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QGIS Training Materials

ESRGC's Open Source Workshop and Quantum GIS Tutorial at TUGIS 2013

Workbooks and more info available at http://www.esrgc.org/training/


  • bk79.shp - Richland County, SC census blocks
  • firestat.shp - Richland County, SC firestations
  • istates.shp - Richland County, SC interstate roadways
  • richland.shp - Richland County, SC county boundry
  • rr.shp - Richland County, SC railroads
  • schools.shp - Richland County, SC schools
  • tri92.shp - Richland County, SC Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) facilities/plants
  • ushwys.shp - Richland County, SC US Highways
  • databk79.dbf - Richland County, SC demographics database table


  1. Select - Zip icon
  2. The Zipped data file will download onto your local drive.
  3. Select - qgistraining-master.zip
  4. Select - Extract All
  5. Extracted file will appear as qgistraining-master.
  6. Download to appropriate local drive for loading into Quantum.