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A Viewport based CSS grid system that brings Modern Design to Modern Browsers. Just like Müller-Brockman wanted.
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Viewport Width Grid System


There are several ways to use the viewport grid in your project:


If you'd like to use the viewport grid as a standalone css file, just copy dist/viewport-grid.css into your site, and add a link to it in your head:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/viewport-grid.css">


If you'd like to use the viewport grid as a sass library, you'll find it inside of lib. Customize your grid by editing the values in _config.scss.


To install viewport-grid via npm, you can simply run:

npm install esripdx/viewport-grid

The main Sass file will be in node_modules/viewport-grid/lib/viewport-grid.scss.


Assuming you have already installed bower, just type bower install viewport-grid --save.

Then import it as a library in your main styles.scss file like this:

@import "../bower_components/viewport-grid/lib/viewport-grid.scss";

Note, this will import everything, including the static classes. A separate file called _imports.scss contains just the classes and mixins. So if you have a main stylesheet that gets loaded on every page, you can load the full library into that, but if you just want access to the mixins without adding any generated css to your page, you can do:

@import "../bower_components/viewport-grid/lib/_imports.scss";


Pull requests are welcome. In lieu of a formal styleguide, we ask that you simply try to maintain the formatting that is already in place.

To set up a local development environment you must have node and grunt installed on your system. Then simply clone the project, npm install, and grunt to run a dev server.



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