital GPIO externally available
SXIO4 BAT_MON_EN Battery monitoring enable
SXIO5 LIGHTWELL_G Green color of the lightwell LEDs
SXIO6 LIGHTWELL_B Blue color of the lightwell LEDs
SXIO7 LIGHTWELL_R Red color of the lightwell LEDs
SXIO8 MPU_PWR_CTRL Motion sensor power control
SXIO9 MIC_PWR_CTRL Microphone power control
SXIO10 CCS_PWR_CTRL Gas sensor power control
SXIO11 CCS_RESET Gas sensor reset line
SXIO12 CCS_WAKE Gas sensor wake line
SXIO13 SENSE_LED_R Red color of the color sensor support LED
SXIO14 SENSE_LED_G Green color of the color sensor support LED
SXIO15 SENSE_LED_B Blue color of the color sensor support LED
devices = {
'BTN1' : { 'pin' : 'D11', 'pinstate' : 'IN_PULLDOWN' }, # Pin negated in software
# 'V' pins are virtual
'LED1' : { 'pin' : 'V7' }, # Pin negated in software
'LED2' : { 'pin' : 'V5' }, # Pin negated in software
'LED3' : { 'pin' : 'V6' }, # Pin negated in software
# left-right, or top-bottom order
board = {
'left' : [ 'VDD', 'VDD', 'RESET', 'VDD','5V','GND','GND','PD3','PD4','PD28','PD29','PD30','PD31'],
'right' : [ 'PD27', 'PD26', 'PD2', 'GND', 'PD25','PD24','PD23', 'PD22','PD20','PD19','PD18','PD17','PD16','PD15','PD14','PD13','PD12','PD11','PD10','PD9','PD8','PD7','PD6','PD5','PD21','PD1','PD0'],
board["_css"] = """
def get_pins():
# 32 General Purpose I/O Pins, 16 'virtual' Port Expanded pins
pins = pinutils.generate_pins(0,31,"D") + pinutils.generate_pins(0,15,"V");
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD0", True)["functions"]["XL1"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD1", True)["functions"]["XL2"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD5", True)["functions"]["RTS"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD6", True)["functions"]["TXD"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD7", True)["functions"]["CTS"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD8", True)["functions"]["RXD"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD9", True)["functions"]["NFC1"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD10", True)["functions"]["NFC2"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD2", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN0"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD3", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN1"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD4", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN2"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD5", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN3"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD28", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN4"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD29", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN5"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD30", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN6"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD31", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN7"]=0;
# Make buttons and LEDs negated
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD11", True)["functions"]["NEGATED"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PV5", True)["functions"]["NEGATED"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PV6", True)["functions"]["NEGATED"]=0;
pinutils.findpin(pins, "PV7", True)["functions"]["NEGATED"]=0;
# everything is non-5v tolerant
for pin in pins:
#The boot/reset button will function as a reset button in normal operation. Pin reset on PD21 needs to be enabled on the nRF52832 device for this to work.
return pins
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