Final Project for APCS, Fall 2014
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By Peter Strbik and Brandon Lin

Our project is VirtCube, a virtual Rubik's Cube simulator.


  • Controls allow you to maneuver the cube's 6 faces and rotate it along its 3 axes
  • 4 different modes to choose from:
  • Solved cube so you can experiment with the cube
  • Easy scramble for those just getting started
  • Hard scramble for those with experience
  • Mr. K's scramble for Mr. Konstantinovich himself :)
  • Timer to see how fast your solves are.
  • Two different control styles:
  • Nub control style for beginners
  • Real Man's control style for those experienced with virtual cubes

Update Log


  • Used the SpaceJunk Example to generate a colored cubex


  • Implemented (slightly) turning of two cubelets about an axis upon a key press. rotateZ is still glitched, however.
  • Full Rubik's Cube created with black border.


  • Fixed annoying flickering issue on the cube.


  • U-Turn attempted to implement.
  • The cube is now made to draw initially only once.


  • Fixed issue of cube not being centered on axes. (U-turn still not working properly. Still some bugs in cube rotations.)
  • A PVector was used instead of shiftX.


  • Created an array for the cube's colors to check if the cube is solved.
  • Bug fixed that made animation not appear; but doesn't run now with while loop.


  • Converted vertices to arrays of floats.
  • Implementing a 3D array instead.
  • New structure now works when rotating 1 degree at a time.


  • A right face turn was implemented.
  • Center realigned to actual center; simultaneous turns and multiple turns taken care of.


  • Created a function that will swap the cubies correspondingly.
  • All turns implemented, X rotation working.
  • Black outline for cube working.
  • All cube turns and cube rotations are now fully functional.
  • Fixed a bug in which the nonvisible parts of the parts were also showing colors. 2015-01-15
  • Function created to generate a random move sequence. The actual graphical scrambling is bugged, however.


  • Scramble generator fixed, fully works now.
  • Implemented start screen with buttons for different scramble types.
  • Control instructions added.


  • Return to menu button created.
  • The 12 cube turns now change the colors array that will check for a solved position.
  • Function to check for solved state added.


  • The program can now check if the cube is solved or not based up the moves done.


  • A congratulations message appears when the cube is solved.
  • Stopwatch added for timing solves.
  • Easter egg added.


  • Added nub controls and Real Man's Controls.
  • Added button highlighting when the cursor is over it.