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Making Things Smart

'Making Things Smart' book

Extra information for the 'Making Things Smart' book by Gordon Williams (available from O'Reilly and Amazon)

This code is designed for Espruino JavaScript Microcontroller boards

Code Examples

Chapter 1 - Introduction

An introduction to the book.

Chapter 2 - What is a Microcontroller?

How is a microcontroller different to a normal PC? What is an ARM, some history of microcontrollers, and how is it different to 8 bit AVR microcontrollers used in many Arduino boards?

Chapter 3 - Getting Started with Espruino

How to get your Espruino board up and running and issue your first commands.

Chapter 4 - Getting Started with JavaScript

An introduction to JavaScript for readers with experience of other languages.

Chapter 5 - Motors

Making motors, and controlling stepper motors.

Chapter 6 - Stroboscopes

Connecting a PC fan to an Espruino, and lighting the fan at exactly the same point at every revolution.

Chapter 7 - John Logie Baird's TV

Using the PC fan with more markers to create a low-resolution TV.

Chapter 8 - Making a Simple Robot

Make a robot using two continuous-rotation servo motors and a piece of breadboard.

Chapter 9 - Pen Plotter

Using two servo motors, create a simple pen plotter.

Chapter 10 - Digital Pinhole Camera

With two servo motors and a light sensor, create a low-resolution camera.

Chapter 11 - Printer

Create a printer with a cardboard tube, threaded bar, and servo motors.

Chapter 12 - Wired Communication

The oscilloscope used in this chapter is available from:

Chapter 13 - Cutting the Cord: Infrared

Using a web page and some simple hardware to decode infrared remote control signals with the headphone jack and control Dweet and IFTTT.

Chapter 14 - Cutting the Cord: Radio Signals

Using a 315Mhz/433Mhz receiver - also conected to the headphone jack - to decode radio signals, and then sending radio signals from an Espruino board.

Chapter 15 - Cutting the Cord: WiFi

Adding ESP8266 WiFi to an Espruino Pico, sending and getting data from the internet, and creating a web server to control things.

Chapter 16 - Bluetooth Low Energy

Using Puck.js to count the number of times a door has opened and transmit it over Bluetooth Low Energy.

Chapter 17 - XY Plotter

Building a pen plotter with stepper motors so get much more accurate positioning.

Chapter 18 - Internet-connected Plotter

Connecting the pen plotter from Chapter 17 to the internet.

Chapter 19 - So what now?

Ideas about what to do next.

Appendix A - Parts and Materials

Where to find/buy the materials used in this book.

Appendix B - Common Espruino Commands and Variables

A description of common Espruino JavaScript commands.

Appendix C - Espruino Assembler

Writing ARM Thumb assembly code with Espruino

Purchasing Information

Where to find some of the component parts used in the book.

... to come soon.