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ArcGIS Experts

This is a curated list of experts in ArcGIS Technology.

Table of contents

Who is listed in this project

Note: All available information is this repository has been found publicly browsing through the Internet or through the contributions of other experts.

We have included people (working at Esri or not) we have found on:

Some of them are listed by other expert recommendations.

Important: We will immediately remove all data from anyone who is listed in this project and who does not want to be. In this case please open an issue an let us know.

Why this project?

The initial idea was to help anyone interested on ArcGIS technologies to find and follow experts on any topic. We think it is very useful because:

  • They create/publish personal articles, projects, etc are worth to know
  • They share curated information
  • Some of them are very active helping on GeoNet, Github issues, ... and been able to know them when dealing with an issue could be very useful
  • Some times it is not easy to find an expert in one topic near you

So our main goal is to help anyone to find and follow the public activity of an expert but also to recognize all of this experts are doing to help others.

What it is not

We just want to clarify what this is not, it is NOT:

  • A list of people working on the support team
  • A list of people publicly committed to answer any request/question they receive on any channel

Tips and tricks

Solving your questions on GeoNet

GeoNet is the Official Esri Community, there you will find "Places" for almost each topic you will find experts on this project.

If case you have any doubt do not contact this experts directly, instead use GeoNet to ask your question so anyone else in the community can benefit from the answer.

Recomendation: mention specific experts using the character @.

You can learn more how GeoNet works in the GeoNet Manual.

Related content:

Filter by URL

You can link directly to a filtered list of experts on a topic setting a the URL param topic.

Example: List of User Experience experts

Embed this project

If you are thinking on embedding all the experts in an iframe in to a website, you should know that you can hide some parts of the interface. You can set to false any of the following params to hide them: header, search, awesome, suggestions.


Example: Display just a list of JavaScript experts.

You can also set the body's background using the param bg. Examples:


Please read the contributors guide.