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Non-exhaustive list of events for Autonomous Driving Engineers and Developers.

It includes Exhibitions, Academic Conferences, Tech Conferences, as well as Workshops, Tutorials and Summer Schools.

Autonomous Driving

Start Event Twitter City, Country Keywords Priority(**)
2020.02.25 AV20 Santa Clara, US Conference, Workshop, Connected Cars
2020.03.02 FUNCTIONAL SAFETY MEETS ADAS Ulm, Germany Conference, Workshop, Testing, Safety, ISO 26262
2020.03.02 TECH.AD Berlin, Germany Conference
2020.03.16 ICSA Salvador, Brazil Conference, Software Architecture
2020.03.19 IEEE ICVES Czech Republic Conference, Research, Sensors
2020.03.31 ATZ LIVE Wiesbaden, Germany Conference
2020.04.01 ELECTRONOMOUS Dublin, Ireland Conference, Connected Cars, ADAS
2020.04.17 ICOIV Berlin, Germany Conference
2020.04.20 IEEE ICCAR Singapore Conference, Research, Control, Robotics
2020.05.09 AAMAS Auckland, New Zealand Conference, Workshop, Tutorials, Research
2020.05.11 SUMO USER CONFERENCE Berlin, Germany Conference, Workshop, Simulation, SUMO
2020.05.11 FUNCTIONAL SAFETY MEETS ADAS Ulm, Germany Conference, Workshop, Testing, Safety, ISO 26262
2020.05.12 AUTOSENS Detroit, US Conference, Exibition, Perception, Sensor
2020.05.23 IEEE ICSE Seoul, South Korea Conference, Workshop
2020.05.24 ICAS Venice, Italy Conference, Research
2020.05.27 VDI CONFERENCE Dusseldorf, Germany Conference
2020.05.31 IEEE ICRA Paris, France Conference, Research
2020.06.12 RSS Oregon, US Conference, Workshop, Robotics
2020.06.16 AV SYMPOSIUM Stuttgart, Germany Conference, Exibition, Test, Software
2020.06.22 AUTO SENSORS San Jose, US Conference, Sensors
2020.06.23 AUTONOMOUS EXPO UK Telford, UK Conference
2020.06.23 *IEEE INTELLIGENT VEHICLES SYMPOSIUM Las Vegas, US Conference, Workshop, Research
2020.06.24 AUTONOMOUS IVT Cologne, Germany Conference, Exhibition, Industrial Vehicles
2020.07.27 AV SYMPOSIUM San Diego, US Conference
2020.09.15 AUTOSENS Brussels, Belgium Conference, Exibition, Perception, Sensor
2020.09.18 AAC Kanagawa, Japan Conference, Control
2020.09.20 IEEE ITSC Rhodes, Greece Conference, Research
2020.09.24 AUTO.AI Berlin, Germany Conference
2020.10.25 IROS Las Vegas, US Conference, Workshop, Research, Robotics

Summer Schools

Start Event Twitter City, Country Keywords Priority(**)
2020.06.28 ML SUMMER SCHOOL Tübingen, Germany Summer School
2020.06.29 DLRL SUMMER SCHOOL Montréal, Canada Summer School
2020.07.02 VISUM SUMMER SCHOOL Porto, Portugal Summer School
2020.07.06 EEML SUMMER SCHOOL Krakow, Poland Summer School
2020.07.12 ICCV SUMMER SCHOOL Sicily, Italy Summer School
2020.07.21 LISBON SUMMER SCHOOL Lisbon, Portugal Summer School
2020.07.27 DEEPLEARN SUMMER SCHOOL Guanajuato, Mexico Summer School
2020.09.15 MATH FOR AV Los Angeles, US Workshop

Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Start Event Twitter City, Country Keywords Priority(**)
2020.02.07 AAAI New York, US Conference, Workshop, Tutorials, Research
2020.04.26 ICLR Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Conference, Workshop, Research
2020.06.08 *ECAI Santiago de Compostela, Spain Conference, Workshop, Tutorials, Research
2020.06.14 ICAPS Nancy, France Conference, Workshop, Research, Planning
2020.06.16 CVPR Seattle, US Conference, Workshop, Research, Computer Vision
2020.07.11 *IJCAI Yokohama, Japan Conference, Workshop, Tutorials, Research
2020.07.11 ICML Vienna, Austria Conference, Workshop, Tutorials, Research
2020.08.03 UAI Toronto, Canada Conference, Workshop, Research, Uncertainty
2020.08.23 ECCV Glasgow, UK Conference, Workshop, Research, Computer Vision
2020.12.02 *NEURIPS Vancouver, Canada Conference, Workshop, Tutorials, Research
2021.??.?? ICCV Montreal, Canada Conference, Workshop, Tutorials, Research, Computer Vision


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