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* This file is part of Espruino, a JavaScript interpreter for Microcontrollers
* Copyright (C) 2013 Gordon Williams <>
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* This file is designed to be parsed during the build process
* JavaScript 'process' object - for information about the Espruino board
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#include "jsvar.h"
#include "jsparse.h"
#include "jswrap_process.h"
#include "jswrap_interactive.h"
#include "jsinteractive.h"
"type" : "class",
"class" : "process"
This class contains information about Espruino itself
"type" : "event",
"class" : "process",
"name" : "uncaughtException"
This event is called when an exception gets thrown and isn't caught (eg. it gets all the way back to the event loop).
You can use this for logging potential problems that might occur during execution.
"type" : "staticproperty",
"class" : "process",
"name" : "version",
"generate_full" : "jsvNewFromString(JS_VERSION)",
"return" : ["JsVar","The version of Espruino"]
Returns the version of Espruino as a String
// TODO: the jspeiFindInScopes export won't be needed soon
const void *exportPtrs[] = {
const char *exportNames =
"type" : "staticproperty",
"class" : "process",
"name" : "env",
"generate" : "jswrap_process_env",
"return" : ["JsVar","An object"]
Returns an Object containing various pre-defined variables. standard ones are BOARD, VERSION
JsVar *jswrap_process_env() {
JsVar *obj = jsvNewObject();
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "VERSION", jsvNewFromString(JS_VERSION));
#if !defined(SAVE_ON_FLASH)
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "BUILD_DATE", jsvNewFromString(__DATE__));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "BUILD_TIME", jsvNewFromString(__TIME__));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "GIT_COMMIT", jsvNewFromString(STRINGIFY(GIT_COMMIT)));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "BOARD", jsvNewFromString(PC_BOARD_ID));
#if !defined(SAVE_ON_FLASH)
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "CHIP", jsvNewFromString(PC_BOARD_CHIP));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "CHIP_FAMILY", jsvNewFromString(PC_BOARD_CHIP_FAMILY));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "FLASH", jsvNewFromInteger(FLASH_TOTAL));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "RAM", jsvNewFromInteger(RAM_TOTAL));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "SERIAL", jswrap_interface_getSerial());
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "CONSOLE", jsvNewFromString(jshGetDeviceString(jsiGetConsoleDevice())));
#if !defined(SAVE_ON_FLASH) && !defined(BLUETOOTH)
// It takes too long to send this information over BLE...
JsVar *arr = jsvNewObject();
if (arr) {
const char *s = exportNames;
void **p = (void**)exportPtrs;
while (*s) {
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(arr, s, jsvNewFromInteger((JsVarInt)(size_t)*p));
while (*s) s++; // skip until 0
s++; // skip over 0
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "EXPORTS", arr);
return obj;
"type" : "staticmethod",
"class" : "process",
"name" : "memory",
"generate" : "jswrap_process_memory",
"return" : ["JsVar","Information about memory usage"]
Run a Garbage Collection pass, and return an object containing information on memory usage.
* `free` : Memory that is available to be used (in blocks)
* `usage` : Memory that has been used (in blocks)
* `total` : Total memory (in blocks)
* `history` : Memory used for command history - that is freed if memory is low. Note that this is INCLUDED in the figure for 'free'
* `stackEndAddress` : (on ARM) the address (that can be used with peek/poke/etc) of the END of the stack. The stack grows down, so unless you do a lot of recursion the bytes above this can be used.
* `flash_start` : (on ARM) the address of the start of flash memory (usually `0x8000000`)
* `flash_binary_end` : (on ARM) the address in flash memory of the end of Espruino's firmware.
* `flash_code_start` : (on ARM) the address in flash memory of pages that store any code that you save with `save()`.
* `flash_length` : (on ARM) the amount of flash memory this firmware was built for (in bytes). **Note:** Some STM32 chips actually have more memory than is advertised.
Memory units are specified in 'blocks', which are around 16 bytes each (depending on your device). See for more information.
**Note:** To find free areas of flash memory, see `require('Flash').getFree()`
JsVar *jswrap_process_memory() {
JsVar *obj = jsvNewObject();
if (obj) {
unsigned int history = 0;
JsVar *historyVar = jsvObjectGetChild(execInfo.hiddenRoot, JSI_HISTORY_NAME, 0);
if (historyVar) {
history = (unsigned int)jsvCountJsVarsUsed(historyVar); // vars used to store history
unsigned int usage = jsvGetMemoryUsage() - history;
unsigned int total = jsvGetMemoryTotal();
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "free", jsvNewFromInteger((JsVarInt)(total-usage)));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "usage", jsvNewFromInteger((JsVarInt)usage));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "total", jsvNewFromInteger((JsVarInt)total));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "history", jsvNewFromInteger((JsVarInt)history));
#ifdef ARM
extern int LINKER_END_VAR; // end of ram used (variables) - should be 'void', but 'int' avoids warnings
extern int LINKER_ETEXT_VAR; // end of flash text (binary) section - should be 'void', but 'int' avoids warnings
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "stackEndAddress", jsvNewFromInteger((JsVarInt)(unsigned int)&LINKER_END_VAR));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "flash_start", jsvNewFromInteger((JsVarInt)FLASH_START));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "flash_binary_end", jsvNewFromInteger((JsVarInt)(unsigned int)&LINKER_ETEXT_VAR));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "flash_code_start", jsvNewFromInteger((JsVarInt)FLASH_SAVED_CODE_START));
jsvObjectSetChildAndUnLock(obj, "flash_length", jsvNewFromInteger((JsVarInt)FLASH_TOTAL));
return obj;