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@laurent-claustre laurent-claustre released this Jan 18, 2021

New features

  • Conda: stop support for python 2.7 and 3.6

Bug fixes

  • Check whether the acquisition is still running when detructing CtControl and stop the aquistion accordingly
  • Call H5garbage_collect at the begin of SaveContainer_Hdf5::_prepare
  • Fix CtSaving data race conditions
    • Fix data race in CtSaving::Stream::m_cnt_status
    • Fix HwBufferMgr when nb of available buffers decreases (e.g. to_alloc is negative)
    • Fixes some artihmetic overflows, uninitialized variables and throws where code should be noexcept
  • Fix CtImage (more missing SwapDimIfRotated for binning)
  • Add missing Fault status to python hardware interface

Camera updates

  • Eiger v1.9.5

    • http_port property added for Tango device
    • Add retrigger command
    • Add high voltage reading (measured and target)
      add high voltage state reading and reset command
    • Add Warning message when Command data does not fit in buffer
    • Use better way to read DETECTOR_READOUT_TIME among different API vesions:
      • First try reading min value, use main value if negative
    • Limit ZMQ poll time to 2 sec after an abort:
    • Acquisition does not dead-lock if dseries_end header is not received
    • Correct plugin_status attributes which conflict with standard tango status
    • Deal with trigger command issues due timeout in lengthy acquisitions (> 5 min)
    • Identify HTTP response codes in Commands; report error for codes 4xx and 5xx
    • Fix issues in IntTrigMult:
      • Bug incrementing m_frames_triggered
      • Fix Camera and Interface status when Armed
      • Remove unnecessary check in Interface::startAcq (improved in CtControl)
  • Pilatus v1.9.2

    • In Tango plugin fix a host_port misinterpreted type, now accept port number as an integer
  • Lambda v1.9.0

    • use now X-Spectrum SDK version 1.3.2. A conda package is available for the SDK xspectrum-sdk on esrf-bcu channel

PyTango server updates


  • Bug fixes

    • shared_memory_ attributes silently ignored in read or write if the Display module is not available
    • Unused code clean up and python2 backward compatibility restored
    • acc_saturated_cblevel attribute ignores read/write if no module is loaded
    • Tango event of last-image-changed fixed to not lost last events before the acquisition finishes
  • New features

    • RoiCounter and RoiSpectrum mask now support SILX 0.14 file format
    • BackgroundSubtraction: takeNextAcquisitionAsBackground() command cam be called during an acquisition


  • New features for RoiCounters
    • makes BufferSize and MaskFile always accessible
    • added MaskFile Property and Attribute on RoiCounter
      • raise ValueError in case mask file cannot be read
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Jan 14, 2021