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Quick Start

⚠️ Please view the correctly rendered version of this page at Links, lists, videos, search, and other features will not work correctly when viewed on GitHub ⚠️

  • KEYWORDS: Quick Start,Getting Started

Which board do you have?

Bluetooth LE

[![Bluetooth LE Devices](Quick Start/BLE.jpg)](/Quick Start BLE)


[![USB Devices](Quick Start/USB.jpg)](/Quick Start USB)

For the best experience, please use one of our official Espruino Boards.

Already got the IDE connected?

Please take a look here for a quick walkthrough on how to write code for Espruino.

<script> if (window.location.hash=="#pixljs" || window.location.hash=="#puckjs") window.location.pathname = "/Quick+Start+BLE"; </script>
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