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RSS weather layer

This sample illustrates a real-life scenario for creating a new layer to consume a Web service and display the information in a map.
This sample shows implementation of the following:
  • Simple editing capabilities
  • Selection by attribute and location
  • Persistence
  • Identify
Language:              C#, VB
Subject:               Graphics Pipeline
Organization:          Esri,
Date:                  11/17/2017
ArcObjects SDK:        10.6
Visual Studio:         2015, 2017
.NET Target Framework: 4.5



  1. Start Visual Studio, open the solution file, and build the project.
  2. Open a MapControl application or ArcMap.
  3. From the toolbars list, select the RSS Weather layer toolbar to add to the application.
  4. Click Load Layer to connect to the RSS weather service.

Additional information

To use the layer without using the existing AddRSSWeatherLayer command, you will have to manage the refreshes of the layer. You can do that by listening to the OnWeatherItemAdded and OnWeatherItemsUpdated events or by using a timer to refresh the layer.
The following items are covered in this sample:

See Also

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