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Closest facility solver

This sample is an application that shows how to programmatically perform a closest facility analysis. You will learn how to load facilities and incident locations from a feature class, set solver parameters, execute the analysis, and get back the output results.

Language:              C#, VB
Subject:               Networks
Organization:          Esri,
Date:                  11/17/2017
ArcObjects SDK:        10.6
Visual Studio:         2015, 2017
.NET Target Framework: 4.5



  1. Start Visual Studio to build and run the application.
  2. In the application, click Find Closest Facilities to perform the analysis. The ordered list of facilities appears.
  3. You can change the impedance attribute, use one-way restriction, and use hierarchy.
  4. You can change the target facility Count and CutOff values.

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Development licensing Deployment licensing
Engine Developer Kit Engine: Network Analyst
ArcGIS Desktop Basic: Network Analyst
ArcGIS Desktop Standard: Network Analyst
ArcGIS Desktop Advanced: Network Analyst
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